Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Pdes

7. Ode to Faithfulness

I found you not on earth, not in men’s and women’s heart,
Where have you been? Loyal people are searching for you,
Neither you in palace, nor in brothel, nor in women’s loved cart?
Being deceived in search of you, who are most true;
What is darkness? Nothing but it light absence shows,
Where there is no light, there darkness prevails,
Then all colors fade, wits fail, none can recognize
Faces of men and women, friends and foes invisible but wails
Bleeding from the injured feet, no difference in thorns and rose,
Men cannot see images; wisdom light comes and goes,
And all in a lake of ignorance and everywhere cries

Faithfulness; a heavenly light, hellish wrath is gloom,
Knowledge kid loyalty disloyalty; an illicit child of ignorance
Greed is its eldest kid and the cause of wisdom doom
We cannot make difference between right and wrong failing sense
Faithfulness; another form love, O disloyalty you more chary,
Creeps into men’s lovers’ heart, like a snake in earthly hole,
Just like greed enters into eyes and on his heart she sits.
At the navel-spot, none its presence, none knows it goal,
Shutting wisdom light window opens greed window you wary,
Now greed rules wisdom kingdom and greed will tarry.
Slowly and slowly switches of sense failing all our wits

I have found you, loyalty, now stop your hide and seek,
Living in beasts and birds, even in all cute cannibals,
O Loyalty! Your being unseen, but visible for the meek,
I leave human hearts, no peace, every time ringing greed bells,
Now I live among the flowers and sometimes in babies’ chest,
In mothers’ hearts, but left completely the heart of a whore,
But constant stay in the heart of a horse and a dong
But people find me in beauty, they are foolish more
Their eyes, their tongues and their hearts create unrest
And all day and night live among the beauty pest,
Now I live not among the bells and has flown like fog