Love Sonnet BK-1


            By JH Sayyar     

First day God separates night from day,
Second day creates the prettiest blue sky,
Third day creates the Earth white and grey,
Fourth day creates the sun Universe-eye.
Fifth day the creatures of earth and air,
All kinds of animals: the urban and wild,
Six-day creates man with the most care,
Seventh day God finishes all affairs mild.
After this creates Eden in the East for man,
And says the man to live among the trees,
But touching the middle tree made it ban
Around it lovely flowers and cool breeze,

So Eve touches the tree and breaks the vow,
So God sends Adam and Eve on earth to sow

My mistress, weep not, when I am dead,
But how will you know about my demise?
When you feel lone sleeping on the bed,
If my picture be dim in eyes my love dies.
You can’t attend my funeral you live away.
Come on my tomb with bowing eyes Fair
I shall wait for you something secret to say:
You know my verses people know it rare.
My sweetie the sole owner of my literature,
She is authorized to enjoy name and fame:
You have permit plus my written signature,
So that after death people could not game.

My innocent Lady from the world be wary,
Care for your beauty your beauty is chary

Ah! Some go before and some go after,
Alas! We are born to die none can refuse,
Those who forget death make laughter,
And happy in Heavens the lovers of muse
Death perishes all love remains the same,
But all the lovers have to lick the dust,
The thoughts I compose in my verse frame,
Read it or not but your buying it is must.
The life experience I write in my verse,
The soul experience can't be written here,
Writing them in verse walking on embers,
Its all credit goes to my beloved’s care.

Listen all the worlds is the errand of time,
But the time can’t perish my love in rhyme.

Others write praises but I write my muse,
That after my death guides the readers.
The words I’ve written make you confuse,
But nothing is new for the keen heeders.
To follow love, the love experience is due,
As milking a cow skill not the finger force,
All know it not but expert milkers a few,
Always the thieves of work get remorse.
All good words the slave of good notions,
Not good thoughts the slave of good words.
Words without thoughts just stir emotions
As the hunters’ tricks do deceive the birds.

I put wisdom into my meaningful verse,
I hate those who are my fame cutpurse. 

A wild bear my lovely lady Amy tames,
And calls him at her home lovingly Bo:
It does cunningly her right arm maims,
Ah now do reap sweetie what you sow.
Girls fall in a fix when the beaus pamper,
But a false promise brings a false vow,
Bases on beauty knowingly that cur,
But a true love creeps into a soul slow.
All beauty searchers fall in married life,
But of all greedy loves no result appears,
And before the kids occurs a fatal strife,
Such love makes the eyes full of tears.

A true love my sweetie two souls unites,
Stands like a rock when anyone in plights.

You cheat me your shadow warns Crow:
You live with others with me your shadow,
In kip tells the truth your dauntless brow,
When I sleep on your memory meadow
Words expose mind your words I deem,
Words in tricky use mean nature shows.
By face you merciful but callous me seem,
I do be-weep ever like the morning rose.
It is my thought and do not mind it Dear,
May be it wrong but never goes I wrong.
Keep in your mind true love is full of fear,
Your woeful tale exposes your pretty song.

April the month of the finest flower season,
I die my Rose if you make with me treason.

Why are you afraid of your pretty being?
Or you got a shock you be sick of you.
Do something thoughtful years are fleeing,
Save my heart no one knows you are true.
Since our births we know each other better,
As a baby knows leaving the mother’s cell,
How the baby knows mom a secret matter,
How a girl falls in a fit she does know it well.
Come to me when around you are sorrow,
Do read my verses to get satisfied ill heart.
My dear love I do die today or tomorrow,
After my death you will see just my cart.

O Lady enjoy this world your mind is free,
I do fall in troubles more touching life tree


Watching sad your face I fall in a fit.
What do you rumble when I am gone?
But by mocking you at my love folly hit.
You laugh at me when I give a moan.
I know my absence gives you sorrow,
But in my life you give me not a kiss.
You are my love today but tomorrow,
You deceive me and I die due to this.
You my being when I the world adieu
My love shines in my verse O! Fair!
I love you more and my lines imbue,
I say when I am gone you take care.

I give you heart like a beggar’s money,
You kill me with loath O my liar honey.

Receive my love in my lines O! Fair
Keep in heart forever dedicated to you,
It goes to Heaven if you do not care,
Do prove this how much you are true.
If receive you not bury in the grave:
So that my love could not disgrace
Keep secret my love forever I crave,
A secret love enhances a love grace.
I trust in you as we all on the Day.
Taking trust in man God gets a risk.
I feel you here while live you away,
I saw when you in the cradle frisk.

I love you O lady since your crawl,
Ah! I forget not your teenage brawl.
The glass tells you how more you cute,
If not my Love do look into my eyes
Believe in me or not I am always mute,
If I tell a lie God give me double demise.
My Love true love to measure in vain,
Your love in my heart shines like a star,
But my love in your heart is bitterly slain,
And like a naughty kid my love you mar.
I see you in my vision as a suckling kid,
Who traces the breasts to drink milk?
I do love you more know not you did,
I do call you Angle the angle not a bilk.

If you want to see me see in your eyes,
Now I live there O love till your surmise.

In your love sweetie I peak and pine,
It is my love that compels me to write:
Like godfather love your love is divine.
Like a spring dove my love is at height.
On your pink breast scattering silky hair,
When I do keep my head on it lovingly,
My poetic wit soars touching lips O Fair
Do close your eyes like a sunflower bee.
Women’s minds like the beggar’s pot:
In which put a coin and no one knows,
Which is his? But the hand that it got,
I do know my love is like a spring rose.

Your love is sweeter more than honey due
That is why my Rose for your love I mew.

Sorrows to bear and music to hear,
Nature to follow and love to worship,
Love makes us happy when hearts sere,
Music consoles when sorrows hearts rip.
Follow time O! Fair time leads the wit
Time effects wisdom: slave of passions,
Come to me if you do feel yourself fit,
But writes my pen your heart expressions
Weep not when you know I leave the world!
Learn how to follow if you love me more,
Love follows love sweetie you have heard,
Do hug me O ladylove if you love adore.

When I am dead O! Fair keep your head,
This world is wary has false tears to shed.

When I do feel I do not trust n you:
Do listen! O my Love I will die soon,
If you get the second forgetting the vow
It is the lover’s lot and beloved’s ruin.
I am sure you cannot hide all secrets,
Your ascendant tells me about you all.
Take my pleasures give your regrets.
I die with them and you enjoy the ball.
Me seem you are losing interest in me,
And my love is growing with the time
Ah! Separation from you I cannot dree,
If you do deceive me I will die in prime.

