Monday, May 30, 2016

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Think for a while, why all infants and children, dear,
Are called angels on earth? Why? What is the reason?
All remain among the beats and birds without any fear!
Hearts like mountain-snow and thinking free of treason,
When children grow in dishonest and corrupt atmosphere,
They learn dishonesty from the elders’ behavior at home,
What they do watch, do the same thing, what they hear!
Their crystal souls polluted fall like the Fall of Rome!
Ah! Free of sinful souls keep link with God on earths,
When souls fall in sins, guidance link breaks from God,
Forever until the souls are pious as were on their births,
And do shatter all sinful souls on earth like a field sod,

With God sinful souls may never, never make Eden link
Yea! Sinful souls: heavy like iron in hell fire anon sink