Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

2. Ode to Pleasure

Spring comes and spreads pleasure among bird and beasts:
The renewal of life circle changes feelings and emotions,
Women arrange bale dance and men receive feats.
Angels smile from the sky the children play game,
Ladies go for bill and coo with lovers in park,
And graceful moments may be seen everywhere:
Air birds chirp while flying babies smile watching lark,
Eyes attract eyes, and heart, heart does tame,
Thus here on this earth is written men’s future aim
Wearing colored dress women roam for affair

What is pleasure? Birds and beasts know it not,
But they feel pleasure in cool breeze how they discern,
They are happy, the watchers say, sitting on the beach cot,
Pleasure does nothing but we each good or bad lot earn,
The foolish enjoy pleasures here like agile sparrows,
Flying away from home and due to hunger their fall,
Or escape from weather lash the eagles catch and swallow,
The crow’s mother teaches to her kids since crawl.
But the fawns’ kids are preyed in day with arrows.
As unseen beauty dies with smell of a cute jungle rose
Wisdom teaches the wise on earth, never pleasure follow

O God! Take pleasure form this earth behind it immortal pain
Pleasure comes in veil of pleasure to give men woes
And grief to the foolish and on earth wisdom to slain
I find pleasure, my love, but will-slave, known by one or two
What is life? Nothing, but like a drop in seas soon,
Like beauty, my Swan, for short time, on earth I find
Think in lone, My Dear, woes and grief a heavenly gift:
In different shape I find pleasures on earth me remind,
Leave pleasure songs and weal and woe here croon,
The essence of wisdom as to the fruits the light of moon,
Here woes, there pleasure, why? Woe and wisdom rift