Sunday, May 29, 2016

JH Sayayr's Sonnets

Mending woman’s tender nature more tough for man,
All efforts in vain to mend woman’s women’s heart,
It rejects all even God but accepts the under naval fan,
Massages her nature with sweet, sweet vows to kill,
Adam’s by birth tool of watching woman’s activities,
In heaven and on earth with loin heart and wisdom,
But Adam fails in mission, thus increases worries,
Falling in her love and love for red apples winsome,
Woman: a gift on earth from Nature for earthly Wight
Es, for pious man, but punishment for bad on earth,
Read the Holy Scriptures woman on earth a light,
Woman not woman but a nature force from her birth

In woman’s heart I see all positive forces of nature,
Never out before her creation on all other creature