Sunday, May 29, 2016

JH Sayayr's Sonnets

My sweet, sweet love, love grows in human soul,
Those who do search love in lips, eyes and cheek,
Fall in error of judgment, for getting divine goal,
I feel in their blood, flesh and bone a strong reek,
My Rose! Love is not lust someday think in lone,
Ah! Love is in human soul power of four powers,
It lives nor in eyes nor in lips nor in human bone,
Love: a property of soul lives in our soul powers,
Ah! Love in woman heart is put not in man’s heart,
Thus who fall in love prey to woman’s strong will
The will drives the love cart, not sold in the mart,
Love ruling woman’s heart without all errors still,

Ah! Woman preys to man’s heart with her intention,
Thus in the lover’s soul grows day and night tension