You know waiting consoles a sad heart,
A false love dies when love-wishes dart.

Ah silver O lady in your hair is seen,
I think your sweet life-circle is end.
Wishes die courage fails, eyes keen,
Tell you the truth it is time to errand.
Ask your beauty where it is gone?
And leaves the false pride forever,
People hate you when you are lone
And your beauty false lovers devour.
Look in the glass it tells you the truth,
All fled but the pride sits at your brow:
Experience tells in beauty lies no ruth,
Tell me the story the feet of the crow.

I love you and your love me taught,
All woes are written in the lover’s lot.

There was a time when you were young,
Your pretty lips and cute talking eyes,
Your soft silky thighs and sweet tongue,
With the running time go to the skies.
Time devours all nothing leaves behind,
O Lady, remember all pretty past days;
But just dying reflections you will find,
Beauty looks me shadow when I do gaze.
Now a wrinkled face and sullen eyes I see,
Like a pale ghost looks like your cute face,
Leaving the womb for earth full of worry,
Everlasting those who their beings efface

Time does swallow all but afraid of fame,
In the love hater's girl time writes shame.

Yester night I did see a devil in my kip,
Sitting by my side whispers in my ear,
Dos give a written bond on me to grip,
Without soul sign the catcher full of fear
Magic performs miracles but all are false,
As with the waxen wings flying to the sun,
In such condition leave you all saint-palls,
And then from the circle you cannot run.
Always magicians make happy the devils;
They can’t touch body but the Magnus soul,
They are happy when the Magnus revels,
And then know it you go out of the goal.

The devils fear wit and love for ignorance,
And catch minds with promise maintenance.

Boring at my home I reach in the park,
And see on the tree a sad nightingale,
Gazing on the bird the eve grows dark,
And I do ask why you lone in the vale?
Listening to me replies from the cage,
I want to fly but helpless in the prison,
And does fail in mission due to his rage,
Against my heart cry I did make treason.
When I did gaze on it was my poor call,
Burnt with my sobs and sighs me seem,
A self-heart treason leads men to fall,
Falling in trouble now my eyes do deem

Always do follow your poor heart cry,
And all money chasers very soon die.

Last night in my vision I saw you Mary,
Just as Yester night you saw the moon;
With the naked eyes and Ah! I was very.
Happy to watch your coral breast boon
True loves reach in soul through eyes,
True eyes reflect all passions we feel,
Feelings like emotions my heart cries,
You and I both fair in loving the deal.
I wish love prospered in this universe.
God give you peace and me give a pall,
I do dedicate to you my present verse.
God give you glee and me your gall.

Your love in my eyes and mine in you,
Let us on the beach make bill and coo.

I love you Mary with my whole heart.
My love rests on your soul compromise,
Now consider me sweetie your life part,
Lust free is our union seen in the eyes.
I worship your eyes and coral- breast,
And see you daily in my day-dream,
I do adorn you before going to rest,
You find not love my Rose me seem.
God bless your poor luck I pray for you,
But God bless my true love my heart cry
I fall in your love and my love is true,
Do come to me if not O Fair I do die.

Love grows in soul the soul center of love,
You understand me O my pretty kidglove

As sleeping Lilies on the silent beach,
My poor heart lies on your pink breast.
Do love your life sweetie I do beseech,
I do come to you receive me as a guest.
You are my Love my new found land,
I am your prince, emperor and king,
Let us heart exchange on the cold sand,
We are true in the jolly mood we sing.
One drop of water falls in the shell,
The other drop does fall in the drain;
The first is gem the other goes to hell,
Tell me why my poor love is slain?

Come in my arms and rest in my eyes,

I give you whole night gleeful lullabies.

Your beauty teaches me this universe,
From your beauty lends your grace,
Gold is nothing but the force of embers,
Heavenly beauty reflects your pretty face.
Think on which rests your love fame,
Your beauty or my mightier pen power,
My pen is stronger in the line frame,
I capture your beauty in the word-power.
I do know beauty around me is more?
But no one sings in rhyme your praise.
I mention you and your being I adore,
In my immortal lines I myself amaze.

Our holy love Mary in this world prevails,
I make you immortal when your beauty fails.

When you put fingers on my heart hole,
The heart gives sad music full of woes,
Cuckoos listen to it from the South Pole,
Sitting in the trees happily in lovely rows
Your love teaches me not to love again.
Your love full of sorrow I cannot bear;
Your eyes enchant me therefore I fain
I weep when all my dying wills appear.
Your love, your lips and your pink breast,
The reflections of Heaven here I consider,
And in your shadow the older takes rest:
As on false hope lives the foolish leader.

I write not your lie but expose your truth,
You look me more pretty with pretty ruth.

Your wrinkled face tells your age is fleeing.
Silver in the hair exposes the tale of youth,
How can we shun time, time such a being,
Perishes all but in which there is no truth.
O Lady! Ponder on your past erotic days:
Full of sins no virtue what have you done?
It is self-deceiving and false God’s praise,
Yea, like youth in old age we cannot run.
Some day you will be eaten by the worms,
 None will ask you from where you come.
The flying soul finishes your beauty charms.
And your gleeful end your first traitor chum.

All worlds parish but my love remains above
The cruel time chains can’t enchain my love

Brown hair, red lips and small eyes,
Fair teeth, long nose and sweet tongue,
Pink breast with locks all beaus’ demise,
Therefore her beauty praise I have sung.
When she sings, do hear all nightingales,
And gather to learn the art of pretty voice;
And spread it happily flying to the vales,
To teach others your pretty song device
O Lady when I praise you in my verse,
I make my own praise you are my choice.
This echo in my mind, my soul rehears.
That is why I do worship you daily thrice.

Nothing but beauty lives in thinking eyes,
I paint you in words the words memorize.

No love in your bosom lies for me,
But I do think that I love you more,
You hate me as the Forbidden Tree,
I do worship you O lady not abhor.
All worship Muse for a poetic flight,
But my Muse is your sweet breath.
See in your eyes when I am in plight.
All my pleasures get a sure death.
Line-treasure I find in your lovely eyes,
And your soft bosom is free of sorrow,
If you cheat me my poor love dies.
But all are to die today or tomorrow.

