Wednesday, July 27, 2016

JH Sayyar"s Classical Odes

50. Ode to Love

Goddess of Love, where you live, on earth or in the sky
I try to trace you everywhere but fail in your search,
Some say you live in heart, some say in maiden’s eye,
But I see with sad heart women’s love leave in the lurch,
I search holy love in women’s eyes but badly fail,
No love I find there, false promises, joys and pleasure,
Full of deceit and lust beautifying with plastic art,
Hiding flaws of wrinkled face and cheeks frail,
But glass declares belles, cosmetic art her treasure,
Voice more attractive glowing cheeks, lie in the heart,

Shepherds tell love lives in dogs’ heart loyalty in eyes,
Never betrays the lovers as women deceive within days,
What they get is wasted anon, and heart full of cries,
The trap of winsome women is their false beauty praise,
I find nothing in love, a self deceit and idle men pleasure,
Their hearts full of lust and the lust of soft thigh place,
Thinking life lust on earth and soul nothing in lone,
Playing with the coral breasts their solitude treasure,
Binding hearts with plastic art, to lust going forward pace,
For human and humanity, from their hearts love has gone

Love lives in woman’s hearts but just for only being,
Looking glass teaches tricks how to hide face flaws,
Because day by day dying Love’s cute and pretty being,
Alive with colored beauty deceiving crooked time paws,
Whore’s tongue for be gone lovers, day and night balm,
Love: a holy thing cannot stay in unholy heart on earth,
Love: a holy gift of heaven and a child of paradise,
Love lives in holy people’s hearts, day and night calm,
God awards holy love in holy hearts at the holy birth,
Love lies in women’s heart a lie I my views summarize

JH Sayyar's Classcial Odes

49. Ode to Woes

Oh woes where you live and where you all day roam,
Like wandering clouds or in search of poor, where
They live, on the pathways, in huts or in poor home,
You know their doors, coming out of all footed bare,
You are afraid of rich flee from the rich like devil,
Shouting looking at the exorcist you playing in lawn,
Teasing them, snatching glees never leaves their being
Why? What the cause is, you like not the poor ravel,
You afraid of the rich watching them playing like fawn,
Catching sight of the lion all the wolves and fans fleeing

Why you spread sobs and sighs among the poor’s lives,
Or your being made devil’s cries, yea, but no creation,
Of sobs and sighs nor God created but from where strives,
On earth but increasing on the earth the poor’s implication,
Once I see woes standing at the palace gate begging bread,
No place of woe in our palace proudly in the palace niche,
Pleasures all around unknown to woe all palace residents,
They in pleasure live in pleasures and their used shred,
Are sold costly among the mass the buyers I see all the rich
They are kept in museum as the poor live in the tents

O woe what I call you, fate or what I give you name,
Tell me what are your parents, sisters and brothers?
Where do they live?  In dark and dreary den, Shame,
On you, you always plunder the poor and bothers,
I see the poor fate cries at the city gate, every day,
In shred and tattered clothes sunburn cheeks and eyes,
Sleeping near the pile dirt they have heart and desire,
The same as you have, o fate open your eyes today,
And see the poor’s child dying due to hunger dies,
But o woe, you slave of the rich, and I, you, do fire

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

48. Ode to Google

When Google Glass roams to search pretty human wit,
On the web space like stars and comets, Galileo glass,
Watching all sights, dark and light but views infinite,
When Google Eye searches material for hungry mass,
Like vulture it smells in what niche human interest lies,
Surveys the whole web space like a detective pace,
Wondering, collecting visual information for album,
Quickly without pause, giving the world surprise,
Failing other search engines as Galileo glass in space
In search of new lands dry and wet not ugly but winsome

You swim among the wit wave ocean of human minds,
Countless waves of wit forward and backward, all
Search waves like an expert diver in wit-sea who finds,
You always running like leopard and does not crawl,
To find its prey in wit-sea, your flying in space, and
Among the wit-waves all times diving like a whale,
String waves of human wits, nothing loses in web-sea,
And like stars all wits shine on Google Sea sand,
In the bottom glowing like cinder, I do, you, hail,
You do trace my blogs, beloved and sonnets quickly.

Hail Google, hail, as the world people spring hail
That comes with joy for women, children and man,
Old and young all happy, you glee full as bird in dale,
You mute like swan, you work like dumb, I your fan,
You search letter, love letters, books all searchers want,
You provide free materials, no cast, in a short time,
You search everything anon, for women and men,
Men wanted materials, you like vultures haunt,
Eating the crops from the earth your aim prime,
You land from the sky in lines of ten by ten

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

47. Ode to Self

What shows the budding flower? No hurt, no pain?
What shows the hovering butterfly over the red rose?
What shows the child’s smile? Knowing it in vain,
What shows the dancing couple’s bill and coo echoes,
My heart full of sighs and sobs, none to console,
Lonesome laughs at me sitting on a golden bough,
I see pain and pain around me, no shadow of glee,
North jeers at me but weeping the South Pole
I sow love seed in love farm but weeds grow,
I think and think why from me pleasures flee?

