Love Sonnet BK-2

       By JH Sayyar 

My country cannot make more progress,
They imitate everything not invent in life,
Mosque, schools, and rules are slaves of tax,
Here murder, looting, corruption and strife.
Judges take bribe police support plunders,
Fighters forget duty and think of ruling State,
No experience in ruling and make blunders,
To befool the subjects make a long debate.
My mass copies foreign manners in dress,
Along with it they do make all evil things,
Forget their forefathers’ manners to impress,
All slaves of passion the rulers or the kings.

The secrets of progress listen! I do tell you,
Educate the nation so we do neglect it true.

I lost my love but live in the mind’s eye,
So I capture you forever death cannot,
Snatch your beauty now you in the sky,
Dwell with the angels so happy your lot.
I do live here and face a tearful luck,
You are lucky go with the happy heart,
All nights your memories me struck,
I fall down on thorns forgetting my art.
When I come in sense O Love I wonder,
I learn a lesson from this happy dream,
I saw in my room my wishes asunder,
I do find the mystery when I do deem.

So I find love deceit love folly of mind,
It deceives all lovers but wishes grind.

I trace a faithful love in faithless world
How foolish I am since my natal day,
It proves now right that I have heard,
That a lover in life can never be gay
The love-god is blind and cannot see,
And judges all things with emotion-eye
And forget as the Adam forbidden tree,
He breaks the oath now in vain the cry.
Falling in your love starts my poor fate,
And now have no way to flee from this,
How poor I am now how was I great,
Alas! I do kill myself just for a kiss.

Love cannot be chained with any chain,
You are happier if my true love is slain.

You kill me with your cruel thought,
I all bury them before you in the grave
Of your pretty ruth that I have got:
Safety from you now consider save.
A woman’s love is like an untamed bear
Demands a tight iron-made nose ring,
Of money to shun faithlessness O Dear,
And the bear dances when you do sing.
Do not trust in the harlot-kiss you ruin,
Love may be bound with money fetters,
You fall in love when naval wishes croon,
So your acts become like the go-getters.

The whore’s kisses in love is a gallows,
Those lead to death do tell your fellows.

I have lost all in love and got none,
Even your face false smile for a mo
Who can claim it that I have won?
If someone does his life full of woe
Harlot a cute bitch who smells away,
The smell of thought how to deceive,
Sleeping on bed mood must be gay,
To kill your ego makes you conceive
To write experiences my love compels,
For all readers as a golden advice,
In undying words before my death bells,
Read my words carefully if you are wise.

Heat under waist may not be controlled,
Do act upon the rules what I have told.

You have left me telling me no cause,
I know you have got the second mate,
Fools accept it against the natural laws,
You for the first now do meet your fate.
You reject me and accept others soon,
You are very foolish my Lady, ask her,
How to get the issue ask the baboon,
You to be a traitor the tongue is cur.
Girl’s beauty the injured part of a bitch,
Around it lovers gather in different guise,
Lick the vile blood sitting in the niche,
But her vomits lovingly them terrorize.

No pretty girl on this earth I have seen,
Faithful to her lover from fifty-to-fifteen

My lines forever mortal is my being,
I leave here my love in lines for you,
Ah! Like a spindle my age is fleeing,
My death will prove my love was true.
I do leave you leaving no issue kind,
I think more but find no faithful mate,
So about wooing I change my mind,
My issues my lines these are great
Ah marriage: the union of two souls?
If not this so that marriage is a curse
Her body is your mind with other strolls
Follow my mind and my style is terse

O! Lady after my death you shall find
All traitor lovers but none to you kind

God give me might to fight with devil,
Who flatters me to make the Adam’s sins
While I have sworn my Love not to revel,
Now I do leave forever all worldly dins.
I think I do forget that I am mortal being,
This life is very short that life too long,
And we are our forefathers following,
It does remind us of a morning gong.
Ah all are written in the Book of Life,
What we do open and secret deeds,
And with your death will end your strife,
All sinners in hell all pious in meads

Yea, do something here for the next life,
None goes with you your children or wife.

You cannot blame me for loving you,
You leave me knowingly I hate no more,
I remember up till now your bill and coo,
My mind tells me do not trust in whore.
I do give you all glee but receive none,
Expect your false smile and a sullen kiss,
That makes me sad now think to shun,
You, all life take it love do not amiss.
Love teaches me always keep in mind,
Whore’s kiss boy-love rests on money,
If you do have wealth both to you kind,
All promises sweet like the wild honey

Love bases on money leads lovers to fate,
Love breeds love not but an endless hate.

Politicians make for others such deeds,
If they do for self they are called Satan,
They use such lies change the creeds,
And use all wealth for a pretty matron.
Ruling through democracy is a false way,
In which the foolish chooses the foolish,
Sitting on a paper-boat calling all the day,
And on the way dies their greedy wish.
Man can’t get success until he harmonizes,
His ways to natural ways for his survival,
He will die soon love if he temporizes,
Think on your deeds your will is rival.

Without improving ethics if we fly in airs,

It is our fall not rise in both hemispheres

You read my verse: a tale of woe,
My love does make a null of you,
Falling in troubles stops blood flow,
Now wishes die and in vain are rue.
I trust in you my poor heart blunder,
On the way leaving alone you veer,
I know not why you my love plunder,
Now all day eyes issue blood tear.
Nothing lays in love a beauty trick
To befool the witless entirely blind,
An evil face is kept in cosmetic rick,
Hate you more to your money kind.

