Friday, May 27, 2016

JH Sayyar''s Sonnets

When wisdom opens eyes all things may be seen,
Of the four Elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire,
All hidden treasures and what is on earth green?
Human wisdom never leaves men in worldly mire,
When wisdom closes its eyes anon leaves the door,
Of human heart and mind then all senses do fail,
Black veil prevails on mind as locusts on the shore
When good angels leave the body, Satan doe sit hail,
Wisdom; gift of Adam on earth, emotion; gift of Eve,
Courage; Adam’s heart, Greed Eve’s nature part,
Women preserve earth and Adam does not perceive,
Looking at the Eve’s beauty turns turtle wisdom cart

When woman talks with red, red lips in love with lover,
Her beauty faults in fine way, her beauty box does cover