What whores’ cheeks show? Just night pleasure,
What the poor’s cries show? Hate the world,
What the moon light shows? Do think in leisure,
What the laughing faces show? Heart glee I heard,
What the owl’s voice shows? Cruel world, hate,
Why the owls roam in dark and dreary night?
To shun from the world, do not like day face,
All men and women selfish small and great,
Anger sits on nose, cheeks glowing like sunlight,
Laughing at the poor, night charm to trace

O self, stop thinking, what can you do all alone?
Among the corrupts forgetting laws and rights,
No fear of God and living like jungle stone,
Spending life on earth like demigod with might,
Now the only way to fly with the silky kits,
In which trapped all parrots, owing to hunger all,
Dying, landing on the earth due to hunger
But the hunger trap deceives the human wit,
Life: Precious gift of God, but hunger does fall,
Like flood beaten people, all old or younger

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

46. Ode to a Peacock

O bird of Paradise, I see in a cute vale your dance,
Sitting under the tree near a full of water lake,
You happy with your mate I had by chance a chance
To watch you in my fancy pure white like flake,
I see dancing happy now I see your face down,
When you recall your pause and legs black and vile,
Looking at the legs tears fall down from the eyes
The she-peacock picks it and drinks it like crown,
A sad sight, none to console him for a while,
But my Muse listens to your poor heart cries

O peacock, your right glee rests on pelf on earth,
Like you when the poor see finance, less for food,
Children hungry, stomach empty and food dearth,
Fate, the rich, minion, hate the poor with ugly mood,
I see tears in the poor’s eyes like you my third eye,
Watches all keenly hidden things of earth and heaven
God busy working heavenly deeds ignoring the prayers
Why? I know not, but I know and listen to the cry,
Of the poor, due to hunger all tears in six to seven,
Spend years, weeks, days, months without cares.

Like sparrow and crows they pick food from the pile,
My heart weeps like you weep looking at your feet,
And die due to food dearth, heart sad without smile,
I see dying wishes, dancing hunger, without wheat,
Where are God’s blessings? Just the rich enjoy it
Day and night without fear, ignoring the poor’s rights,
Wasting wealth on whore and shore no fear of life,
I see and weep like peacock looking at the poor’s wit,
Living in tattered dress and one another fights
On collecting food from the pile all day in strife

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

45. Ode to BZU Campus

O Campus! You welcome my pace on your green floor,
Ah! After twenty and ten years I come to visit you,
I see cute a lot of faces roaming like snails on the shore
Glowing cheeks, goading eyes and me giving past woe,
O Love Tree! Where your shades, love mates sitting here,
Your leafy shades making bill and coo without any pause,
Sobs and sighs I hear in my vision, but faces in my eyes,
Clear as ruby in still water, looks me as I wonder,
I sitting all alone under you, unknown to all what cause,
Nothing but time store faces in memories when time flies

Bitter sweet pains and pleasures, now I recall my friend,
Zarin, her talking eyes, sweet tongue and short silky hair,
Coming to me but no talk, just eyes talking changing trend,
I see all busy listening to calls, one here for someone care,
I thankful to you O Campus! You all voices safely store,
Our laughing, our talking, our stalking all day free walk,
With friends, some die, some alive, more pathetic scene,
Show me my cute friends’ faces of my time I do implore,
Some faces dim in my eyes, my beloved’s graceful stalk,
Sitting under your shade, all my old memories I glean,

Unknown faces, and places, in surroundings all change,
 It is time miracle, all change but no change in my mind,
The same your sketch thirty years before, yea in my range,
Nothing forgets, nothing missing, but why to me unkind,
But today’s faces just like sunflowers, glowing with rays
Of cosmetic, spoils in heat, books in hands, hanging purse,
Eyes searching for lovers, glorious garbs but all wits dark,
Like coal peat diamond, fearful faces but with self frays,
None watches to me, unknown to me all, yea, but I curse,
But all memories storing bitter or sweet in time cark

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

44. Ode to Fate

O Fate! Where do you live? Tell me, in hut or palace,
The poor search for your being in North and South,
But in vain, ignoring the poor, you are more callous,
You, slave of time, and fan of foolish, idle and couth,
Yea! I see your sitting proudly on the whore’s cheeks,
Playing with her breast and resting under her long hair,
You dark night queen and day sleeper in her cozy lair,
Your staying with whore and corrupt, your mind freak,
You free of all natural laws and beauty your fine snare,
Made of synthetic golden thread, binding money affair

Why do you live in palace? Tell, what the reason behind,
Or you are born for them, your name just for poor delight,
Pretty women your chums, but the kind you to unkind,
You hate huts and like palaces, you dark night palace light,
The poor awaiting you, youth turns into a wrinkled face,
No house, no clothes, no food, and for living no home,
None shows the right way to your lodge, O Cruel Fate!
Someday come in hut, you will find calm and grace,
Dried bread, stale curry, floor bed for living like tomb,
Near the huts meager cocks and crow, lonesome mate

The poor find you and you find the rich and whore,
You live in wenches’ purse, and in bag of the well to do,
Tell me what is the reason?  Why you the poor ignore
You distributing glee among the rich, among the poor woe
You make injustice on earth, and your being on this globe,
Your name just fiction, no being, your reality on earth,
You the poor’s satisfaction, a hope a ray and nothing more
You the poor self deceit, and the rich people you hobnob,
Alas! You always deceive the poor, since their cradle birth,
You nothing, but time conquers all, hate is why I, you, abhor,