Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

37. Ode to the Cock and Crow

O Cock@ You terror of solar spirit and lion with five strong toes,
Eating earthworms and minced meat and fond sex with long tail,
I saw more while crossing a village all standing crowing in rows,
You scrape the ground to search food with his strong forked nail,
After mating you walk a royal duke three claws back you keep,
And two on front, for graceful walk before your spouse and sings,
A mating song in an enchanting voice to call for his tiny issues,
To the ground of grain to eat insects of soft earth people reap,
And calls all his hen wives through crowing and flapping wings
While drinking water he raising his head up removing hens’ woes

O Black feet and black feathers crow with silver light, light spot,
Corn field, garden and scrape, your beat food source tearing cobs,
With his long strong bill, you forever friend of farmers, you taught,
Your children how to eat June Bugs, weevils swiftly among mobs,
You attracting your mate flying in circle, in cool, cool breezy air,
Once you mate, you never leave spouse till death at any rate,
To build home you collect moss, feather, grass twigs and stitch,
You more clever than pigeons, sparrows and geese and you dare,
 To snatch bread and meat from children’s hand older do hate,
None can trap you calling his kids by calling at the highest pitch.

  O Cock! Listening to your shrill call your issues at once come,
O Clever Crow! Your Caw, Caw, Caw calls for other crow,
Both made loud shrieks for food source here, come here come,
Then come flying in circle with mates happily in dancing row
But my Lady listens to me not and turns her cute face away,
O Cock and Crow! You happy and lucky you support issues,
All gather at one call come flying dancing to enjoy family food,
You are happy than me in loving mate but I am on earth not gay,
What is in your call? What do you say? My calls give me woes,
Her sleeping day and night and teases me her chameleon mood