Saturday, May 20, 2017

Song for Pakistani Cricket Team

Song for Pakistan Cricket Team   

                                                               JH Sayyar   


We are Pakistani and the sons of Eagle Land,
Every impossible is conquered by our iron hand,
We do eat air and live in space without any fear,
Our heads touch the skies our feet golden sand,

Our forefathers have conquered space and time,
We trust in Allah, do read our histories in rhyme;
Our sword faith in Allah, our hope the holy Quran,
All over the world you hear our victory chime

We have defeated the nations in war and game,
We know the tricky nations anon how to tame,
Our hearts made of gold, our hands made of iron,
To rule over wars and games is our single aim,

We praise Allah in day and night our greater Lord,
Our mothers infuse in hearts the spirit of leopard,
Preying in space of war and game our mission,
Our faith and trust in God are made of iron hard,

We fight face to face and never show the heel,
In the field of war and game our faith is our meal,
We fight for our country, land of our forefathers,
Our nails; made of copper have guts iron to peel