Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

8. Ode to My Ladylove

I see heavy rain falling, and shining moon in the skies,
The night is calm and balmy, hail all around me hail;
I see the gliding star behind the moon and crazy night cries,
Ob dusky birds, singing what they sing my all wits fail,
The noise of falling rain reminds me of my Swan’s dews,
Falling from her silky hair, beaming in dim moon light,
Crazy love in her eyes, pious though is her bosom lies,
Moon lit falling on her breasts, enhancing my poet flight,
He blonde hands and cheeks, do all Arehan confuse,
Her red lips make brighten black, does wonder the Muse.
Night pixy hovering over her head, watch the seven skies.

Rain stops, hail melting, cool breeze touching my cheeks,
Come my Swan and sit by me, with floating shiny hair,
The night still, cool cruise, and full all earthly creeks,
Most serene night, like Norway coast nice for love affair,
Come let us walk together, in this serene heavenly sight
See the erotic sight, the sea lawn and the playing waves,
With the moonlit in jolly mood, If you were here enjoy,
The beach, the waves, the moon, empowering hollow caves,
Your smiling face, yea! I see in sea water on my right,
Your colored rings, wearing soft fingers shine duck light,
And stay here for forever, and do not say the scene good bye

But alas! You away from, but in heart your presence I feel,
Yes your presence, in my tear mirror your face I see,
Beaming, alluring my lower hunger, but I do steal,
Your love silently like entering drops in a snail secretly,
Come, Sweety, come, the sight is inspiring for bill and coo,
He water throws snails to shore, all colored small and great,
Looks cute, dazzling in moonlit like your coral breast,
But your sweet love with me here, no, hard is my fate,
You miss a fine night and me, Sweet Darling is it true?
I miss you as Napoleon missed Clark in the war of loo,
Come close, come close my Swan, for love the sight is best.