Saturday, May 20, 2017

JH Sayyar's Songs

Song 8

By JH Sayyar

When you come to see me my years have passed
Just love will be young, and all emotions died
I am standing like a scarecrow in the field of love
All love bids know I am your memory bride

Spring comes and goes no change in my being
No pain, no woe my soul turns into a stone
My soul free of suffering and sorrow in meads
Roam like a ghost telling the birds my moan

What is love? Nothing, nothing but a self deceit
Wait, wail and woe written in the lovers’ fate
I fall in your love but poor luck me deceives
Now bone and wrinkles on my face I know late

 Am sure you will come to console my love
I am waiting for you wearing black bridal dress
No sleep in my eyes but sweet, sweet dreams
When will you come in lone me to caress