All worlds die but my lines do not die,
You do live in it when your breath flies 

O lady don’t be slave of your willful will:
Killed like a cricket by her own scheme,
Obduracy and false pride want you to kill,
Emotions kill wisdom my heart’s scream.
All beloveds worship their lovers’ faults,
That shines on mind like sands in desert.
Mentors fall in trouble therefore who halts,
All die before time when love-wishes dart.
When some says you I do love you more,
Deceive reason and receive false promise,
If you are a bit wise do trust not in whore,
Low-love demands money for a pretty kiss.

My sweet love to you is above the sky,
If you angry with me my poor love, die.

My love can’t stand for your sharp tongue,
As a baby can’t bear a chilly winter night,
You from my back all pleasures wrung.
I weep bitterly when you my heart smite.
Love consoles love like a cool breeze,
But you mock at me with your silly face:
Looking at you love my all wishes cease,
But I do like O lady your winter grace,
What you think about me I know not?
But what I think is written in my verse.
People know it when death me caught,
After I am gone my Love lovers rehears.

My beloved Mary my wisdom right- wing,
The left natural therefore your praise I sing.

A woman’s eyes wary like a fish of sea,
But see not the lover’s faults goes to ruin,
And knit a fine spider web can’t she flee
From the fine web she dies there soon.
O Lady read my verse that will you tell,
How much I love your innocent face?
As the romping fawns sitting in the dell,
Through my verse I enhance your grace.
Love is lovely, lovers prove to be traitor,
They in traitor love do peak and pine,
Then death proves to be their liberator,
In all love failures death is a mortal fine.

To taste the taste of life death is must,
As the soft lips are must to kiss the bust.

Today we eat tomorrow will be eaten:
By loathsome termites in the darkest cell,
To purge dross from the souls are beaten:
Then are they sent to the Heaven’s dell?
Love refines soul; soul is God’s decree,
That runs in blood to control our actions,
Ah! Good or bad rests on will, be free,
And every action has its own reactions.
Living on earth proves His utter being.
We are shadow of the real image of night,
Souls are seeing souls shadows are fleeing,
All things are the slaves of your Aster light.

Our love rules when everyone shall parish,
My fingers record you to me you are cherish. 

O! Lady I am your foolish will’s errand.
I follow you as a dog follows his nose,
Beat me with lash my faults to mend,
I do kiss you when my beloved goes.
Your love controls my heart like blood,
My poor heart moves as you command:
I am a handmade puppet fall with a thud,
But my true love is without any demand.
O love with your love my mind is sharp,
Because in the Universe love conquers all
After my traitor ladylove how I am carp!
The ego full lovers always go to the wall.

See a looking glass O Rose I say you cute,

Making you immortal my verses contribute.

I find Cupid sleeping among the trees:
Around him dancing nymphs I see in vision,
Looking at his pretty face my wishes cease,
To stay there forever I do take a decision.
When he does awake I saw in his eyes,
My pretty mistress standing by his side,
Gives her hand to Cupid love never dies,
And his pious love that knows no pride.
Lucky are those who loyal loves receive:
Cupid love-brand sees on my Lady’s face,
Those who get it yea may never deceive,
And roam over earth a true love to trace

My sweet love is a Cupid’s newly born child,
Your love is sweeter more than honey wild.

Your beauty reveals God’s tender heart.
Your perfection tells what He has done:
Alone in loneliness He makes you smart,
Living on earth God’s trust she has won.
God makes the sun path in the skies,
And a nice home for my love on earth,
She lives in my heart I in your cute eyes,
For me God does make your pretty birth.
You do live on earth like a bridegroom,
And is happy like a racer to run a race;
Your nice birth is as fresh as a red bloom,
The angels spread wings laying your pace.

In all things my Fair’s beauty is seen,
Therefore you love me since I do wean.

She is more perfect than everything.
It gives more power to my dying soul,
And all nights God’s praises I do sing,
But your faithlessness makes me dole.
Your words give wisdom to a duller mind,
The angels who adore you alive forever,
To all earthly souls my true Love is kind,
Your beauty whetting wits fails never.
Your voice is as sweet as the wild honey,
Your breath is as fresh as the Eden air,
And you are happier with me like bunny,
Good angels protect you with much care.

God! Keep me safe from her beauty sin,
Let rule over me not her silky white skin.

God! Forgive my sins in past were made,
I am a man may make a lot of blunders,
Thinking of death my heart becomes fade.
Do receive my soul now she surrenders.
You listen in Heaven to the sinners’ voice.
Do protect my soul from the wrath of Hell.
Reaching you my sinful soul may rejoice,
Forgive me before ringing my death bell.
I know my life short and sins are more,
Like surf but limitless is your Providence,
God Heavenly light to my soul you pour,
To purge my soul I do call out you hence.

My God, give me victory over my soul,
So that I could shun middle beauty hole

Stupid rejects wisdom wise accepts it:
As a kid is adopted at a kid less home
Do keep in mind wisdom sharpens wit,
To search for it on earth the silly roam
Wisdom calls you out at the city gates,
Where all gather as larks over the sea,
Stupidity of people at everywhere abate
Wisdom protects and makes you happy.
Those who reject books can never learn,
Falling in troubles people mock at you,
In the hell anger you do yourself burn,
If you do call wisdom no answer but rue

Everywhere spreading wisdom you do find,
Not before foolish but look wisdom behind

Beg for knowledge and plead for insight:
Both are gifts of God and do protect you,
And do guide you when you are in plight.
It is my Lord’s promise that is most true.
Knowledge gives glee insight protects soul,
Dishonesty awards just worldly pleasure,
But its end appears in a permanent dole,
And ignorance devours all wisdom treasure.
Love for wisdom closes to the Super Being,
Love for ignorance leads you to the Hell.
We all are to die death rapidly fleeing,
None pays attention to the wisdom-yell.

If you crawl to wrong hole you near to doom,
And will never be up your dying youth bloom.

Politicians: corrupt the false promise maker,
No pleasure-light seen darkness everywhere,
Here rules the Government always caretaker,
Do give money will be legal your illegal affair.
Alas! I have not changed so many a shoes,
As we have changed leaders in fifty years,
Most costly edibles due to the leader’s rues,
O God, come and see each eye full of tears.
People come and go state remains the same,
None goes with money except your deeds,
Do not mar your future just due to false fame,
If you do so nothing it will grow more seeds.

The leaders make corruption and loot the state,
Then the sidereal time fixes their gallows-date.

