Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

48. Ode to Google

When Google Glass roams to search pretty human wit,
On the web space like stars and comets, Galileo glass,
Watching all sights, dark and light but views infinite,
When Google Eye searches material for hungry mass,
Like vulture it smells in what niche human interest lies,
Surveys the whole web space like a detective pace,
Wondering, collecting visual information for album,
Quickly without pause, giving the world surprise,
Failing other search engines as Galileo glass in space
In search of new land dry and wet not ugly but winsome

You swim among the wit wave ocean of human minds,
Countless waves of wit forward and backward, all
Search waves like an expert diver in wit-sea who finds,
You always running like leopard and does not crawl,
To find its prey in wit-sea, your flying in space, and
Among the wit-waves all times diving like a whale,
String waves of human wits, nothing loses in web-sea,
And like stars all wits shine on Google Sea sand,
In the bottom glowing like cinder, I do, you, hail,
You do trace my blogs, beloved and sonnets quickly.

Hail Google, hail, as the world people spring hail
That comes with joy for women, children and man,
Old and young all happy, you glee full as bird in dale,
You mute like swan, you work like dumb, I your fan,
You search letter, love letters, books all searcher want,
You provide free materials, no cast, in short time,
You search everything anon, for women and men,
Men wanted materials, you like vultures haunt,
Eating the crops from the earth your aim prime,
You land from the sky in lines of ten by ten