Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

27. Ode to a Malabar Whistling Thrush

Your musical, soft and sensual sound I heard in thick wild
Last night, full mystical and thrilling voice singing on a high tree,
In jovial mood, fresh air, azure sky and rainbow dim light,
Spreading around the sky, but your song lessening not my worry,
What do ail you, o soul? A pain without a cause I do feel
Think, think and more think, but fail to trace out the cause,
I find no reason, while nothing on this earth without reason,
May be repenting of past days or may be present woe does not heal,
I recall my love days, my Lady’s flying hair but in pain no pause,
Darting pain like wave circles, or against my glee fate treason

To dissolve my causeless pain, ponder over your mystical voice,
Your singing always in lone, but you and eve shadows,
Your thrilling, sensual and shouting tone, of past days spice,
Reminding me in lonesome, I seem, you singing my sorrows,
Your throat changing music, your high pitched song, of my pain,
Cause you sing worldly woes and grief in soft and sensuous tone,
But you unknown to mundane pains of people turn your eyes,
No pain marks in your changing tone, but a touching strain,
Making fresh the listeners’ woes, who on woe thorn groan?
Sitting among their fellows, helpless in lone with their cries

Bird, singing, bird, sing louder and louder in enchanting sound,
My soul dissolving in a fit, recalling all past sweet days,
All night sitting with my Lady, in moon light on rose ground,
Her floating hair, her red soft lips, her silky, silky cheeks glaze
But, sudden stop singing, and it breaks my sweet dream
When I see gain around me, find, sorrows, and sufferings and fret,
Smiling at my helpless state, I look at them with happy face,
All my dying wishes, failing, due to Cruel Fate, me seem
O Fate! You merciless, callous and jealous and the poor threat,
You traitor and you support on earth the rich at every pace