Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

40. Ode to the Sleeper

Cool breeze running like horse, at the four corners of globe,
Wandering black clouds in sky, thunder light in gentle noon,
Fast gliding air, Throwing trees down with roots, leaves sob,
Like injured in lone crying with pain, dark and dreary moon,
After sometime weather fine, chittering birds come out of dens
What beats, what birds, all living like friends in dark forest,
But spreading dim light of soul all around, sand-particles bright,
In day light like pearls of a queen crown, black flying ravens,
Free of fear full atmosphere, cool breeze, gentle rain for rest,
All around sinning birds, piping koel, and on a tree sitting kite

I see swans sitting alone on sea shore, with down heads, sad,
Why lone? All in pairs, either their female die or sleeping in,
Nests, ignoring fine weather, partners, busy sleeping wade,
Stone hearted, jealous of weather, dreamers shun from din,
Eyes deprive of lovely sights, ears bereave of hearing songs,
Of birds, caroling in caroling breeze flying in circle with mate,
Diving sharks and swimming fishes, cute kids sitting on beach
But sleepers sleep divesting eyes, and ears from lovely songs,
Of holy church standing on the rock, all alone what a fate!
None on beach but a few kids, with their moms and a peach,

I see my Lady’s eyes and ears depriving from lovely sights,
Of fine weather with chittering birds, coo; breeze light rain,
But she sleeps invert, cursing eyes and ears, all day and night,
Teasing and squeezing child’s toys, oh my God what a pain,
My Lady, per blind, cannot see in day light, like owl and bat,
All day sleep and all night awake, night dream, a pure lie,
Day dream, whole truth, pure truth, free of lie, like pure gold,
But a few know this secret, as how sees in dreary night a cat,
Day dream always comes true, yea, like judgment day,
 Night dream deceives the dreamer, as blanket in winter cold