You cannot find love but a lovely face,
Do roam on earth honey love to trace. 

The dove is hunted in my country no rule,
The hawk flies in streets with the long nail,
Stale meat in the beaks ignoring his yowl,
And all vultures standing on the way to hail
The lion leaving jungle roaming in the cage,
Forget all preying animals live in the cities,
Eat the dead openly forgetting natural rag,
And have no courage to frighten the bees.
The lion makes revelry with a pretty deer,
And does loose courage to rule the forest,
The jackals injure the deer without any fear,
The lion dances on the call of hunter guest.

He does hunt his doves are being chased,
Looking at this keenly the hunter is amazed.

Mission less men just like a tossing bark,
Driving by the wayward waves to and fro,
As a missing child weeps in a jungle park,
Or a cause less anger on a maiden’s brow
In search of food all birds leaves the next,
Who serve the little ones ah is no notion?
Days are for labor and nights for our rest,
Life glee does make who takes day potion.
Life is given once for al; earthly pleasures,
Wise always make their destination better,
Foolish spends time in useless measures,
Yea no blessings on earth for the sin patter.

O man do not waste life in idle pursuits,
As idiots want kids from mandrake roots

Do walk side-by-side sin and shame,
First our black sins do bring disgrace,
Both make the sinner’s body maim,
Punished in the Court lie is the base.
Follow the forefathers to shun troubles,
Those who do neglect it fall in the hell,
All wise men follow and neglect all gulls,
What is right and wrong all know it well?
A lie eats soul as dead by the worms,
Sin makes fall virtues like autumn leaves,
Virtues spread in heaven like airy storms,
On earth sinners are punishable thieves.

Follow parents’ advice to make a happy life,
All happy with you if the best is your wife

You trust not in me while I trust in you,
I know you as a babe knows his mom,
By body smell as my secret love is true,
My lips enhance your lovely lips’ charm.
You flirt with me while I cheat you not,
I want to make happy like a frisking deer,
A flower garland for your neck I bought
I send it to you soon rose if you do wear.
Who get true loves in life lucky are those?
And fall in life troubles if not to you kind,
Yea all jealous when my mistress goes,
Do decking locks hanging them behind.

If cheat you not sure you are my choice,
Ah talking with you in dream I do rejoice.

O lady sincere lovers you find a few,
As finding in the garden a black rose
But false love you find sitting on a pew,
Laughing at lover dancing on the toes
If I do loose you I loose nothing here,
If you loose me you loose all in Ohio,
Trust in me I do keep secret your affair.
I will not expose it when we will be trio.
True loves in soul garden always flourish
False love falls down like iron to ground,
You are my love my heart’s ardent wish,
So your love to me and I to you bound.

If I am true you will know in your kip,
My gleeful heart dances with your hip.

To follow your heart leads to a sure fall,
As the bird touching moon falls to prey,
It is your hidden will since your crawl,
With your ardent wish dies on the way.
Friendship changes into love at last,
Love worships love lovers under waste,
What is difference do tell you the past,
What have you on love book to paste?
My holy love is holy like Virgin Marry,
And put it before you in a golden dish,
In your sweet dream through a fairy,
Take it gladly my heart-undying wish.

Yea keep me forever in your pretty eyes,
My love does shine as stars in the skies.

My Rose’s tongue sharper than a sword,
My mistress’s voice soft more than a rose,
But your bad behavior may not be cured,
Alas on advising you, you do surely pose,
Her white and pink face shines in dark,
Her moving dimple fascinates my heart,
As all cuckoos lured by the rose in park,
My heart cleaves when she does apart.
Your eyes tease me when I think of respite,
 I see your holy image in the sunbeams,
 Looking at your beauty fails my soul might,
Now I do die in your notions me seems.

Your cute face to be a pixy on this earth,
I love my ladylove since your cruel birth.

My sweetie looks sweet with pretty ruth,
Your radiant eyes add charm to your face,
Your hair spreading on your neck smooth,
Your light gait adds charm to your grace.
My tears could not tame your rusty mind,
May be a new lover sits in your heart,
Who rejects my love sitting you behind?
Most difficult to know your coquette art
Love attracts love, love not by the hate
I choose you to love my choice is dreck,
I do always hang on your dancing gait,
Makes on the heart a pretty black speck

My love is not love O faith less but I woo,
you cunningly my love does over throw.

Your pink breast as soft as candle wax,
Your eyes add charm to your grace,
Looking at your pretty face I do relax,
When in the dream your image I trace.
Beauty adds some faults in the whore,
That mars her face charm within days,
As willful waves destroy the sea shore,
Hence I write your thinking not praise.
No beauty in face but in the lover’s eyes,
No love on earth but sex binds the souls,
One admits truth the others do surprise,
So love and sex both the opposing poles.

All greedy loves never live a hundred year
As ends darkness when the rays appears

Do not follow love that leads to fall,
Woman’s love is full of weal and woe,
It reminds of your pretty teenage brawl,
My love gets nothing in love but rue.
Till death my ghost will follow you,
You will have never peace in your life,
You will miss my sweet bill and coo,
Your pretty like will be full of strife.
I take back your beauty thrice I curse,
My words full of magic do have effects,
I hate you more but love in my verse,
Your trend a guilty conscious reflects.

You nothing but my love makes you great,
A pretty whore’s love none can subjugate.