Always trust in God with all your heart,
No religion but what you think and know,
The wisdom of world God’s immortal part
But for those who daily in temples bow
Our wisdom deceives us we know it well,
God’s wisdom protects us all Books show,
Where the souls fly no one can this tell?
What is life? And how all we do grow?
Always pray to God all day and night,
Demand God’s mercy and repent of sins,
Do think in loneliness our deeds are right?
But goes to Heaven who God’ mercy wins.

O! Man, do not boast of your mortal being,
Ah! What we do all day my God is seeing.

Friendship rests on knowledge or wealth,
When you do think of making new friends,
Your chum must carry one better for health,
That exposes in life your nice future trends.
Your self-beauty mars your beauty less pall,
Your knowledge does make you sure fools,
Your wealth less fellow does give you gall,
But the learned friends teach you life rules.
Make new friends who are in wisdom wary,
If they are good all are happy with you,
They ruin you if your foolish friend is Harry,
Yea! It is the golden rule that is most true.

If you fall in love with a lovely minion,
Evil emotions burn your wisdom pinion.

Throw stones in water the water is muddy,
Evil thoughts make filthy Thought Oceans,
Nothing is clearly seen useless your study,
Pushes for your evil-composed emotions
Books tell you mystery nose flower scent,
Ear tells sounds tongue exposes taste,
And eyes add charms to life permanent,
If we use no wisdom our life is waste.
Great minds are like a blue crystal stream,
In which seen all things in a still condition,
As Saints watch through Aster light dream,
The body here and souls fly for submission.

Muse sees all things as God from the sky,
The more we are pious the easier souls fly.

Lucks are written on the pages of stars.
Few know the language of the Book of Life.
The foolish are crushed by the fatal wars,
Why God likes blood still this notion is rife.
Men act according to the heavenly motions,
No function of wisdom the stars shape trends,
All the wits fail and do not work our emotions,
Then the foolish blame luck for evil friends.
What to award constitutes the sidereal time?
Name, Fame, Wealth or all things together,
None knows its decision in the sidereal rime,
A few know its language not more but rather.

All wits fail when the wisest fall in the ruin,
And the foolish call it written in their fortune.

As day follows night, night follows day,
All men follow emotions since their crawl,
All things invent reason some foolish say,
All inventions the shadow of Heaven I call
Men invent but capture the natural-force,
Then call them their own wit inventions,
Nature leads men to an invention course,
And keeps the minds free of all tensions
Always the scientists prove natural laws,
And do find how limited is human mind,
All natural laws work on effect and cause,
We know it when with Nature souls bind.

In human mind all worlds’ reflection lies,
Heart ponders on it but see human eyes,

My words with your emotions dwindle,
And your false promises do kindle gire,
Nothing remains behind all parts swindle,
I am love saint going in doing love devoir.
Heart-pang hurts me when I do sleep,
Like pebbles love strikes me far away,
In loneliness remember you then weep,
I drink hemlock when under love-sway.
Long your silky hair and red your lips,
Pink your breast and grey your eyes,
Looks a cute pixy when you deck clips,
I do worship you before the sunrise.

What is love and where grows in body?
In mind or heart, be humble or rowdy.

Love-tears are pious than a pious man,
Lovers are saints we all know it better,
When the lovers happy see heart cancan,
Love knows no bound happy in the tatter.
Neither can you buy love nor is it bought:
It is in blood two pious refined soul echoes.
After a hundred years a true love I sought,
Heart falls in a fit when my mistress goes.
On the cinder path lovers can easily walk,
As all sea birds over the sea fly to and for,
You live anywhere but the souls daily talk
And all true souls never sleep for a mo.

You want to kill me, kill me with your loath
All call you traitor but I trust in your oath!

Pious love talks love wherever you live.
Soul goes to Heaven body into the earth.
Good reflects in rose bad nothing does give,
And all ill souls are kept in human hearth.
Love is more pious love than a wild dove,
Be angry or happy she never me hauls,
Nothing is wrong with us God is above,
A Cupid son in visions my Love me calls.
I know you cannot sleep the whole night,
Waiting does make love strong you know it:
And in the solitude your memories me bite,
The love soul in world the jealous people hit

O! Mary in my eyes you are ever young,
That is why in lines your praise I’ve sung.

After dressing up when my love dries hair,
All belles become jealous and fairies dance,
Your beauty spreads in upper hemisphere,
Two locks on coral breast beauty enhance
Your moony eyes make the beaus erotic,
Your pink breasts cleave the lovers’ hearts,
Your silky thighs make the gallant sick,
All gay when smiling my lovely love starts
Light, long and cute my mistress’s shin,
When you do touch my red lovely cheek,
So Cupid does try her face- beauty to win,
All false lovers in the Park you do seek.

Listen to your voice in the music of rills,
All know your pretty being in the daffodils.

Our love is like a compass dear True,
Whose one leg is moving the other still?
Lover the moving leg and the fixed you,
If the fixed confirmed come back I will.
If the fixed moves not the circle round,
If it moves the circle leaves the center,
If the fixed strong the moving leg sound,
My love happy when your fingers banter
Yea! If the soil is good the crops are fine,
In your heart soil I do plant a love plant,
Ah! Let it be grown and it will be divine,
Without your holy love here live I cannot.

When on the bed my mistress sleeps,
Through eyes into soul my love creeps.

My love in your heart godfather imbue,
As one drop of rain for gem in the shell,
Those who get true love like me are few,
We are pious lovers and all know it well.
Cannot hide smile your little pretty eyes,
Smile for me rose the entire world to tell:
Follow me the world jealous love spies,
I do not know how in your false love I fell.
A sick-mind does give a fickle love child,
That dies in the cradle and never is young,
But our love is as sweet as the honey wild,
Therefore in verse your praise I have sung.

Love can't be bound with the promise-chains,
Bind it with loyalty and the loyal love remains

When I was none first my love me left,
Got the second leaving the first in hell
I supported you when the second cleft,
Love is a weak mind folly I want to tell.
Now I am rich enjoy name and fame,
Some cutes join me as the best friends,
Nothing lies behind it but just to tame,
Me for the evils and I know their trends.
Love is a self-deceit no one is sincere:
When you do choose love get a cheat,
When you are chosen love free of fear,
A self-choice leads the lovers to retreat.

Friendship bases on pelf marriage on sex,
Both make the prettiest life more complex.

I saw you rose last night in my dream,
Your Eton crop and lovely talking eyes,
Stealing my soul through the eye-beam,
Would that my soul went to the skies
Your smiling face and your innocent talk,
Shape my poetic trends in different ways,
All belles jealous seeing your pretty stalk,
Looking at the eyes flies my poetic craze.
I immortalize you through verses my Rine
My love never dies by the hand of time,
Coming generation knows me a love-sign,
Your love echoes in soul like vesper chime.

