Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

10. Ode to Muse

O Muse, come back visiting Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon and Gibon,
I need you more here, without delay, do reach in my closet,
Many colored visions are in my mind, alas! Come I do moan,
My eyes cannot see clearly image phantoms, eyes are wet,
What are these phantoms? Soft desires or soft wayward trends,
Rebellious notions against promise or newly born dark desires
Appearing under word-veil, of duck and can be seen,
Dim oath-light, around me sighs, fear, no smoke without fire
Something wrong in heart, intention peeps through eyes, friends,
Wisdom peeps through words, the soul motion, child apprehends
Heart burns with moan, eyes weep, my Lady what does it mean?

Come and take me like a spook to my Lady’s dressing room,
That exposes her thinking, living style, and make up worldly hope
Writing style her secret will, fiery Cupid eyes, peeping gloom,
Her see-through dress, cares and cards, her cute body mop,
Her wrinkled shirt and trousers, cares and her night gown,
Parts display room, daily food supply, and her fingers’ rings
Her beauty box making her cute mo by mo, in dim light,
Soft pillowed face, breast touching bed, sitting on Muse wings,
I awake her from sound kip softly sleeping upsides down,
Her glowing cheeks spreading rays, like Norway morn town,
I lullaby her kipping body awoke feeling my hands delight

Change me into a notion and let me enter in her tender heart,
O Muse while napping, I read her wills and wishes with calm,
I taste her trends in lone, her eyes sweet and red lips tart,
Her cheeky cheeks, her Cupid eyes, and my manly touching palm,
Her delicate fingers holding pizza in a stylish plate
Her smooth body, like a cedar, releasing love rays her phony
Onion, tomato, chilly ginger enhancing burnt pizza grace,
Her erotic eyes arousing mood and her thighs increasing weight
Her back smart, her eyes wild, and her soft thighs, boney,
More cute she looks O God! Making on her head a love pony,
Tell me her secrets of heart, her sincerity; her kind love base