Sweet love breath full of healing power,
But I do reject it with forceful arguments,
Your heart void of love like a hollow tower,
Remains of the olden time’s monuments
Conscious without love nothing but dreck,
As eyes without powers just are holes,
Sucks water from bottom the ship is wreck
Love in selfish world walking on the coal.
You do promise to love but turn it down,
As the rich chide beggars at the door,
Or as the rich lady throws a tattered gown,
Or as the poor rejected by the liar whore

Greedy loves die soon on earth O Fair,
False loves more but true loves are rare.

You do like praises but I do it never,
Why the second love clings your mind,
As the cankers to gall always to devour,
Your thoughts cruel and face is kind.
Who sits on your mind rejects my love?
You say nothing but your eyes say true,
That tastes you from behind and above,
False love falls prey to false bill and coo.
Nice love is rejected as a motherless child,
Snatching his inheritance by the relatives,
And they consider him to be thorn of wild,
And ends the sinless killer where he lives.

Beauty and love destroy pretty human wit,
Ah! The canker is conscious on gall to sit

I do wait all nights for your pretty call,
I do not sleep all night counts the stars,
Gazing in your eyes since your crawl
With your hateful love my beauty mars,
I want to see you moving before me
I do know you look a speck far away,
You want separation like a leaf of tree,
Forever you be young I to God do pray.
If I find you not your false promise keeps,
Me forever young to face weal and woe,
You see in vision when my heart weeps,
Then say with weeping eyes I was true.

Never trust in woman’s promise is a whore,
Her under waste lays hell’s opening door.

Your coral breast more cute than rose,
Therefore your fans do write your praise,
But I write your faults my love I suppose,
First you promise breaker when I gaze.
Your face pretty but your thinking is ill,
Words suit not your tongue pretty think,
Telling the truth I compelled by the will,
After this my words in your memory sink.
Neither love you I nor think me more,
You think your face beauty is evergreen,
Forget me soon O fair I leave the shore,
My traitor friend you have always been.

Come on my funeral O fair you will feel,
After me your ruin I have packed the seal.

Like time oh! Fair your age is fleeing,
Issueless you are here but I your name,
Make alive forever O my mortal being,
Shines like stars in the sky your fame.
My verses tell others when we are gone,
Everyone is to die here early and soon,
But foolish on earth why weep and moan,
Better we mend self the sin-path to ruin.
Have pity O God for me the hell cries,
I am coming to you with my pretty sins,
My life is full of sins I do it memorize,
Tell me on earth who your blessing wins

Concept of a long life a foolish act of mind,
Death waits for your being do peep behind.

You believe in luck that is not written,
Something wrong in your heart I think,
You marriage vow break I am beaten,
I am a lover and find the missing link.
Foolish are those who compromise time,
Time composes mind with the star rays,
You can feel it ever in the dullest chime,
Therefore I write your voice music praise.
The thing controls the world is astral light,
Man’s astral light lives in the naval place,
Ponder on this touches heaven muse flight,
Those who do reject it can not get grace.

Love lies in heart, sex lies under waist,
The fall of our parents is due to this taste.

Reason controls all its child is muse,
Teach the child first how to use reason,
Like those children sitting on the pews
If you do not teach it makes treason,
Beyond the reason the matter of love,
The child with his mother can’t follow it,
You are green in love O pretty kid-glove,
I think O Fair love is beyond your wit.
True love sings a song forever O Fair,
Your love sweeter than the honey dew,
Therefore the Cupid’s eyes at you stare,
Ah! True lovers on this earth are a few.

The hands write these verses never die,
The tongue does spread the words will fly.
The verse you write tell me the truth,
Your tongue is sweet and conscious nice,
Your eyes add charm to your pretty ruth,
Your love clings my soul like a vile vice.
If you want to see me see in your eyes,
I do see you daily in my mind O fair,
Moving on the roof and your early rise,
Time can’t kill our lovely love affair.
Your hair adds power to my fickle pen,
Your flashing eyes instigate me to write,
Nice words for your praise from nine to ten,
If you push me never fails my finger might.

If your love is true O Rose I am your verve,
So always my heart is ready you to serve.

When I see my age in the mirror of age,
I have lost all but just their reflections,
Correct my thinking makes me a sage,
I follow them as the master of my actions.
Bitter days we forget happy days remind,
Time captures the worst to make us wise,
It leaves the happy days forever behind,
Sour days to teach my words memorize,
Always the green counts age in years,
Always the foolish lives in the past days
Always tears trap the clever with fears,
Always all wiser do write God praise.

Man is a model of the Super being’s skill,
To fight with evils he puts His mighty will.

Nothing is left in my past days treasure,
Except the reflections of your sweet face,
They swim like fish when I think in leisure,
Enhance my wit and the fickle pen grace.
Do you think why I am your lover still?
I see naked heaven in your innocent eyes,
Make fresh my dull soul and remove my ill,
Encourage my doings when my fate cries.
I thank for your eyes provided me all raw
Materials of composing thoughts into verse,
Your pretty counsel mends my natural flaw,
Foolish are those who true beloveds curse.

Sweet love your lovely face and silky hair,
Provide me words to write now I declare.

The sun gets heat from your cute eyes,
The moon cooling from your coral breast
Your harsh words Fair my tears vaporize,
When you lie in the silky gown to rest
You deceive me today do leave me lone,
My bitter memories and my poor heart,
Curse you all night when you are gone,
I think pretty Rose your true love is tart.
Love like chameleon change at very pace,
The whore’s praise depend on your money,
The early rise and see her powered face,
Hunts the lovers all night with her bunny

Airy your love and cunning eyes me teach,
Do not love any pretty girl now I beseech.

