Monday, May 30, 2016

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Yester night I met old women at noon with sunken eyes,
Walking with wands wearing tattered dress on poor frame,
Standing in a queue in noon, yea, trembling fall and rise,
I asked them the cause of weeping, she said with shame,
‘I curse the cruel rulers all day and pray to God all night,
Death is better than starvation, O God, take my soul anon,
No gas to cook, any light to see, hungry brain flies like kite,
O God! Fall from hell on the rulers’ heads hellish cannon,’
Yea! Listening to their woeful tale tears fall on my cheeks
Where are the gods of justice? Where United Nations?
Or they support corrupt rulers since thousands of weeks,
Laws written on pages with to deceive with compactions

I send hungry school going kids’ voice through my verse
Praying to God their hungry bellies expose a silent curse