Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

30. Ode to a Fairy Child

Watching my Lady’s pic at wee hour, I fell in a trance fit
And reached in fairyland, the princess sat on a throne of gold,
In crimson garb, around her toddlers, fails my wonderful wit,
Babies teeth floor and walls all white, all young not any old,
  I saw around her throne playing cute toddlers and cute babies,
Which they stole, bowing the Princess, I show her a toddler pic,
Staring at the pic anon she said, “Sileni stole it from a lawn,
 Of a garden, her mom left her in cradle to sleep, but she sees,
Her glowing cheeks, wiled eyes, Sileni stole her she was sic,
She wept not, sleep all day, and awoke at the coming dawn,”

She asked me, “What is she to you?”I said, “My childhood fiancée.”
At this she smiled and said, “Her mom has died she was my niece,
Who told me, she was her adopted child, she will never marry, “
I asked her; tell me, “How to bind her in wedlock with peace?”
She said, “Sometimes I fed her, and bit my nipples, a naughty girl,
On growing up Sileni put back in her cradle, in a dark wintry night,
Due to all day invert sleeping, against fairy sleep laws as well,
And beat with her hand all toddlers and babies all day like churl,
Sometime here flying, sometime there flying, once, she does me bite,
I love her almond eyes just like my baby, I called her a princess belle,”

I asked her, “How to persuade her to marry, my queen of fairyland?”
She smiled and said, “Sileni gave her to eat pure mountain honey,
She daily licked honey happily, now you do take the silver sand,
Of fairyland and honey in a gold vial and gave her in the eve sunny,
While sleeping pour three drops in her moth in the eve at fixed time,
And its magical effect in her veins will effect within seven days
And take her birth baby ash in a vial; throw it on her cozy bed,
She will sleep for a long time and awaking she will feel lime,
In her mouth and will forget fairy taste in mysterious ways,
Then she within years will marry act upon what I have said