Would that my soul flew resting in your arms,

And my grave your eyes to avoid the worms

O lady with your shadow I play in vale,
Feel not your absence your lovely face,
Lies in my pretty eyes and do you hail,
I do kiss the dust wherever you pace.
Now your love with my death does decay,
My thoughts in verse never will be stale,
O! Fair read in loneliness if mood be gay,
It does give you peace in your panic wail.
Come with smiles yea when I am dead,
Not to weep over my death all have to go:
Kiss my grave but the lips must be red,
Attend my funeral according to your vow,

A pious love on earth you will never find,
Say you the first but hundreds leave behind

Give love and take love jealous die soon,
Great follows wit small follows emotions,
First Satan’s but the second Jesus’ boon,
Enjoy this world O Lady with full devotions
Birthday reminds of us one year has gone,
Added to the Kevin's from the Book of Life,
The more you see the more you are lone,
All peevish women’s left-life full of strife
May God bless you your Kevin be wise?
But I can pray O my sweet lady for you,
And do remain you happy till your surmise,
If Kevin did serve your life free of woe.

Take my lines O Lady as a birthday gift,
It will keep you all life free of worldly rift.

What is lie?  And what is truth?
All admit a lie brings ever shame,
And in it lays no universal sooth,
Pretty words their thought-frame
A wise man says telling a lie is a sin:
But all wise make it knowingly daily,
Just the other’s illegal wealth to win,
All fond of telling a lie ah do it gaily.
What is sin none can me this tell?
Joseph caught his brother due to lie:
The self-made lie did know it well,
He did know well his brother’s cry!

Nothing lie nothing truth but the time,
Proves it well that is my Lord’s hymn

God put His Bow in the cloudy-sign,
Flood never comes on earth to destroy,
And all living creatures would be fine,
Reminds of his vow the thunder joy
Just like I promise with my liar lessie,
You will never cheat me until I do die
And each line my pretty love précis,
Ah! Be loyal to you forever I do try.
It is my thought and all follow the time,
That is stronger than your thoughts are,
As all bows listening to the death chime,
I do see my soul flying God sends it far.

O! God forgive me, my sins are more?
Alas due to falling in loving of a whore

My love I do leave you not all alone:
Nothing single on earth all are in pair,
Do get the other love when I am gone,
I know not who will be your bed-share?
People call you traitor I believe in not,
You are the product of man’s erotic will,
Who is faithless time proves on the spot,
Girl’s beauty or woman’s smile fine skill
How did you spend after me two days?
None in the world Rose is forever to live,
I do find you faithful whenever I do gaze,
Keep in your mind doubts in love a spive.

After me your true love will be all in vain,
I do die at your birth when my will is slain.

After my death people hate you more:
If so you must come on my mud grave,
You see me standing at the heaven floor,
In your sweet bosom my wish I do save.
I leave you not my verses are with you,
And do read them thoroughly your tongue,
Closing your eyes see me if the love is true,
Or get some where my verses' dingdong.
I am poor without my sweetest friend,
Yea you are in heaven I am in the hell,
And no change still in your willful trend,
We are both fair we both know it well

After my death my love will not be dim,
And with your true love my lines I trim

The song by me sung in praise of you,
The promise to you made forever remain,
To make you happy when life full of woe,
Your sigh bites me when my love is slain.
My love does shine like stars in the sky,
My woes you hear by the nightingale,
Feeling my cursed loves all jealous die:
And my pretty love will never be fail.
Kill me, O Lady not to make treason,
Do love me yea I am your eternal life,
I do see this sweetie in my holy vision,
I kiss you whole night as a willful wife

You do remember that I am sick of you
My true love is loyal the loyal love is true.

As one drop of water falls in the conch,
None knows its mystery now I expose:
The conch breast is just like a monk:
 Keeps all secrets like the smell of rose
The drop sojourns falling from the sky,
Its home is under the sea otherwise,
The conch knows the drop that is “my,”
As a girl in the jolly mood love spies,
You are my conch and I am your drop,
Waiting for falling in your coral breast:
I want to rest on your pretty Eton crop,
Coming to you receive me as a gust.

Come in my arms and rest in my eyes,
I give you whole night gleeful lullabies. 

Cheat in love common you know it well,
You make new friends but must be wary,
And your secrets to others never to tell,
In listening and speaking rose you chary.
Cheating in love as the canker to gall,
Lending in friendship is a self-treason,
Borrowers lick the dust listen to me pall,
I cannot read other’s false pretty vision.
I am loyal to you as water to the steep,
As a nightingale to rose follow my verse,
I am pious darling as the Jesus’ sheep,
Catching my words keep in your purse.

Without smell flower as a body without soul,
To trace the finest love in the world my goal.

All birds fly daily in search of foods
All girls roam loyal loves to trace,
Do see their changing ruthful moods,
One for the kiss the other to embrace
O Rose true friendship is like a ruby,
If you have it show not great or small,
Here is one Pamela one Lady Booby,
Trust in reason and do live free of gall.
You know my love when I am gone,
You consider me I am a lover wrong,
My ghost comes when you are lone,
And sings for you a nice summer song

I am loyal to you as Luke to Jesus,
You know me when my heart ceases.

Some say coffee makes a man wise,
But my love remains true and simple:
Does get cheat in love will-surmise?
Ah coffee effects on the rosy dimple.
A mother worships kid-image in womb,
Beloved loves the lovers’ simple mind,
Offer wish-roses as virgins on a tomb,
Knowing not they are all cruel or kind.
I offer my loves to console your life,
Accept my loves as a faithful lover,
Prove to be a loyal and a cordial wife,
All life-troubles I myself shall cover.

A true love is the child of a sinless soul,
And it does play in life an important role

When your love mutters in my ears,
Your rosy cheeks smile as Monaliza,
Your gloomy eyes give gleeful tears,
I am seeing a Duchess eating pizza.
When my Lady walks in the easy gait,
Flowers dance belles become jealous,
All lovers die when gives me you date,
You are kind by birth and not a callous.
When you put arms around my neck,
Touches my lips with your soft fingers,
Your silky and brown hair I do deck,
I kiss your bust as babies’ porringers.

