About Us

Yea, http:/englishpoetryforum.blogspot.com, is a poetry web blog, supported by Google, its main aim is to introduce my love sonnets and odes and other English poetry, my own creation, to the readers of the world and  it is my right to display my creativity in written words among the people. I have written more than 300 hundred sonnets while Shakespeare has written only 154 sonnets. 

In my sonnets and odes and other English poetry I have written my life experience what I find life and what the readers think about life it is their right.

It is not cheated, borrowed and copied material but my own creation with the help of my guardian spirit whose name is Aluria, the Goddess of my poetry. 

I think the readers will enjoy my creative works and write comments what they feel while reading my sonnets and odes. 


Yours’ sincerely,

J. H. Sayyar

(M. A. English)
(Writer, Urdu and English Poet)
Email: jhsayyar148@yahoo.com

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