Your love touches my dying memories,
Do forget all sorrows and fall in a fit,
Standing before you yea my soul sees,
A heavenly sight beyond my poor wit
Past days never die all store in brain,
Pondering is the key open and read,
The sweetest days all seem in vain,
The bitter mend blunders if you heed.
If you do O! Fair all days are fine,
Errors correct thinking makes us wise,
I say you the liar that fault was mine,
Something is wrong the night cooks cry.

I love you more my poor words expose,
Your love power my mighty finger shows

When I think out the towers of Troy,
An image of Helen floats on my mind,
All decay with time those who enjoy,
Her beauty ruling now nothing behind
I think the steel destroys all Troy gates,
Sitting in the horse cheating the vigilance,
They do say their trick I say luck waits,
All move around the luck nothing hence.
Time kills everything if you do ruminate,
Love remains, the same remain it was,
And love emotions are not slave to fate,
Listen divine love is free of earthly laws.

Time can’t decay my love my love divine
I love my muse my muse, my concubine. 

All things move in circle none out of it,
The circle can’t be seen by naked eyes,
Only the muse sees direct from the pit,
If you break the circle sure your demise
Man is encircled by a magnetic field,
All call it aura I call it God’s decree,
If some controls as the fingers shield,
Can control the world with no worry
Those who reject God’s unseen powers,
Reject God forgetting ways to right path,
Fall in the hell like the Troy’s lofty towers,
People say luck but I call it God’s wrath.

Trust in unseen power is the system tools,
The wise men accept but reject the fools.

Sweet love your tongue lies I feel,
Your pretty eyes expose your will,
Face suit not the tongue when I deal,
And on me fails fair you cunning skill.
Eyes are slave to fingers in all matter,
Hands are slave to mouth not go to ear,
 I think you faultless my faith shatters,
Even in your false love my love I gear.
Tonight I see my jealous love in dream,
Laughing at my love I sigh and weep,
Your cruel eyes hate my love I deem,
See in glass shines the saint's sleep,

O fair you betray me I your love divorce,
 I do like you but you like the intercourse,

I by my lines Rose don’t you flatter,
I write my love in line to immortalize,
But your false love my faiths shatter,
To get earthly fame my fate cries.
Sweet loves fly bitter loves remind,
Of soul on earth full of evils scheme,
Mar nature objects and none to kind,
They are ghosts on earth me seem.
Ah! You’ll read these lines O fair,
You will laugh at my poor willful wit,
That makes immortal our love affair,
Does go with me in my grave to lit

O lady receive love in the lines gladly,
I leave you forever with sighs sadly.

When my body the angels overthrow,
My soul flies to heaven forever to rest,
My love you find on my love’s eyebrow,
As a hungry raven sitting on the crest
People forget it none is here forever,
Young always thinks the older dies first,
But hungry death does follow the clever,
Do ponder on self in silence it is must.
I plan to put my thoughts into the line,
To immortalize you till the systems fall,
You enjoy fame my comely concubine,
There I am eaten as the canker to gall.

None listens after me to your tale of woe,
Then you know O lady my love was true.

O fate weep not good days are coming,
Flying around you like a tamed pigeon,
Weeping eyes ponder pointing something,
I see there dancing in my hellish vision.
Your memory encourages in sullen days,
And overwhelming love looks your face,
Then O lady my poor heart for you prays,
Making you immortal my being to efface
The world is cruel more I'm a gentleman,
Forgives soon those who do me wrong,
Therefore my jealous friend is my fan,
After me do sing a heart-warming song

Woes behind love teaches this lessons,
None can write in lines love expressions.

Alas! In poverty leaves the reflection,
Brothers, friends, kith and kin turn face,
Even the luck star changes its direction,
Behind it lives poverty with a mighty pace.
Oh! Nothing here constant all days move,
Some time darkness here sometime there,
The rich falls and poor rises the ages prove,
In earning bread sweetie no wisdom-share
Loose not patience but its reward is must,
The brave faces trials, cowards afraid of it,
Bad days vanish soon my poor heart trust,
Wisdom does follow it if you ruminate a bit.

Richness or poverty is the state of mind,
As we do believe in devils but can’t find.

In marriage a fool compromises a fool,
To change life force just they share bed,
Lust flies touching mercury mind cool,
Then think of taking rest in the shed.
Marriage shakes parents’ mighty roots,
The vision clefts blood into breaches,
The mother who brings up the child hoots,
Live in the cot alone her vision watches
I say not heaven lies under woman’s feet,
A woman is made of lust that controls her,
She is always senseless under naval heat,
If you follow woman’s wit I think you cur.

Thank God! I am single do keep me away,
From the woman’s shadow to you my pray.

Fate is nothing but the slave of time,
Everything moves in circle listen O fair,
I expose the secret in my secret rime,
Time controls secretly our earthly affair.
Time moves as wheel within the wheel,
Every moment changing full of rise and fall,
Lucky goes up unlucky down in earthly deal,
Sometimes a wit full man goes to the wall.
To control luck learn how to grip the circle,
That tells you true time of doing things,
Doing at wrong time leads to the hell,
More than heavenly magic golden wings

Wise men know the secret of sowing well,
Foolish knows not the secret fall in the hell.

When I see myself in the mirror of past,
I see the blunders shining like the stars,
No way to mend them thinking this aghast,
Lying at my feet as the dead in the wars
The past losses follow not you till death,
If no past the future seems to be dark,
And do go with us when flies our breath,
When the sensibility-fuse and soul spark
Do peep behind the past tells you more,
Your mistress’s blunders, errors and laps,
How many we mend knowingly or ignore,
If we do the same our ago tombs collapse

Have trust in self is the root of universe,
I write this secret for wise men in verse.

