Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

3. Ode to Beauty

What is being in human being? What can you tell?
How gem drops fall from the sky into the snail shell,
Can anyone tell why babies smile looking to the sky?
Why whales dance in seas up and down well?
Why partridges fly to moon? Why babies cry?
In the airy waves and build their next on mountains high

Can anyone tell which melts meat in stomach fire or heat?
And why larks day and night over the stormy sea beat?
Tiny birds prey to eat or they eat air in the air
Who makes images in our minds? Or where lays fire in peat?
Nor can men expose in lips, in eyes or from where comes glare?
Nose our need, tongue liberty, and its function is to care.

All things cute on earth; birds, beasts and men: God’s monuments.
Yea! Man a mini cosmos to conjure Elements and its running trends,
For coming generation to expose the mystery of Hell and Heaven,
None can peep into the wisdom dark cave but the wise comprehends.
Why goes to seas to find gems crying a mountain raven
Nothing is known to this secret all men in six and seven.

What a beauty?  A choiced image of lover in his own mind,
By hook or by crook steal or snatch at last they do find.
Where in men and women, beats of birds is clearly seen,
But all those on earth to men and women all are kind.
All images of God’s are perfect, all colors white, red and green
No color no beauty in men and women but our eyes glean