Monday, May 30, 2016

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Christmas Day is coming with heart and soul pleasure,
A wave of glee spreading like sun rays among the mass,
Among the twittering birds and all birds happy in leisure,
I have seen shining in the seven azure skies a golden Cross,
I do see all perching birds singing happily Christ’s praise,
Flying over the Christmas tree and singing Jesus’ Psalm,
Angels smile in Heaven when I do gaze and more gaze,
I do see all around the world spreading a heavenly calm,
All glorious Days come with a peace of mind and soul,
Leaving no effect on earthly dwellers, Alas! After this,
Poverty rules the around earth from North to South Pile,
Yea! The poor recalls in solitude all day come Christmas,

Ah! Great Days’ importance people know not on earth well
When Christmas or Eid goes the poor falls in poverty hell