As day follows night I trust in your love,
If I do find you not I die O my Kidglove

Last night a sad bird sat on the bough,
Of my heart-wish I asked for the reason,
Listening to me at once wish tears flow,
From his eyes I saw in my sleepy vision.
I offer her to stay in my heart forever,
Listening to it smiles flapping his wings:
Flies over me with scattering golden hair,
And a fairy song in his voice he sings.
When I did awake it was my poor heart,
Turns into ashes with the heat desire,
That gives his heart to my enemy cart?
And leaves me knowingly in the mire

Those who fall in false love get disgrace,
I fall in love trouble a loyal love to trace.

My love your lips are like a red rose,
Upon your breast spreading silky hair,
All go mad when you do thigh pose,
I do know just the breast color is fair.
My Rose’s lungs hurt I know it well,
All night you vigil why do you do so?
Something is wrong in the bosom hell,
I am here sweetie full of earthly woe.
Either you are too chary or tell a lie,
In making love I do believe in you,
You trust me not another comely guy,
Lives in the heart to make bill and coo.

Ah! Loyal friends in life are found a few,
These are like those who sit on the pew.

What we think exposes our tongue,
Words show hundred secrets notions,
I am faithful to you Ah! I have sung,
Your praise in line with full devotions
Ah! In love you will find more Peter,
But in life true friend becomes one,
He is kind and you will be cheater,
My emotions in lines I have written.
Alas! Doubt in love mars a true soul,
Cheat in true love is a sure surmise,
And the lovers’ hearts turn into coal,
Then all into ashes burn as a whole

Love reward is nothing in this universe.
Hence all Peter girls in my lines I curse.

Live in my heart or in my eyes stay,
For a long time Sweetie as a gust,
I will serve you in such as a way,
You will be happy none to molest
Leave world and come to me dear,
Peace lies in my bosom you need,
We shall enjoy our love free of fear,
Rest lays in lover’s heart my creed.
I do pray to God to award you health,
To our voice God pays attention more,
If not health better Kevin is your wealth,
Best pray on earth is O Rose to adore.

God give you glee and all years left over,
If only over you hundred pleasures hover.

Don’t awake till late night O my wife
Man is helpless what can we do?
Glee or gloom from the Book of Life,
Before God’s will fail all worldly rue
In God’s kingdom doubt a foe of mind,
We have doubts in all the Holy Books,
If we are faultless God is to us kind,
He sends Manna when lone Mary looks.
Thankless we to God in spite of this,
He is kind and polite on earth to all,
And all good charms we all do miss,
And at the wrong time we to Him call.

Let us love and make a vow to marry,
Seeing us together God is happy very.

What is in your heart do tell me now?
I am senseless don’t get your mind,
Today! Let us make a faithful vow,
With comely smiles me sweetie bind.
If I were locks hang over your breast,
And with you where my sweetie goes,
All day kiss my beloved’s pink crest,
As virgins in the tomb kiss the rose
Do not tell me secrets at the fixed time:
Come out of wit as babe from the womb,
At every step with you my Love I chime,
Your voice spells me like a hollow tomb.

Inspire me O! God I do love the muse,
In love O Ladylove I pay my love dues.

To get you I walk on the cinder path,
People lay flowers you lay the thorns,
My feet injured and in the eyes wrath
Over my love my luck bitterly mourns.
Let us prove love on this faithless earth,
Like Romeo and Juliet we are sincere
It is known to the home and the hearth,
The failing loves always are full of fear.
Sitting here I can your fickle mind touch?
Living with me you cannot touch my mind,
But you know just I do love you much,
Who moves you look my Rose behind?

Let me drink O Rose with your lovely lip
My heart dances with your dancing hip.

Last night in dream I made you mutter,
And saw in the vision your comely face,
You did reject my love as the cat butter,
I in a faithless world a faithful love trace
Wisdom is still desires push the wisdom,
Reason follows emotions as we all nose,
To fallow my heart to see me dear come,
I weep reminding of your fading rose.
I think teach me more past sullen days,
I’ve made mistakes like a foolish child.
I mourn over my luck when I do gaze,
Your heart is honey and eyes are wild

O fair enjoy you all heavenly pleasure,
How to hug sweetie do think in leisure.

Do tell me the cause of your sullen eyes:
Chosen woe or not tell me do not harry,
Hides nothing face contradicts to guise,
Woes rip my body and heart is sad, very.
Peep through the eyes eat not my heart,
Do stop heart-cancan fading are my gena,
The bed vows breaker renew love romart,
You to be the world princess I do wanna.
My poor true love is free of worldly greed,
O Lady Love is not love do love you rumble,
Yea! Its tera is truth and loyalty is the seed,
Love in loving but you my heart is humble.

Of your pretty sullen eyes perusal I do chew,
Ah! Away from the target better is the view. 

In the middle of destination I do reach,
I remember you heart saddens more,
Mind fresh coming cool breeze to teach,
Greenery with red birds at every door
Reaching there forget I the summer time,
Flying doves and other birds I saw there,
The woes finished listening to love chime,
In vision I kiss you with the most care.
I see a cute girl her face resembling you,
Feel not your absence my emotions dance
And in the gleeful mood I again you woo,
In life we get sweetie just a single chance.

Will not bore you my two days missing?
I start my journey with your breast kissing.

I come on Saturday do not be sad,
You are in my mind I am not alone,
Your kiss- taste does make me glad,
You smell my love often I am gone.
O! Fair you do awake till late night,
Pale will be your cheeks are the rose,
And will be fail your thinking might,
Do take in time faithless your doze
I do not forget you sweetie in no wise,
You with me as a shadow with a man,
When the winters come my heart cries,
Like a babe in love poor eyes wan,

Love not dies O! Fair if we live apart,
Remote love makes faithful and smart.

After hunting when I went to my bed,
The same night I saw you in my dream,
My pretty Rose came and I happily said,
I am with you love to have your gleam.
Your eyes and coral breasts I kissed,
You caressed my eyes and the forehead,
Sleeping on the bed your love I missed,
Then you gave me noodle with the bread.
Your soft hand taste I cannot forget yet,
Your kiss-flavor I remember to this day,
Your wooing on beach after the sunset,
To make me happy increase love sway

When I awoke and with me no one lies,
The dream made tearful my pretty eyes.

I see the colored flowers in the town,
Each bud says that I am your Mary
I do recall love in the yellow gown,
The pink lips and mood is happy very
Tears float in eyes when I miss you,
Me seems that my poor heart is ill,
To console me come my lady’s vow,
Then pleasures come my heart to fill.
I weep O! Lady like a missing child,
You appear in the guise of a breeze,
I kiss your eyes full of the honey wild,
I do sleep the whole night with ease.

