Saturday, May 20, 2017

JH Sayyar's Songs

Song 4

By JH Sayyar

When love larks sing in swarm over the sea
Fishes stop swimming some out of ocean
Belles atop dancing their eyes full of tears
All sing over the sea love is not harmful potion

The god of love has eyes but lack of sight
Have eyes to weep but lack tongue to sing
True love not on earth but love a veil
For belles loveful a trivial thing

Listen to the song of nightingale in vale
The wail and woes of lovers in the notes
The birds listening to the song are sad
Watching the lovers’ hearts a burning port

O my love, listen to the larks sadly singing
Over the sea singing the sad lovers’ pain
The lovers’ sigh echo in the empty air
Listening to the sighs numb my brain