Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

15. Ode to a Nightingale

The queen of quietness and the princess of flowers,
You sing among the trees sitting all alone,
When you find nothing around you sing many a hours,
Knowing not what is a poor man’s groan,
Your locked throat opens always in dale,
Who listen to your notes? Flower, branches and trees,
What you sing none knows but voice full of sorrow
May be flowers judge your notes more than a man
Your locked throat unlocks in cool breeze,
I listen today your voice and will listen tomorrow,
But all sad men and women your voice fan

Listening to your winsome voice I do recall,
My Lady’s mood sleeping on her cozy bed,
Your charm full voice sleeps her I rise and fall,
Her negligence bows me down all day tears shed,
She sleep upsides down listening to your charming voice,
She is fond of your notes I curse your fairy song,
Leave her home-tree hone and do in a dale,
And spread sorrows there I do not like your noise,
Sing in the palace tree, and awake sleeping throng,
Among the trees sing o my poor nightingale

Your: charm full you sing always unseen
Discreet: the secret of charm, you know it well,
Therefore you sing among the trees all green,
Your throat locks if you hear poor’s groan,
Just like my Swan free of woe, full of pleasure,
Sleep: her nightingale, sleep her night charm,
You teach my Ladylove always sing and sleep,
All visits all fairy lands in sleeping in leisure,
And night dreams keep her all day warm,
You teach her sleeping and let the lover weep.