Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

46. Ode to a Peacock

O bird of Paradise, I see in a cute vale your dance,
Sitting under the tree near a full of water lake,
You happy with your mate I had by chance a chance
To watch you in my fancy pure white like flake,
I see dancing happy now I see you face down,
When you recall your pause and legs black and vile,
Looking at the legs tears fall down from the eyes
The she peacock picks it and drinks it like crown,
A sad sight, none to console him for a while,
But my Muse listens to your poor heart cries

O peacock, you right glee rests on pelf on earth,
Like you when the poor see finance, less for food,
Children hungry, stomach empty and food dearth,
Fate, the rich, minion, hate the poor with ugly mood,
I see tears in the poor’s eyes like you my third eye,
Watches all keenly hidden things of earth and heaven
God busy working heavenly deeds ignoring the prayers
Why> I know not, but I know and listen to the cry,
Of the poor, due to hunger all tears in six to seven,
Spend years, weeks, days, months without cares.

Like sparrow and crows they pick food from the pile,
My heart weeps like you weep looking at your feet,
And die due to food dearth, heart sad without smile,
I see dying wishes, dancing hunger, without wheat,
Where are God’s blessings? Just the rich enjoy it
Day and night without fear, ignoring the poor’s rights,
Wasting wealth on whore and shore no fear of life,
I see and weep like peacock looking at the poor’s wit,
Living in tattered dress and one another fights
On collecting food from the pile all day in strife