Saturday, May 28, 2016

JH Sayayr's Sonnets

When love dies, thoughts, feelings and emotion fly,
The lover’s wisdom sleeps in the dark pit of tiny cells,
The Brain in the dusky air without aims does soar high,
To burn human souls open seven golden gates of hells,
Ears refuse to listen eyes refuse to watch the vast glob,
Heat stops thinking anon and shuts the message train,
And into the dark holes, the poor heart tries to probe,
Eyes blind, ears deaf, all hearts efforts prove in vain,
What is love? Soul emotion, as cucumber bitter foam
Hines in its being as the canker in the red pretty rose,
Slowly and slowly bitter fume in its cute being roam,
Thus all the negative trends in the lover’s soul grows

All voices ears slave, all images store in our tiny eyes,
Heart, eyes and ears do receive signals from the skies