Friday, November 17, 2017

On your sweet memory when I take rest,

On your sweet memory when I take rest,
Forget all day troubles and sleep with ease,
Night in your vision makes me free of pest,
All day in mind’s eyes my heart you sees
In weariness I take your love memory pill,
Days pass quickly but nights bite my lips,
And kiss my dying wishes my willful will,
Your pretty ruth frightens me in balmy kip.
After you my love I have the toughest time,
I be-weep in loneliness and broods my heart,
Ah! How can I write my feelings in my rime?
It my wills die with me it is my fortune part.

Days pass in works nights in mental jobs,
My heart pleasure your false beauty robs

Your anger shows your love is more,

Your anger shows your love is more,
Talking eyes expose your pretty thought,
As the waves throw gems on the shore,
But nothing is written in the sailor’s lot.
Your changing moods my poetic themes,
Your breaking vows sharpen my duller wit,
As the world changing by the sunny beams,
You with your laughers my follies hit.
None can tell O! Fair where love stays?
Love is a finer thinking of our holy soul,
Various minds expose it in various ways,
Harmonious thoughts constitute the goal.

Missing soul union proves love existence,
Love is a linker and the scandal is pretense.

When I look into the past all friends I see,

When I look into the past all friends I see,
Standing in my mind eyes with me young,
Saying me let us make bill and coo we free,
How soon my friend’s death bell was rung.
I make sighs and weep when I ruminate,
How years are chasing me, I can’t run
Swifter than the years but can I dominate
Time? But time catches you at your turn.
The past was golden now is gone forever,
The present is woeful as wound with germs,
More than all wise O Lady Time is clever,
Cancels at the fixed time our life terms

Man follows man and thoughts remain behind,
Written in golden words in the books you find.

Time unfolds beauty secret see in the glass,

Time unfolds beauty secret see in the glass,
You see a mom’s image in the wrinkled face,
Your grand image steals your beauty alas!
Look at the year curtain beauty to trace.
A mother lives in mother in shape of years,
And years expose all secrets of cute youth,
Leave you forever now shed all day tears,
Don’t weep the young is your beauty ruth.
The wrinkles on face green beauty shows,
Sunken eyes expose your thinking changed,
Black hair turning to silver your will expose,
Don't worry a heavenly circle is prearranged.

Youth leaves behind beauty in cute wrinkles
And make you respectable your pretty crinkles

My shocking face can’t face beauty rage,

My shocking face can’t face beauty rage,
Your shockproof beauty breaks my heart,
That lives in half dead in your beauty cage,
Hanging on with silky hair trapping art
Yea your separation eating heart as dead
Your smiling face a mirror of weeping eyes,
Weep for all nights before going to bed,
I think in your dream my poor heart flies,
Do have me in your eyes safe and sound,
Your eyes reflect heaven let me there rest,
Wasting all riper days I have you found,
As the climber touches the highest crest

You steal beauty eyes remain the same,
Time is a stormy ocean we cannot it tame.

Good days fly soon bad slowly pass,

Good days fly soon bad slowly pass,
Time and space key is in human mind,
Its codes hidden in wisdom death in mass,
Use wisdom well and evil thoughts grind.
All riper thoughts bloom before youth die,
We roam on earth with dead emotions,
The dead breeds the dead flies to the sky,
Ignoring reason drinks all beauty potions.
What is beauty nothing but lies in eyes,
Rays follow the rays we call it beauty,
That is on earth cruel hearts humanize,
And finishes the worries and its duty

Deep thinking stops time and space speed,
But leads to a darker hell our beauty greed

You see my faults neglect my virtues,

You see my faults neglect my virtues,
What a love style you invent to disgrace,
Between love and hate what to choose,
Or with the second love you to embrace.
I call all cute girls man’s nose iron ring,
That compels to make dance with a jerk,
Even when an old beau goes with swing,
In the wish cage breaks her mighty perk.
People see faults like the shining stars,
Virtue like fixed planets may not be seen,
Those control all lucks as tiger the bars,
As pretty girls collect the spreading glean.

Love me or not but do not reject my will,
Your beauty adds charm to my writing skill.

Do you know in body where ego lives?

Do you know in body where ego lives?
And where does live her jealous parents,
Who pushes emotion in anger that gives?
Self respect notion in beauty battle tents.
Our being rests on heavenly ego powers,
Her being is imperishable do you think?
What was that makes fall the Troy towers,
The wooden horse sleeps not at a wink.
Ego the super being lives behind dignity,
Watches every action with her keen eyes,
When she is injured burns your soul city,
And put into mind choose life or demise.

She says if you choose life I am gone,
Cogitating the situation changing our tone

Macro world is packed into micro world,

Macro world is packed into micro world,
All reflections lie in it before its creation,
The reflections produce our pretty words,
Nothing new on earth but matter variation
A cute mini world is hidden in tiny genes,
All wisdom fail to understand its nature,
How it is produced in the womb of teens,
I call it surely God’s unfinished signature.
Our mind is microcosm know it will care,
If you do not know how can you know?
The macro world is with you everywhere,
And we forget our sweet first day vow.

Love is on earth the micro world puzzle,
Wisdom views openly definitely muzzle

O Sweet lady when I say that I love you,

O Sweet lady when I say that I love you,
Yea it does mean I love you not at all,
But your pretty image in my mind is true,
Your cute eyes before me lovingly crawl.
I see my image in my beloved’s eyes,
Is the self-reflection her eyes receivers
Removing the receiver’s reflection dies,
And we call love most cruel deceivers.
I call love the worship of image reflection,
Where we fall in love of girls or boys,
Finding we feel true heart satisfaction,
As all children feel finding colored toys

Woman worships image in shape of her child,
On growing up she feels her image was wild.