Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

25. Ode to Sadness

O Sadness! Why you enter into my poor spirit like poison,
Makes my whole body tire and injure, like hot iron billy,
Bleeding every part of body, from burnt smoke rising to horizon,
Due to wail and woe dying wishes in love, my Lady, chilly.
When sensual passions awake, like growing flowers in spring time,
Until we remain in fantasy, and when we arise from dream life,
Wishes disappear like spirits listening to the voice of dawn,
O God! Life; fate slave, to follow wishes in fate world crime,
What we think, our right, what is written, none knows glee or strife,
Life realities are hard, beyond our thoughts, always haunt

Today, dim sunlight in the sky, light rain falling with cool flow,
Shining trees, flowers, birds, fluttering wings in halls,
Flying birds and swans in cool breeze, on the sea light glow,
The sky full of twittering birds, some sitting on trees some on walls
Fresh cool slide coming from heaven, touching my glorious face
Humming birds singing on tree, fascinating sight for heart and eyes
Geese, swans, ducks, seagulls, swimming in the blue water of sea,
Waves throwing snails and pearls to shore. A heavenly grace,
Kids roaming on the sans with moms, their laughing cries,
Over their heads hovering larks and tiny birds freely

But I sad: before my eyes dancing, all heavenly sights,
My heart weeps, eyes throw out tears sadly a bit warm,
My Swan flew to other shore leaving me alone in day light
I saw her flying over the sea waves feeling air charm,
O Lady when heart sad, heaven turns into hell, anon
Wishes die, might fails, unknown appears in head,
Darkness before eyes, body numb and no wish to live,
Fate laughs at me sitting in the skies, fail without canon,
Warm tears fall from poor eyes, and turn into red,
Ah! What we think is refuted fate does not ready to give