Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

44. Ode to Fate

O Fate! Where do you live? Tell me, in hut or palace,
The poor search for your being in North and South,
But in vain, ignoring the poor, you are more callous,
You, slave of time, and fan of foolish, idle and couth,
Yea! I see your sitting proudly on the whore’s cheeks,
Playing with her breast and resting under her long hair,
You dark night queen and day sleeper in her cozy lair,
Your staying with whore and corrupt, your mind freak,
You free of all natural laws and beauty your fine snare,
Made of synthetic golden thread, binding money affair

Why do you live palace? Tell, what the reason behind,
Or you are born for them, your name just for poor delight,
Pretty women your chums, but the kind you to unkind,
You hate huts and like palaces, you dark night palace light,
The poor awaiting you, youth turns into a wrinkled face,
No house, no clothes, no food, and for living no home,
None shows the right way to you lodge, O Cruel Fate!
Someday come in hut, you will find calm and grace,
Dried bread, stale curry, floor bed for living like tomb,
Near the huts meager cocks and crow, lonesome mate

The poor find you and you do find the rich and whore,
You live wenches’ purse, and in bag of the well to do,
Tell me what if the reason?  Why you the poor ignore
You distributing glee among the rich, among the poor woe
You make injustice on earth, and your being on this globe,
Your name just fiction, no being, you reality your on earth,
You the poor’s satisfaction, a hope a ray and nothing more
You the poor self deceit, and the rich people you hobnob,
Alas! You always deceive the poor, since their cradle birth,
You nothing, but time conquers all, hate is why I, you, abhor,