It is nothing but my Fair’s love charms,
That eats my heart as dead by the worms

Let us love in the silence of night,
As buds bloom in the spring season,
Exchange love sensitive back might,
And produce kids as we in the vision.
What is love? The kid of a loyal soul,
Sex is a gateway to the finest love,
First sex then marriage it is our goal,
As heart to body the sex to Kid-glove
If no sex darling! Our lives are in vain,
Sex keeps our name live on the earth,
All worldly beauties show sexual gain,
Sex rules the world shows a child-birth.

O! Lady in your love my heart is twain,
I want to kiss your pink breasts again.

Face beauty deceit and the lover’s trap,
Is bound the beaus with a single hair?
As all worlds are shown on a little map,
The more you cute the shorter your affair
We control all bears by the ring of nose,
We control horses binding the hind legs,
No trick to tame whore experience shows,
And no advice affects the boy who begs.
Always bind love with a false promise,
I do trust in you do not leave me alone,
In the woe valley and love due to this,
Kill me O rose with your hateful moan.

I trust in your love my Princess of Ohio,
Today we are two tomorrow will be trio. 

Birds fly to Heaven to touch the moon,
But we all are eaten by the hunter eagle,
If not so they die due to hunger soon,
As a fish is caught by a clever seagull
I wear love manacles all day you call,
People call me loony and throw pebbles,
With tearing clothes on the road me haul,
Say nothing but call you in many rabbles.
In your pretty silky arms I want to die,
So that my poor soul in heaven may rest,
Would that I died without tears and sigh,
O my sweet love receive me as a guest.

True love never fails do remember this,
Earthly heaven lies in my beloved’s kiss.

I wait for you, Sweetie two years more,
Who dies and lives in this tough duration,
You do live there I on the other shore,
Distance is union the nearness negation.
Waiting for in love the death of emotion,
But delay in goodness leads to you hell,
Now it had better for you to drink potion,
Promises perish loves I cannot you tell.
Darling re-ponders over your fresh view,
Love does eat heart as the canker to gall,
Making decisions require minutes a few,
And false love always does goes to wall.

Waiting for two years does perish my soul,
My poor heart on cinder path turns into coal.

No scatting on my heart wish slush,
If I die you cannot hear the death knell,
Let me die in love with a peaceful hush,
So you could hear my heart sullen bell.
Like antiques your promise I do keep,
In my bosom my poor heart vigils it,
And my heart moans in my deep sleep,
On awaking your memories my heart slit.
I weep for your love you cannot feel,
As a peacock dancing in jungle not seen,
My poor arguments do not you appeal,
But with false promise I do get spleen.

Your love encourages me in sullen days,
It is my God’s blessing when I do gaze

The Sun gets heat from my Rose’s eye,
Pleasant breeze is my beloved’s breath,
If my Rose turns her veil all beaus die,
As a whole my fair all the lovers’ death
Minerva worshipers fall not in any ditch
All emotion followers always go to wall,
And all earthly troubles are due to this,
Nothing lies in love but does give gall.
O faithless, leave me not on the way
My feelings in the verse not a coax
But represent true love I do truly say
Die love if you make with me a hoax

When I kiss you my all wishes surge,
For a love kid let us do energy merge.

All people tell a lie in love with a skill,
As a witch sucks blood you do like,
In doing so nothing but the soul to kill
As the loosing bull is killed by the pike
Telling a lie is mixing alloy in gold,
Gold remains gold but valueless in eye,
Mixing lie in truth no way to mould,
We live on earth but truths with us die,
Laying in true love you the lovers mock,
And do kill the trust of my pretty mind,
And standstills in the love like a rock,
I am to you my sweetie more kind

Love is flower the flower without smell,
As a newly born is nothing without a yell.

I make for you but away from you I,
I make garlands for your pretty neck,
Selected rose from the garden of sky,
All are full of smells and free of speck
If I do scatter those under your feet,
I kiss the place where you are gone,
I do roam sea to sea like a love fleet,
I all day weep with a glee less tone
I wish to live with your being forever,
Two years period will die me soon,
All my heart pleasures you do devour,
Those who fall in love go to utter ruin.

I know not love O lady it makes me mad,
May be you are happy but I am very sad.

Nature gives nothing but from you lends,
Night cool breeze is my beloved’s breath:
Nature rules beauty and lavishly spends,
When be lack of it does appear in dearth
Fawns learn frisking from my Fair’s walk,
Foxes learn tricks from my Lady’s vow,
All worlds’ jargons my Fair’s tricky talk,
And you are cleverer than the wild crow.
Everything for others but for me nothing,
And nothing in my luck in the Book of Life
And I am pleasure less therefore I sing,
The praise of God who gives me no rife

Empty the Book of Life planets knit our luck,
All say on earth your fate you always muck.

Let us our energies O! My Fair unite,
It is life and nothing else besides this,
Like bears do not take rest or respite,
Luckless always-natural charms miss.
Braves get chances cowards wait for it,
Life is a toy in the hands of a brave,
Might repulses cowardice attracts bullet,
Do sing it the whole brave in the grave,
What I say you in loneliness do think,
Get the life secret from my solid view,
You will find in my lines a deep link,
Between you and me but know a few.

O! Lady I am your and you are my pick,
May God bless you, you never be sick.

Last night, I went to a lovely Lake,
I saw an image leads to the west,
I do stand there Love-view to take,
But for my might it does prove pest.
Standing there sadly I call you out,
See me love but it does not reply,
I ponder over it true was my doubt,
It was my heart and wishes to cry.
You give me a traitor now get it back,
Who wants to bind me with other beau
So sojourning there on my face smack,
And ask her where is your wooing vow?

When my dream is broken I was alone
On Ohio beach my Ladylove had gone.

My mistress’s absence what me shows,
Nothing shows but polluting my thought,
Ah! Your love is like an unnatural rose,
I am far away how your love I sought?
I do not know in what plight you fall,
May be you in some mental agonies?
My cry touches you in the love brawl,
Your faithlessness my all senses freeze.
You are the Lily that blooms in the well,
Nor can be touched nor can be seen,
I do love you more and hear your yell,
Tell me Rose where have you been?

Live here or there love remains the same,
I am the wild bear and none can me tame.

