Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

49. Ode to Woes

Oh woes where you live and where you all day roam,
Like wandering clouds or in search of poor, where
They live, on the pathways, in hits or in poor home,
You know their doors, coming out of all footed bare,
You are afraid of rich flee from the rich like devil,
Shouting looking at the exorcist you playing in lawn,
Teasing them, snatching glees never leaves their being
Why? What the cause is, you like not the poor ravel,
You afraid of the rich watching them playing like fawn,
Catching sight of the lion all the wolves and fans fleeing

Why you spread sobs and sighs among the poor’s lives,
Or your being made devil’s cries, yea, but no creation,
Of sobs and sighs nor God created but from where strives,
On earth but increasing on the earth the poor’s implication,
Once I see woes standing at the palace gate begging bread,
No place of woe in our palace proudly in the palace niche,
Pleasures all around unknown to woe all palace residents,
They in pleasure live in pleasures and their used shred,
Are sold costly among the mass the buyers I see all the rich
They are kept in museum as the poor live in the tents

O woe what I call you, fate or what I give you name,
Tell me what are your parents, sisters and brothers?
Where do they live?  In dark and dreary den, Shame,
On you, you always plunder the poor and bothers,
I see the poor fate cries at the city gate, every day,
In shred and tattered clothes sunburn cheeks and eyes,
Sleeping near the pile dirt they have heart and desire,
The same as you have, o fate open your eyes today,
And see the poor’s child dying due to hunger dies,
But o woe, you slave of the rich, and I, you, do fire