Sunday, May 29, 2016

JH Sayayr's Sonnets

Do think in lone over the melting candle light,
Burning slowly producing light, gloom and heat,
Falling down drops slowly, its decreasing might,
Losing its being bit by bit from the head to feet,
What says the candle and its fast melting being?
Nothing but our life burning like a burning lamp,
Losing soul might slowly and our life is fleeing
All men and women captured in the Satan’s camp,
H! Men leave good deeds and words after death,
Body goes to dust for the feast of earthworms,
None follows the dead when the flies last breath,
Eyes close and heart stops and finish all charms,

Yea! If we all thin in lone what we do all the day
Ah! Our souls will be sad and we shall not be gay