Friday, May 27, 2016

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Those who oppose bribery, murdering, looting and sex;
But those who do so right just to save the belly hunger,
With his black doings the rulers the whole people vex,
Clever rulers know this secret sex makes ever younger,
Why sex and wine unholy for the people in city-street
But in country palace all unholy are called holy, why?
Ah! All night country belles give the rulers sex treat,
Unholy hands write holy laws for earthly men, foe, fie,
Poverty: the root of evils, the cunning ruler its creator,
Yea! To save life from cruel hunger do what you want,
They leave the goodness of foreign lands, evil imitator,
Doing sex evil in palace, do the country people grant?

All the people of the world at one platform anon, unite!
Do snatch their rights from the mouth of vulture and kite!