If we want to live for one hundred year,
We enjoy just eighteen hundred days,
Half we spend in sleeping half with tear,
Half in flattery and half in others’ praise
So we are fools and call us wise man,
What is this nothing but our thinking fault,
We think beyond heaven and fall in den.
Where none to save us and none to halt
Think home quarrels why occur in youth,
A woman’s blunder or man’s rash nature,
When foolish hangs on the neck smooth,
That is the ugliest our thinking signature

What is in a woman a surging life force?
You'll find it true if you read all the lores.

Your beauty lends me words to write,
I do thank for it you allow for my verse,
Your cheeks smile and raise the might
Of my weak pen and you hate to curse
Your bright hollow eyes roll like shingles,
Under the sun in May shades on a shore,
The moving color with my eyes mingles,
Then my thoughts make shadows more.
Real fame deserving is my love I call,
From your beauty the words I borrow,
Touching her cheeks not brunt brawl,
You alive in verse today and tomorrow

My thoughts select words for my pen,
From your pink breast like hungry men

A soul does come to find the partner soul,
The first day lost when the Lord took oath,
To be their Creator sends them to control,
All earthly kingdoms with life force growth
So marriage is written since the first day,
A wrong choice gets divorce later or soon,
A right selection turns black hair to grey,
A single soul cries on earth for the moon.
So I know not sure whose soul is mine,
Lost on this earth coming from the skies,
So my soul cries for drinking muse wine,
All day does move with wondered eyes.

Some souls’ release with a special aim,
In their lucks is written a perpetual fame.

A foolish thinks his being forever to live,
Nothing-permanent all have to go fair,
According to the first accord but to give,
His thoughts for the coming race care.
A women’s love O man a fickle thing,
As human breath knows not when to fly,
Trust not in love I call it a hollow ring,
As evils thoughts to make it beautify
Always trust in self, trust not in other,
Others deceive as hunters to the birds,
That in the heart lays Hamlet’s mother,
I think girls’ mind catch pretty words.

Let my love go in hell you are a liar,
Today all love hungry conscious I fire.

Money turns thinking to a wrong side,
People call it right time trends expose,
Your thought results you cannot hide,
Your heart guilt appears like old heroes.
Money hungry lives for a short time,
And enjoys a fishy life out of water,
Die on the shore but live in my rime,
As live in Hamlet Polonius's daughter
God tests all pious souls don’t be sad,
Dejection is a half death I call it whole,
If you do change thinking you are glad,
To make others’ life happy a real goal

You think your being is not your being,
Motion makes still the spindle is fleeing.

Nice looking faces O my God deceive,
The foolish with the coated face beauty,
Wise men reject it the churlish receive,
As on earth blessing ignoring his duty
Always love those who like you most,
Reject at once, to whom you admire,
They always in kiss fire your life roast,
And do leave you in the lurking mire.
Love teaches this do love your being,
Do make your being immortal like soul,
Body going to dust as we are seeing,
Heart wishes turn you soon into coal.

A single hair traps the mighty heart,
As a hole catches on the road a cart

Your love delights me not awards sorrow,
Like a summer day yea no way to escape,
From the woes none can peace borrow?
You always my all wills before me rape.
Grieves are life part but the love grief,
Given is more painful than the pain,
Mean nature does this my words I brief,
Enemies do nothing willful wills are slain.
If you bear grieves you sooner refine
Your wisdom it sharpens your duller wit
Love sorrows more pretty all words define,
The first day was written in the lover’s writ.

Love sorrows teach me this pretty lesson,
Lose your wisdom, control your passion.

You think O Rose my love is false,
 I think your love in my sunken eyes,
I see you daily my poor heart calls,
You in my dream when my fat cries
Love nothing but a deep thinking state,
That shapes trends for the future years,
You prove your trends in your debate,
Experience tells our efforts mix in tears.
Love never dies love an abstract thinking,
In concrete words and words never stale,
It activates wisdom as the crown of a king,
As spring makes happy a sad nightingale

Follow word magic as a chameleon eats air,
You can see just tongue but not prey O Fair.

My Cupid’s faithless eyes unkind to me,
Your edge of pretty looks slay my will,
What is my will your want none is free
Of will, compels me, do not take it ill.
To express will, will needs some words,
If not on tongue, the tongue is dumb,
Riding on the tongue horse fly like birds,
You say nothing if the tongue is dumb,
My pretty being proves my love in line,
Your love deceives me in a cunning way,
My eyes weep more I do peak and pine,
Now I do eel in my soul your love sway.

Every eyes wish release affects our will,
As the soft skin is cracked by winter chill 

You will be stolen one day I fear,
Your eyes dacoit beauty is a thief,
Of pious hearts smiles tell me dear,
A long list of your doings here I brief.
 I do call you the parents cut purse,
Steals their meat yea I know not how,
You perform this I that night do curse,
Now forget you my last childhood vow.
Like a whore promise my life is short,
I am candlelight burning on a shrine,
Melt by and by like a mourning heart
Or in grave the earthworms may dine.

My fingers may die but the words I write,
Never die but your cheap love may bite.

