Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

50. Ode to Love

Goddess of Love, where you live, on earth or in the sky
I try to trace you everywhere but fail in your search,
Some say you live in heart, some say in maiden’s eye,
But I see with sad heart women’s love leave in the lurch,
I search holy love in women’s eyes but badly fail,
No love I find there, false promises, joys and pleasure,
Full of deceit and lust beautifying with plastic art,
Hiding flaws of wrinkled face and cheeks frail,
But glass declares belle, cosmetic art her treasure,
Voice more attractive glowing cheeks, lie in the heart,

Shepherds tell love lives in dogs’ heart loyalty in eyes,
Never betrays the lovers as women deceive within days,
What they get is wasted anon, and heart full of cries,
The trap of winsome women is their false beauty praise,
I find nothing in love, a self deceit and idle men pleasure,
Their hearts full of lust and the lust of soft thigh place,
Thinking life lust on earth and soul nothing in lone,
Playing with the coral breasts their solitude treasure,
Binding hearts with plastic art, to lust going forward pace,
For human and humanity, from their hearts love has gone

Love lives in woman’s hearts but just for only being,
Looking lass teaches tricks how to hide face flaws,
Because day by day dying Love’s cute and pretty being,
Alive with colored beauty deceiving crooked time paws,
Whore’s tongue for be gone lovers, day and night balm,
Love: a holy thing cannot stay in unholy heart on earth,
Love: a holy gift of heaven and a child of paradise,
Love lives in holy people’s hearts, day and night calm,
God awards holy love in holy hearts at the holy birth,
Love lies in women’s heat a lie I my views summarize