Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sonnets in Russian language by JH Sayyar

мой любимый, я знаю, твоя любовь дерЖава
Улучшай Моя бедныедуша и свою жизнь
И заставляет меня писать о вашей славе
Твоя красота, Твоя возлюбленная отечйзне 
Страна людей  не мертв Все живое
Полный искренности и братства
Все мужчины и женщины старые и молодые
Нет жадности золотого серебра и богатства
Моя душа плачет о переезде в Россию, с улыбкой
Примите меня o Роза На the границе вашей земли
Мой бедные ум в твоей любви Как воск гибкий
Моя страна люди   любит тебя Я привел
Примите меня, О Леди, В шелковистой оружие
я люблю твою страну, Земли и смиренныйЛюди 

Sonnets in Russian Language by JH Sayyar


1моя сладкая любовь, Мой быстрый и мощный Любовь орел
Над вами сладкая голова, В клюве, принятие, Красная роза
Отслеживание вас, в толпе, И, к сожалению, видя Эй, пел
В честь вас, Песня о любви На вашем языке, в милая поза
Дорогой! Ты лежишь под иву, забывая, мой бедные жизнь
Ваши улыбающиеся щеки, И на нем работает, Теплый слез
Волосы, распространяющиеся на нем, И в древних отчйзне
Спать фея В руках ее матери Пренебрежение ангелом нес
О Роза! Я приду, чтобы найти свою любовь скоро
Носить, люблю небесный блестящий люблю хопою
Мои румяные щеки Будет несомненно мокрую
Я приду в черном платье из прекрасный восток

Любовь - это не что иное, как все жизненные органы сок
И от всех его частиц вопрос жизнь убедительный ТОК

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Kids lay with play thing at home on the floor,
Mothers educating kids with manmade toys,
But kids break the toys striking against the door,
Ah! Breaking kids’ play things the end of joys
Death breaks our toys: our parents and brothers,
One by one all are broken before our sunken eyes
We are helpless but I like toys sisters and fathers,
No glee on earth I see all around sobs and cries.
Alas in the hands of nature useless toys we all,
Remote control toys whose key not in our hand,
We all do all day what is said by our remoter call,
Its message written in the codes we not understand.

Death destroys our all play things new and old,
But pretty soul is taken out of it that is pure gold 

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Foolish are making new system for human being
Knowing not fully the nature of human nature,
Therefore all systems fail on earth I am seeing,
All systems bring on the earth human disgrace,
Ask any architecture to make a pretty home,
Will be asked for what purpose the house is made,
House, villa, village and wall or on the earth tomb,
According to the dwellers’ its base will be laid,
The battle of wit is carrying on in every street,
It kills human ego, but for human eyes unseen,
Wit’s failing victory over passions but retreat
Badly in the battle of wit but I passions greet,

Men are deceived by wit, passions control actions,
In all deeds of human beings, their will reflections

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Cowards are afraid of death but do not know
What is death? Nothing but a long and long sleep,
In the darkest narrow cells sleeping all row by row,
All alone lying helpless earthworms on them creep,
The brave accept death bravely and ready to face,
Hate they have done in life with all its reactions,
But good deeds before God enhancing their grace 
What is life? Nothing, but reactions of the actions
We must know on earth, what is mortal in us?
Soul but body dies but in one thing no change,
Our Zat after death it does remain surely cuss
With done or undone deeds limitless power range,

All are written in the golden book, our willed deeds,
Angels write with the eternal fingers all your creeds?

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Black clouds, black thunder and black earthquake,
Matter swallowing sea waves, fire vomiting mound,
A warning to earthly people just for protection sake,
Yea! Written in the book of life surely I have found.
Beauty like bubbles dies but beauty not in soft mind,
It does make its demonstration on the mind screen.
If it is your love, it is to you more and more kind.
When our fearful fancy fails in worldly plight,
Beauty’s mighty hand holds out cruel time powers,
Watching time wonderful wondering sitting on height,
Sometimes coming on earth sitting in the sea flowers
And beauty worshipers fall anon in a mysterious plight

Do think in lone, which is mighty beauty or time?
Time stops one day but your beauty lives in rime

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

When you look cuter, do ask your glass
What will you do when time will steal,
Your youth and old days come across,
Standing before you sitting with no deal,
Sow goodness seed in youth with pleasure,
And reap its golden fruit in old age of pain,
Your will, will fail, if you think in leisure,
Pleasure not but grief come again and again.
When your beauties decay, but you in rime,
Will live like a bright comet when I am gone,
Which is mighty, pen or beauty proves time?
Yea! I compare you with laughter not moan

Nothing can stay on earth except goodness for all,
Increasing knowledge day by day ignorance fall