Fools fight with words as a hungry cock,
Catching pretty words put into the cage
Of rime the cage is hung on the rock,
Its height and chill increase the rage.
Then the hungry cocks use in the verse,
But I guide others when the cock cries,
If the passenger puts me in the purse,
Think me in solitude when you do rise.
The words maintain on earth our being,
If no word on tongue man is a stone,
Of covering dead life spindle is fleeing,
Nothing in the cell the skull and the bone

What is soul? Words the words never die,
Tongue goes to dust the words never fly.

If you ponder on God it is just a word,
What is word?  The reflection of God,
Words cleft light from darkness I heard,
All branches of peas spring from a pod,
Words award fame but the tongue shame,
Visions appear in words frame of thought,
Visions first than words the secret of fame,
How vision working process with skills I got.
Each word strikes the brain’s tiny cells,
Sweet words maintain charm bad break,
The pendulum of wave all creative hells
Of wonder diseases that we all do take

No disease on earth but our negative perk,
That breaks body rhythm with a mighty jerk.

Beauty edge cleaves my heart you think,
You do think I love you but it is not true,
Owing to your doings I can’t sleep a wink,
 I write your fickle vows to be sick of you.
Beauty breeds sins, the sin breeds charm,
Of various colors roaming on wide earth,
The wisest shun but the foolish get harm,
Life force destroyer is every beauty birth.
I think an honest beauty never deceiving,
The beauty that betrays may perish soon,
False loves on earth we all are receiving,
We do call it love but crying to the moon.

Beauty is nothing but the lovers think it so,
In search of happiness we all receive woe.

We are flattered in the name of a child,
As we flatter children with colored toys,
Kid pleasures provide a chain to the wild,
In the beginning forgetting the sex enjoys.
Life force charm adds charm to charm,
It is the secret of running this Universe,
Life force thought labor keeps heart warm,
We know the realities late then we curse.
First we do enjoy it then we find a chain,
Most mighty and powerful is its control,
That looses day by day our thinking strain,
We feel ourselves fools to play our role.

To produce shadows on earth all men’s duty,
Sometime we born a bitch sometime beauty
Peep behind the greater works of man,
A winsome woman sits behind the array,
Controlling all moments of the hurricane,
To guide the miss-guiders to the right way,
Woman I call you a never-ending power,
All small men’s foible I call you Oh! Fair,
The weakness of men the scent of flower,
But every weakness demands a lot care.
Ah! To his own woman everyone is slave,
That controls the actions of men’s mind,
None can avoid it the coward or the brave,
But to the pretty woman we are not kind

Listen the hands go to mouth not to ear,
I do call it a woman and nothing my dear. 

What is love the death of pretty reason?
What is hate the force of your passion,
Always love for habit makes treason,
And you feel change in your expression.
Hate activates hands charge naval force,
It opens the third eye to see miles away,
If you follow it you can’t lost your cause,
If you did lose your love not hate I say.
A woman’s love does kill your life aim,
Soul weak, wit puzzle, eyes see nothing,
So you are blind and you lose the game,
And live you all alone on the earth to sing.

First your wit flies in love then your sight,
Love grief day by day looses your might

When the mountain-hungry cock crows,
Saying something to you, you do ignore,
When he does sit on your pretty eyebrows,
Flying to you soon leaving a cheeky whore
O! Sweet love a rival sits in your bosom,
He does feed you against my love choice,
 I do listen alone to your pretty twosome,
That says you Yea do leave your rejoice.
My intuition tells me you from me hide,
I read all your passions from your eyes,
Watching your revengeful eyes I do chide,
My soul does feel fresh when I early rise.

Richness or poverty is the state of mind,
As we do believe in devils but can’t find.

Many a times jealous death I’ve thought,
You take my soul from my body one day,
When you do go with it while I have got,
An immortal soul without any fear sway
My soul is free from all earthly matters,
I have changed my soul into nothingness,
Just you can dust me not my love shatters,
After death my verses show you freshness.
There is no death but we take the taste,
Of death so we do sleep for a long time,
Awaking me seems my whole life I waste,
But shall be my name in my pretty rime

Oh! Poor death I am not afraid of you,
All are born to die but I am not is true.

When I see in the glass I am confused,
A wrinkled face, sunken eyes with muse,
But the riper thoughts make me amused,
That sorrows into soul pleasures infuse.
Matter does get change through the sun,
Our thoughts spring from the modern matter
Changes time to time showing a wonder fun,
The more you do ponder for you the better.
Now I do see my body bowing to my feet,
My thoughts are young like a cheeky whore,
On this wonder all my senses me do greet,
A heavenly muse into the mind they pore.

What is life thinking? Thinking is our age,
Time cages years into a wrinkled cage.

When we say we love we make no sin,
We are deceived in love in pretty ways,
Faults make perfect how can you win?
True love without love when I do gaze
My muse teaches me do go in the park,
And do look at the scent carrying flowers,
You see the petals are damaged, hark,
In spite of this they have healing powers.
No one fault free not are made objects,
Not free of faults but the cankers lie in it,
We are to kill it with our generous acts,
How can we kill it we have doubtful wit.

Do kill the canker of soul I call it the doubt,
Otherwise you die in the sin real and rout.

Life lies in motion, the motion lies in doom,
We all watch the motion within the motion,
Can’t be seen with naked eyes like gloom,
Death due to stillness blend for the potion
Control body-gate the motion rise and fall,
Soul lays in motion the motion in the soul
Motion mars the motion as gall breeds’ gall,
We are taken when loose the motion control.
Woman is death no motion in her thought,
Dead breeds’ dead pernicious to the mind,
In fact her thinking power cold and hot,
Live thinking in all women you can’t find.

