Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

38. Ode to the Mountain Garden

Once I upset reaching in garden full flowers on mountain top,
I sit on pew all alone, chirping birds playing all around me,
Flying here and there over my head and mountain goats crop,
I sitting there with no interest, keeping in mind woes and worry,
Busy thinking birds’ twittering over my head cuckoos and dove
Nightingale, hoopoe, nightjar, and thousands of peeping larks,
Making me happy but no avail, my poor sad heart remains sad,
Ran comes, rainbow comes, clouds come and when I see above,
Cute, cute tiny piping birds over my head like playing sharks,
Mountain butter flies dancing over flowers but I am not glad.

Al last I hear parrot’s and Meena’s talking sitting by my side,
Saying each other, “Smell bearing flowers, chittering birds in sky,
Stupefying cool breeze, coming from heaven, the garden wide,
But this stranger in our land, sitting sad and heart releasing sigh,
Sleepy eyes, heavy eyelids, murmuring lips and trembling fingers
Words blend of sobs and sighs, tears rolling down swiftly like rain,
Some heavy pain and woes in heart reflecting on sad, sad face,
Face: mirror of all types of thoughts, woes over my head lingers,
Slowly, and slowly my heart, health, my mind all have slain,
Now a statue of bone standing in museum with impressing grace

I try to mitigate my grief, but fail, I recall my all glorious days,
My stay at Swat with my love, my loitering on road all alone,
Among high mountains, falling from the stars golden rays,
Shining pearls in lake, running water in river, heart does moan
Now I turn to hope a ray of happiness, in dreary and dark world,
Good glorious days will come in life I leave the place in eve,
With this hope bad days teaching realities of jealous world,
Hidden in false promises of friends and foes, as yeast in curd
Love: trust, but ladylove: mistrust, both to poor men grieve,
Thus in pursuing false glee, in love men live full of strife