Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

11. Ode to My Fair’s Passions

I have seen three passions in my Fair’s Front, Nose and Eyes,
Eyes showing sensual, front rational, and intellectual carrying nose,
They are soul properties and produced by her warm motions rise
Good or bad, like or dislike, honesty and dishonesty shows,
Just and unjust, true and false, nose dowry concupitive power of soul
My ladies decencies, the perfect master piece of natural art,
A paragon of beauty on earth, all belles borrow beauty from ladylove,
But the mirror or the secret walls know her secret of heart,
My sorrows and sufferings, woe and grief burn me like a coal,
And weeps my heart bitterly, as a baby on his self broken doll,
But I listen to her voice let my hands go below and above,

Love, hate, like, dislike, my Lady’s concupiscible power,
When he is good, arises delight, desire mirth and pleasure,
Its absence shows horror, loath, sadness, and grief a withered flower
Soft delight, peaceful face, crooning lips my Lady’s treasure,
Most secret, most hidden, in willful ocean like gem in snail,
How drops turn into gem rain none knows the secret of nature
None knows when will be gem rain, falling from the azure sky,
Just like my Lady’s love and anger is a master piece of literature,
As all over the world is famous birds chirping Maldives dale,
Someday will be my Sweety our love the part of fairy tale,
None knows when and where will be our bodies together lie

My Swan when your irascible power awake in night or day,
It turns to revenge injure or injured, recalls past sullen days,
Red and white, blue and pink, symbolizes your childhood fray,
When you walk in moonlit enhancing your literacy craze,
When irascible power cause be anger, from it eleven fumes flows,
Unseen but with being, sit on the proper cute facial place,
And adds beauty charm, from top to toe my cute, cute Swan
Love, desire, joy in eyes, hate heart none can it trace
Anger, horror, joy, despair, always sit on your pretty nose,
But hope and boldness rests on cheeks in a stylish pose,
I see in my trance sitting happily in my ladylove’s lawn