More attractive you look with pretty ruth
But always you pose your angry mood,
It does expose to me your higher truth,
The more pretty look the more you rude.
I do like my Fair’s blue blazing eyes,
But in it my true love is always slain,
You know your bosom my heart spies,
Tell me not about your foolish brain.
Something in loneliness I want to tell,
I want to put my thoughts into your eyes,
I know you love me not go in the hell,
I want to die with your all lovely cries.

My Fair’s blazing eyes think what expose,
Your love is false and a false love shows.

Three things are enough for my ruin,
Ears, eyes and heart take decisions,
These write sadly my bad fortune,
And do stop daily our current visions.
These Angles live with us day and night,
Record our thoughts in special codes,
Known to the Lord unknown to the sight,
Codes within the codes if someone pods
Mind does nothing emotions push behind,
Reason comes to tell what to do now,
Tells us the untamed force how to bind,
Emotions flare up if reason conquers foe,

Before God speak our ears, heart and eyes,
Not in this world Rose but after our surmise 

Sitting near the fire is felt body pain,
But to be away the pain disappears,
Blaming the fire for pain proves in vain,
External causes not responsible for tears
Neither pain lies in fire nor lies in you,
It is realizations and reason fails here
Man is a mini universe it is most true,
So true as the Lord and Moses’ affair
All worldly reflections lie in our mind,
All inventions are the Supper Man’s will,
And all others just physical beings find,
We find nothing but prove natural skill.

Everything springs from heart glee or gloom,
How? You shall know Love after your doom.

Man’s reason fails falling in troubles,
Knowledge gives caution ponder over it,
And self-planning does end like bubbles,
Then we do wonder at our cunning wit.
Efforts go in vain the stars control fate,
Man is a puppet in the hands of Nature,
Blaming for it others we ourselves abate,
Man is all little worlds not a miniature.
Of this universe to whom does control?
Our tiny reason always does get sleep,
Having no witness and nothing its role,
In our earthly life matters it does creep.

Reason not but planets shape our trends,
Therefore in thinking we are fate errands.

True love is like a round circle Mary
It is made when two legs of compass sit,
One the fixed and the other moves very,
Slowly and slowly does make the circle fit.
If the fixed is unstable the circle is out,
The moving cannot make the circle lone,
Making the circle right needs the fixed bout,
The fixed distance when the moving gone.
You my sweet love the strongest it is,
The moving comes soon making the round,
And ends from where it does start to kiss,
The moving stronger if the fixed is sound.

I promise that we together live and die,
Our union will be on earth or in the sky.

All say you cruel I say you merciful,
But I do call you a fishy nature girl,
More pretty looks fingers knitting wool,
Your coquette art cannot get the churl.
Your beauty thief angles forget soon,
Gazing on your breasts long lovely hair,
My lady ruth princess does go to ruin,
Your sighs die the beaus all are aware.
I know your mind well than your Maker,
As dolphins know how deep is the sea,
You are my Fair my dullest soul awaker,
But no ways to bind your love like a bee.

Your cute face blazes like Venus in the sky,
Trusting in your promise my all pleasures die.

I know from where the breeze is coming,
It comes from Ohio touching your cheeks,
Therefore my heart is to you soon fleeing,
In worldly dins my poor love you seeks.
When the breeze comes from the sky,
They my pretty mistress’ hair dewdrops,
All the rivers filled with the water and die
All earthly creatures the rains not stops
Cupid steels your beauty and grace,
All jungle deer follow your dancing gait,
Your blazing eyes cowards cannot face,
All jealous when you do give me a date

Your pink breasts when I suck in my kip,
How much crazy is my pretty Rose grip

Except my love all things you may do in,
My love like time remains till the Day,
Of Judgment never dies in any earthly din,
Love increases more if you do live away.
Ruth in your cute eyes makes you cuter,
Anger suits your face as smile to Monaliza,
And to the needy you mercy contributor,
As on the beach a mom eating pizza
 From where you get the smile innocent,
Lily gives delicacy and the spring mood,
All the belles of Heaven before you bent,
Your breath smell full due to Eden food

Whenever in solitude your face I doodle,
My heart dances sitting near the hoodle.

We’re getting progress since our creation,
But all inventions fail time proves it well:
None original but all are nature imitation,
Away from life objects we live in the hell.
No peaces in world watch here and there,
Murdering, looting and chastity is being sold,
All fickle peace promises due to public fear,
The poor starves the rich turns iron into gold.
Science does show no progress in morality,
We are same as were a hundred year before,
Between the poor and the rich no equality,
No justice I give you a hundred year more.

Until we close ourselves to live natures,
Sure is going to ruin all earthly creatures.

Afraid of magic why most people are,
They know not the nature of this royal art,
So their wisdom is with their soul at war,
Against magic all arguments are tart.
If magic is curse why the King protects it,
And did control all non-human creatures,
He invented not but God’s precious gift,
He used it according to the laws of natures
Magic is an untamed force of all natures,
It is used cunningly according to situations,
In which the greedy fails tell all literatures,
It is used in favor of all worldly nations

The magic root a created force of doubt,
Without trust in devils you are in the rout.

Palaces, mosques and all gilded towers,
Perish one day with the passage of time,
And remain on all earth my pen powers
It shall shine like the stars in my rhyme.
The sidereal time controls earthly things,
True love is free from the time cruel paw,
All know when my poor death bell rings,
The angels hovering over my head I saw.
My love O! Fair love time proves it well,
When all things finish my love remains,
On the earth due to my mighty pen spell,
As fresh as trees in the summer rains

Above the physical world my passions lie,
That can’t be seen Rose by an earthly eye.

Time is a cruel and untamed horse,
That ruins, sees not here and there,
Peruse time, look at the concourse,
It makes all right an unsettled affair.
Time stops not and never it will cease.
Its key is in the hands of Super Man.
Who controls the worlds by it with ease?
All untamed are taught by cruel time ban.
Do not fight with time follow its trend
Swimming against waves weakens force,
When time injures no one can it mend
Before it clever brains forget intercourse.

Fools fight with time the clever compromise,
Men fall in troubles when their reason dies.
Love: garlands of neck, marriage fetters:
Love increases liberty marriage curtails it,
All married are the fortune’s go-getters,
The marriage makes dull a sharper wit.
It is the name survival with bodywork,
Who breeds a kid can’t sustain his name:
Those who think so damage their perk,
If going ahead looses the golden fame.
All works are due to all unmarried men:
The married can’t save it in difficult time,
And their thoughts buried in the child den,
All kidless thoughts the ornament of rhyme

Your kids in marriage on earth a natural fine,
Its trap is under waist the mute running line.