Saturday, May 20, 2017

JH Sayyar's Songs

Song 9

By JH Sayyar

My sad, sad heart weeps for you all night
I cannot sleep in winter your love bites me
My pillow full of tears turning face to and fro
When the moon peeps through the sill worry

When I kiss my love princess in my dream
I gaze on your pic hanging on my wall
Talking to me all night do not feel fret
Me seem your pic to me slowly crawl

Let me die on the thorn of false love
I fall on the love thorns and I do bleed
Re, red blood running from my heart
She will come before my death I say indeed

My teas, my fears all melt in your wait
More bitter than death O my poor soul
Now wait for me non time has gone
Now I feel in love fate plays crucial role