Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

32. Ode to Atargatis

Ah! On the wing of vision chariot, I reach on the Syrian pool,
Where Atargatis takes bath, to change herself into a mermaid,
She dives into the pool, but just her down body, pool water cool,
Unbearable, changes into fish, upper woman, with the pool aid,
Altargatis: A cute girl with long hair and eyes wild like fawn,
Silky thigh, soft lips, glowing cheeks and long light green nails,
Dazzling eyes with shape shifting color like morning red rose,
A perfect Sea Nymph, people call her Maerrow, She in lawn.
Sitting reading about mermaids, a famous book of fairy tales,
Being a mermaid she wishes and to the magic lake she goes,

She dives into the pool but just her waist down into a cute fish,
Upper part remains the same, because she comes out of it soon,
And she could not touch the bottom, thus unfulfilled her wish
She could not reach sits on the brink and starts in lone to croon,
She never married and spends her all life in pool and on brink,
All day sleep and sing in dream mermaid songs, in sleep, sound
When cool breeze touches her cheeks, awakes and goes in lake,
She swims alone and sings alone, but in water sleeps at wink,
But sometimes weeps recalling her love in deep water ground,
She cannot walk but swims, she does it for her vain will sake,

Once I met her showing see bottom flower on my sift palm,
Taking it she bows me and fell in my love forever, forever,
She all day sleeps, all night swims, I do await her with calm,
One day she kisses me and goes to swim but comes back never,
Now I do wait for her, sitting all lone on the fairy pool verge
Nothing to eat and drink and nothing to think but her face,
That I pine with her true love, I do not know where she has lost,
Ten years have passed she did not come like a stormy sea surge,
O God! Change me into a fish, my love in Sleep Lake to trace,
Or send for me from Heaven to find her being a water ghost