Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

14. Ode to My Sarah’s Birthday

O Angels of Heaven, come on earth with brightly heavenly clothes,
O Birds of Paradise, sing sweet, sweet songs, all pixies you do come,
At my Rose’s Sarah’s home with heavenly gifts and with solemn oaths,
Colored candles are burning here, no earthly being, all faces winsome,
Bring Eden rose garlands and bracelets of heavenly flowers, come soon,
All heavenly beings have come, no earthly being in it taking part,
Unveil heavenly beauty, open hair, sing and make heavenly dance,
Angels: the singers, dim lights of candles, earthly being’s breaking heart
The sight, a touching sight, dim lights, heavenly faces, slow music tune,
Murmur of the wings and clothes, God’s sent heavenly boon,
Angels, pixies and goddesses participate, the day glory to enhance,

Let no earthly being enter, let fall heavenly curtains all around,
Decorate birth-day chair, set the golden table for my Rose Sarah,
Set the cake on the birth-day table, o pixy spread wings on ground,
How cute looks my Rose, ah! Wearing heavenly colored tiara,
The cake was cut the clapping if heavenly beings, with pixy knife,
Made from Manna and Honey, never taste it any earthly tongue,
Pixies and huris sings and dance, around my sister’s golden chair,
A heavenly sight on earth and all heavenly beings were young,
Before flying they leave blessings, and all pray for Sarah’s life
May her life safe and sound on earth and always free of strife,
We pray for your life is full of blessings and with you our care

At the end, heavenly wine was served all of them turn by turn
Then my Rose thanked for coming with gift all heavenly being,
All were happy with sister who succeeds their admirations to earn
But they said, wishes more and life shot, and our years are fleeing,
Flying to heaven all said we shall all join your holy marriage regale,
With heavenly blessings and cares, we shall drink you milk of paradise,
In a heavenly golden pot, that will give on earth forever delight,
And will be happy on your next year marriage all azure skies,
And pray for you holy fathers, and all earthly guests hail
To enhance your wedding-feast standing in an attractive trail,
We see falling from on your head, a bright dim heavenly light.