Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

4. Ode to Sleep

Sleep, more precious gift of heaven earthly being,
The daughter of heaven spreads her wings to heal woo,
Of laborious days that are swiftly fleeing,
The sun comes and goes and writes our bill and coo.
The sleep lovers are sensuous like a sparrow and remain,
In the world of self deceit, just lying not sleep,
Posing like a sleeper, soul leaves body but futile,
To color the images, and images in images in creep;
Nothing come out of images, dreams are in vain.
Dreams print no copy of being, except cheat brain,
Wisdom cries, heart weeps, none to each other loyal.

When images heap images and compel men to lay,
In valley of dream, where no woe but sole pleasure,
Where images walk all day, and no obstacle on the way
Senses stupefy drinking false image wine in leisure.
Right and left sleep mean but sleeping upsides down,
Burns wisdom wings and make erotic image on the screen,
Of mind but no dice, for self and images make men ill,
No body, but of souls and snatches the crown of queen,
Shatter body, tear dress, wit and the royal crown,
When a virgin lays on bed wearing her night gown,
And roof watches her lumber and face with poor will.

O Sleep! You do not sleep but the false images sleep.
You be not proud of sleeping men day and night,
What image-owners sow in day and in night they reap,
But the unripe images ripen in dream their sleep flight.
Sensuous images mar wisdom, and sleepy eyes do make,
All day and night red, courage fail, sense loose and wit dull,
And erotic emotions prevail all night in soul
Faces wither, mind sensitive and image a skull,
No flesh, no freshness, because the images are fake.
It is the cause of soul illness; none can cure even Life Lake,
False images shatter soul and soul shatters our future goal.