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

All countries’ politicians, lend me your ear,
Lock in your memory what I say to you,
Corruption makes your soul full of fears,
You know it well it is all fair and true,
All countries’ lawyers, lend me your ears,
Do not support guilty, and save your soul,
From God’s heavy wrath and do fall tears
Of repentance before reaching the final goal,
All countries’ nymphs lend me your ears,
Deceive not the lovers, beauty dies with time,
You will die virgin, none will shed tears,
In wrinkles hidden day and night dark crime,

All virtues inter with the dead in the grave,
Evils remain behind, dead coward or brave,

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Alas! Ignorance: the darkest night of mind,
Love cannot stay in it, but hate dwelling place,
Sitting in the room, Satan teaches none to kind,
Envy and enmity on earth has no heavenly grace,
No heavenly face on earth like me fair and cute,
No soul that guides men on the earth in rime,
No hand that writes the truth in daily solitude,
No pen that writes the deeds on the back of time,
These random thoughts give me more delight,
In the world of liar writing truth an heavenly art,
Then my pen and passions surely make a flight,
Will and wishes are slain in the trance of heart,

I praise for myself not your praise in my rime,
Verse remains forever, beauty decays with time

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

I watch your cupid face all night in slumber,
I close my eyes to sleep but no sleep in eyes,
My red heavy eyelids count all night number,
When heart full of love releases tear full sighs.
Your spirit leaving you enters into my brain,
When you sleep tells me all your deeds of day,
All golden verses come from heaven like rain,
Each drop catches my pen, silver and grey,
It is my shadow walks with you side by side,
At noon backward, but in the eve onward,
On a golden horse of image behind you I ride
And you beside me riding like a royal lord

Your hate keeps me active, love sharpens wit,
When on my golden image bed you by me sit

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night
What? Nothing, but mystery of death and life,
Glee and gloom, bread and butter and cause flight,
Of day wits and night wits but both full of strife,
All our deeds are recorded in our record book,
From infancy to maturity and all good or bad,
What we do on earth we shall one day look,
Then before God yea! We all will be very sad
Silver gate of golden, shut, but a new golden gate,
Of time opens to count deeds little or great,
To reward, reward or punishment we all wait,
On the ground of will but it is settled late,

When all will finish but my golden verse stands,
Praising your coral breasts and soft silky hands

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Nothing new on earth, time decays present all,
Hand and mental labors all lost in gentle time,
Old wine in new vial, invention the foolish call,
And in finding the lost inventions commit crime,
Inventive brains: guided by the spirits in dreams,
How to find the lost for the coming generation,
The blessings of heaven on earth are via beams
It is bread and butter cycle but spirits recreation,
Yea! Blessings on earth from the sun and moon,
Wise men watch it sitting in the window sill,
God’s blessings via rays flow from the moon,
None can change its direction; it is God’s will,

Physical eyes cannot see heavenly things in rays,
The foolish call it bask but the wise men praise,

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

God makes me first and puts in my tiny soft skull,
Wisdom and reason to control uncontrolled actions,
But before love I prove my being useless and dull,
Taming not my emotions turn into commotions,
In lust and lust full actions I fall in unholy pleasure,
Reason sits calmly watching my doings in lone,
Guiding me not reason in sinful time in leisure,
Thus evil penetrates in my soft flesh and bone,
Reason cannot control emotions commit crimes,
In lone against conscious, no repentance but miss,
Reason supports evil actions in a day many times,
But a man’s being: a slave of passions and kiss.

Sitting in my couch I am waiting for holy spark,
Waiting, waiting but my being is not up to mark

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

The slave of passions and the slave of reason,
Yea! Two kinds of people on earth I find,
Everything changes but no change of season,
In both, but reason and passions both soul grind,
Reason follows passions: the slave of desire,
Reason does nothing but strong arguments,
Ignoring good or bad results like by birth liar,
Reason is activated when a passion intends.
Passions wrapping in garb of reason or thought,
Look to the watchers a pure reasonable act,
Knowing not the decision of desire of caught
Thus our wisdom on earth to death brought

In between passions and reasons we all are fool,
Always passions get victory over reason a rule

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Sweet love, rethink, your love is not fair,
Like mountain snow or like a lake in the pit,
Sits mud and sands in bottom layer by layer,
The whole lake muddy if doubt snails hit,
Love that travels from moral mind to soul,
And must travel to pit silently in the lake,
One light other heavy, balance out of control
Ah! Light searches for light for her being sake
Sweet love, stay with me in my love full eyes,
To show me right path in a dark street of life,
Life jerks cannot be seen in dusk and my cries,
Cry for your holy love that is free of strife.

Holy love: a flower, I welcome you in spring,
Without love my Lady, my love is nothing