Friday, May 12, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Once I traveled on Muse Wing in church and mosque,
And sat in heart within the heart to guiders’ thoughts,
Full of worldly pleasures, heart full of fine wine cask,
Worship and justice on earth their greedy eyes’ motes,
Our face glow nice our inner thoughts are very bad,
We: traitors to our beings and all day make evil deeds,
When I think of the Day of Judgment my poor hear sad,
I come here to plant flowers but I grow all evil weeds,
If we collect four corners’ treasures God does not receive
Yea, our wealth and wife do not go with us in the grave
Good deeds go with us with when our relatives leave,
We mar our beings on earth marble mortal home to pave,

If we have all gold treasures and no good and honest feats,
Neither on this mortal earth nor in heaven our God greets