Motion controls matter and the matter life,
We do worship matter, the matter is strife.

I was honest when I open pretty eyes,
I know not about the world wrong ways,
But I saw in daylight my virtue’s surmise,
So I do curse self when my lights gaze.
On the corruption of my eyes and soul,
I do think the canker lies by birth in birth,
Mars the face beauty a trenched hole,
Ah! The foolish call it a precious worth.
A woman’s love may never be honest,
We do believe in it, it betrays our being,
It slays your wish reaching on the crest,
Like a weaver’s spindle love is fleeing.

I believe in love but not in woman’s love,
I love my being not you pretty kid-glove.

When I think to my love I am a traitor,
Traitor breeds’ traitor is a natural law,
I betray you, you betray your Creator,
I think o poor love your love is raw.
My muse teaches who makes you so,
Her false smiles warn my sunken eyes,
My love failure written on the white brow,
When I do know love my false love dies.
O my poor love, give me what you had,
Just hate you've but I give you in return,
The heavenly pleasure I call myself mad,
Alas! I do not give you luck what I learn.

For mighty hearts a trap your false smile,
Your cunning is thief your cheeks beguile.

Spend smiles less and keep for old age,
When none gives you this precious gift,
Your smiles are locked in the year cage,
And you do feel its worth when you drift.
Ask the mirror where goes your smile?
That bound the heart leaves you forever,
None is ready to kiss none awaits awhile,
And your false pride time waves devour.
My sweet love in old age you do realize,
In your sweet vision a pretty scarecrow,
Attract playing kids with the hollow eyes,
Now youth love lays in the wrinkles I trow.

Each wrinkle a tale on the wrinkled face,
Time does write it to enhance your grace.

Glee to enjoy you not enjoy pleasure,
Sadness closes the gates of life force,
Slowly and slowly die you think in leisure,
For God's sake O lady change you course.
You receive gladly who gives you pain,
Why you give smiles to your foes O Fair?
Your this behavior does make me insane,
You do deceive me while I was not aware.
Who compels you to show beauty pride?
Today you have it tomorrow you will lose,
The more you cute the more it you hide,
Think just a gift your twenty years choose,

Do fall not in love do learn how to hate,
Ah one kiss with self opens fortune gate.

Some want rain due to lack of food,
But I pray to God to maintain the law,
Never changes the laws like our mood,
All well in my lady but changing her flaw.
The matter-change but not so soon,
As a women’s will without any aim,
So the matter-change is the matter ruin,
Every two creates the third is a real fame.
I see matter reflection in human being,
Matter produces riper thoughts in matter,
Work behind curtain don’t see the seeing,
The more you think the more will be better.

What is a woman’s love I do know it well,
A bundle of false tears and nothing to tell

All winter night sweetie love I engross,
In watching beauty in my hellish vision,
Does pass like the moving sights cross,
Before the eyes your pretty youth region
I see your childhood, youth and old age,
My mind glass shows me all reflections,
With golden faults on the unseen page,
Recorded forever hates and affections
I do wonder what I have done before,
Alas! No virtue I see in my book of life,
When I count virtues but sins are more,
So I have wasted my life in love strife.

O love! Life is given once use it better,
Avoid quarrels wealth does not matter.

My God each day prolongs my sorrow
It turns black to silver each silver hair,
Will tell a woeful tale of love tomorrow,
Makes my woes immortal the pen glare
I write woes in rime to teach you a lesson,
All glooms behind the beauty temple rest,
When the beauty goes leaving woe passion,
None to serve you love as a beauty ghost
I do call the day disease and night balm,
That does cure soon for the coming days,
The whole organs feel a heavenly calm,
You do loose knowingly in different ways.

Reason prolongs your life it is a life force,
Emotions kill life as a child in a concourse.

When my youth in solitude I ruminate,
Before a glass shows me a wrinkled face,
Laughing at self the self does confiscate,
And dries all tears and robs all my grace,
Naked eyes see not how age and youth,
Live together as in milk cream and butter,
The milk is soured and its naughty ruth,
Is called the life force the milk is shatter.
When youth wears a new knitted dress,
Looks pretty like the moving scarecrow,
In a new world is hailed youth’s ingress,
Now the world welcomes your silver brow.

Youth and age do rest in the lap of years,
Virtue prolongs life shortens human fears.

You love me but I neglect your being,
The faults in me the same lie in you,
If you blame you blame for your being,
None can see under the nose is true.
O lady we receive faults from heaven,
To mend them we are sent on earth,
Instead of mending we always raven,
Forget all commands given on the birth.
Always correct yourself do not criticize,
If you do so, do first you what you say,
Avoid word-wasting habit if you are wise.
You know Words carry the power of pray.

Learn from your wisdom pretty word-use,
Do not use useless words may confuse

All fools run after wealth forget this,
You receive written, efforts are in vain,
As among a hundred one receives a kiss,
And left over curses the luck getting pain
Nature puts potential in the guise of writ,
Into mind and the foolish calls it fate,
They are the receivers deceive the wit,
It is the fate writes their doings’ date.
Energy makes trends run in our blood,
You can’t increase nor decrease at will,
As gold ingredients are born in mud,
Who’s seen on earth gold process still?

You find the bread written in your writ,
You can’t increase it on the ground of wit.

You do make efforts and you do get,
No, can you get in one-day cotton crops,
Make efforts fail in removing the time-let,
Nature puts into it hundreds of raindrops.
You can’t choose good or bad character,
Your parents your ill or well atmosphere,
Think? Why and what is the real factor?
That always hinders us we have to bear.
The character is made in a tiny womb,
Before birth is written our destiny O man,
You are to find it, not choose a true tomb,
According to faith is measured life span.

