Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

28. Ode to the Koel

My heart broods, brood parasite, listening to you in leafy foliage,
Sitting among the trees singing, prophesying rain, rain and rain,
The poor’s foe, the rich joy, in vale, dale and sing on desert ridge,
Birds hide in nests, mud made houses dissolve, all efforts in vain,
What show your crimson eyes, short wings and a long, long tail,
Your sober brown plumage with olive gloss and pale green feather,
Body grey with white chest, grey legs and grey strong beak,
Pondering over the voice of Kooo Oooo reveals a bird of vale,
You know not three seasons but sing only in spring weather,
You sing in leaves, among the trees, the hunter cannot you seek.

Tell me by singing, why you lay your eggs in the nest of crow,
Crow your kids foster parents, and you the clever crow swindle,
In a better way, but their issues come to you when they grow,
You the step mother of your race, so you mother love do dwindle,
Therefore, you produce all day the sound of Kic, Kic, and Kic,
You mock at the crow wit sitting among the shining green trees,
You fly not in air, but sit and sleep all day in her soft cozy nest
Eating, singing and sleeping, tour favorite jobs, I think you sick,
You, your slave, and sing near the arrival of the monsoon breeze,
Neither you nurse your kids nor you feed them on earth you pest.

O Koel! From where you learnt this art of laying eggs in cow nest,
You work shirker like my Lady, who all day sleeps, her charm,
Sleep her life; sleep her aim, and delusive hopes put her to rest,
On the cozy bed, invert sleeping makes her cold blood warm
O Koel! Make your nest in my lawn tree, you and my Lady, sing,
In fine weather in loud voice, and both feel more summer heat,
You awake when be hungry like my Swan otherwise both sleep.
Like red ruby eyes, come and see my Lady’s nails, and red ring,
Makes her cuter like your singing, people welcome your music beat,
You looking at the hunter among the trees here and there creep