Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

34. Ode to the Rowan Tree

Oh! Mountain ash, Oh! Witches wood and Oh! Delight of Eye
Berry full in winter season, fairies and witches resting place,
All planets your issues, shady branches talking to the sky,
Protecting from the evils of witches and fairies, stopping pace
Under your shades, cows, horses and travelers sit to rest,
You protect them from the evil charms of fairies and witches,
Binding red thread around wrist and women necklace make,
Spindle wheels are made of it, and you pride of mountain crest
Healing body sickness touching your barks failing all riches
Sleepers under your shades, early in the morn sensible awake.

Wonder charm in your berry if someone does eat one its fruit
Becomes drunk, but the eater eats one and one at a time
Lives hundred years on earth, more powerful it heavenly root,
But blessed are those who on the mountain tops daily prime
Ah! If someone does eat your red berry third time in a day
He will be young again if old, and will be of thirty years,
The birds that eat your berries, live long on mountain height
And fly to heaven untiringly, crossing space and time with gay,
No death to red berry eaters, they all unknown to death tears,
More powerful their wings, bills and in claws never failing might.

O Rowan! You grow on the mountain top away from my Swan,
O Sharvan! you, take my Lady’s soul, under the Rowan Tree!
And let her eat three red berries, yea! Take her, I do pawn,
Kiss day and night be young for and be free of worry,
Her staying under Rowan Tree saves her from all evil eyes,
Our love is holy on earth it must remain always on earth,
If my lady be young forever for kissing hectic cheeks and lips,
Her essence will transfer to my body thought kissing sighs,
Then we will be young again as in winter coals in hearth,
But alas! I will kiss my Lady’s lurking parts in sound kips