Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

53. Ode to a Raven

O Raven, you desert nightingale, and loneliness lark
With large bill and wings crying Ka, Ka, Ka sitting in trees
Ripping garbage bags taking wire coats fro nest, hark
Making made of twigs conifers like fir increasing worries
From March to May your breeding season in spring time
Tracing new areas for colonizing for black nest generation
Laying his eggs in cuckoos’ nest you cheat and deceive
Because you are wise and intelligent in committing crime
Converting this virtue in the nest black issues with elation
Collecting woods, rags and children edibles to grieve

You bold and clever from where you learnt this skill
Your nest in the tree standing in my Lady’s board
Yea, you have eaten my Rose left over, you sing her will
All grains of foods in the nest you clever hoard
Day time you guard in flocks flying around seedbed
At night you vigil in pairs to protect his black clever race
                    Your dark grayish plumage shines like twinkling stars
I see my Lady’s broken bangles, rags and silky thread
In your nest O Raven, you cruel steel my Lady’s grace
I request to leave your nest like alive fly to heaven in wars

O Raven, come to me and let me see in your wild eyes
My Lady’s day and night doings store in your balls
I cannot listen to her wail and woe even her cries
Come and make your nest in the lawn of my halls
Come carrying her broken bangles, leftover food in beak
Manna for me, many years have passed I have not seen
Her face, eyes, coral breast and her silky thighs
Weeping day and night makes creak on my dullest cheek
Silver in my hair, gait bowing down weeping in green
Loneliness thorns injure my body weeping with bitter sighs