Monday, May 30, 2016

JH Sayayr's Sonnets

Your pretty face glow shines like glowworm in gloom,
More shines than diamond in coal with dazzling light,
Darkness disappears when your being enters in my room,
I do watch pretty nymphs sleeping in your beauty light,
Heaven-beauty prevails over the face but dark your heart,
Like a burning lamp smoke, floating tears in your eyes,
Cheating lovers’ heart glue for the love bird wing smart,
Belle’s ears are deaf to hear the lovers’ hearts’ cries,
O MY Rose, heart a pretty shed of self deceiving desire,
Love cannot stay in hearts, yea; pure love grows in soul,
Love entering into soul immortal, mortal all the liars,
Pure love shines on earth as on the face of beauty a mole

Let us make our love holy like falling raindrops on earth,
Lie has blackened hearts, whiter were on our pretty birth