Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

5. Ode to Being

The refine piece of Elements: Eve’s and Adam’s son,
Just flesh, bone and body and heart not its running force,
To search for the body secrets, all physicians’ fun,
But none knows the physical, psyche and souls course.
Matter comes from earth, spirit from stars and soul from God,
These powers work in men and control human actions,
Angels push images, images push mind to do right or wrong,
Wisdom guides to goal ignoring right or wrong reactions,
All deeds are written in dots, with a golden mighty rod,
Hanging around the neck invisible, our deeds in pod,
Cannot be erased by time and space, we vermin ding-dong.

What is being in human being? A golden book of deeds,
Its writers more might in writing thoughts, feelings and emotions
If we sow good deeds on earth, how can we reap there weeds?
Silence rules the universe freely, that day all commotions,
Being weeps in being, in vain hearts, ears and eyes,
Ears to listen, eyes to see, and heart to make decisions,
Wisdom judges their calls; images push men to do,
Something right and wrong all printed on the visions.
Reason cannot inspire action, but done but our hot cries,
Goodness prolongs life on earth, badness calls for surmise.
One day all will see with eyes on earth who was true?

Neither being is wisdom, or concepts, or a solid reason,
It is God’ voice in men, not a part of God’s being.
Its nature is elastic, we shrink it is our open treason,
None thinks over it while all men are blindly seeing.
Promise achievement its up and down graph, lie dries its root
Being saves men from hell and close to paradise
Being makes men human being as the tailor makes men.
The fools ignore his being on earth but care all wise.
When its graph goes up all earthly beings salute,
He flies to heaven freely wearing being’s golden boot,
And see all things great or small as with her small eyes hen