Choose destiny according to your trends,
That you do get on birth from your parents.

What you see in the glass tell me this,
Your beauty is not beauty is forever,
And in old age none comes to kiss,
Prideful beauty woes always devour,
I love your beauty that dies with time
I love your tongue that has no change,
We die one day but live in the rime,
Death nothing we our being exchange.
I do see smile on your wrinkled face,
Behind it lives youth time circle ends,
Silver in hair adds charm to your grace,
Till the last breath for you God sends.

Face beauty looses when silver in hair,
Time circle ends your pretty love affair.

When I think about your pretty being,
You appear before me in naked day,
Your face reflects your age is fleeing,
We can’t shun more cruel time sway.
One day I fly to heaven but remain,
My loves with love my last love breath,
Do God bless my love be free of pain,
How much I love you proves my death.
When I die O lady come on my grave,
Talk to my poor soul in a jovial mood,
Your sweet memory in my brain I save,
Death is nothing but life-play interlude.

Love never dies it does belong to soul
Our soul flies up our dust goes to hole.

I am your prince and you're my queen,
Of my willful wish sitting on the throne,
Of my brooding soul always you lean
On my fickle love since you are born.
My queen rules sitting behind the curtain,
As smell proves her being living unseen,
All unseen drive the seen I am certain,
The wise know it well but not the green.
All visible weak but invisible are strong,
Look at the power of ghosts and airs,
If you ponder over it I am not at wrong,
All unseen control earthly atmospheres

The unseen do control souls, wish and will,
As gem birth in the conch hidden in the sill

Do read my lines carefully you will get,
Tears that I have found living on this soil,
All sorrows, sufferings and a love threat,
And except these I get nothing with my toil.
My words full of wisdom if you ruminate,
Each line carries deduction of earthly affair,
Love nothing knowledge something pelf great,
The more life becomes ill the more you care.
Don’t advise anyone don’t depend on other,
Do follow your direction in all matters of life,
Emotion world full of charm later you bother,
As in a cultured home an old churlish wife.

All pleasures lie in it do something for self,
And all curses are hidden in chase of pelf

I’ve buried my love in your soft bosom,
You’ve done it before my winsome will,
Your love was cheat plus your twosome,
Now like a bull cry my poor heart shrill.
I bury just live wishes not all deal o fair,
In your will grave for the second birth,
Now do give me wish crown you wear,
And you with false beauty rule the earth.
On the Day of Judgment my will will take,
A new birth with a new shape will be young,
Roaming with pixies near the Pishon Lake,
That is why my poor death bell I have rung.

Lie lies in women but hot love in the girl,
I do love young women my love is churl.

O lady when I do say that I love you,
Yea it does mean I love you not at all,
But your pretty image in my mind is true,
Your cute eyes before me lovingly crawl.
I see my image in my beloved’s eyes,
Is the self-reflection her eyes receivers?
Removing the receivers my reflection dies,
And we do call love most cruel deceivers.
I call love the worship of image reflection,
Where we do fall in love of girls or boys,
Finding we do feel true heart satisfaction,
As all children do feel finding colored toys

Woman worships image in shape of her child,
On growing up she feels her image was wild.

Macro world is packed into a micro world,
All reflections lie in it before its creation,
The reflections produce our pretty words,
Nothing new on earth but matter variation
A cute mini world is hidden in a tiny gene,
All wisdoms fail to understand its nature,
How it is produced in the womb of a teen,
I do call it the God’s unfinished signature.
Our mind is microcosm know it will care,
If you do not know how can you know?
The macro world is with you everywhere,
And we do forget here our first day vow.

Love is on earth the micro world puzzle,
Wisdom views openly definitely muzzle

Do you know in body where ego lives?
And where does live her jealous parents,
Who pushes emotion in anger that gives?
Self respect notion in beauty battle tents.
Our being rests on heavenly ego powers,
Her being is imperishable do you think?
What was that makes fall the Troy towers,
The wooden horse sleeps not at a wink.
Ego the super being lives behind dignity,
Watches every action with her keen eyes,
When she is injured burns your soul city,
And put into mind choose life or demise.

She does say if you choose life I am gone,
Cogitating the situation changing our tone

You see my faults neglect my virtues,
What a love style you invent to disgrace,
Between love and hate what to choose,
Or with the second love you to embrace.
I call all cute girls man’s nose iron ring,
That compels to make dance with a jerk,
Even when an old beau goes with swing,
In the wish cage breaks her mighty perk.
People see faults like the shining stars,
Virtue like big planets may not be seen,
Those control all lucks as tiger the bars,
As pretty girls collect the spreading glean.

Love me or not but do not reject my will,
Your beauty adds charm to my writing skill.

Good days fly soon bad slowly pass,
Time and space key is in human mind,
Its codes hidden in wisdom death in mass,
Use wisdom well and evil thoughts grind.
All riper thoughts bloom before youth die,
We do roam on earth with dead emotions,
The dead breeds the dead flies to the sky,
Ignoring reason do drink all beauty potions.
What is beauty nothing but lies in eyes,
Rays follow the rays we do call it beauty,
That is on earth cruel hearts humanize,
And does finish the worries and its duty

Deep thinking stops time and space speed,
But leads to a darker hell our beauty greed

My shocking face can’t face beauty rage,
Your shockproof beauty breaks my heart,
That lives in half dead in your beauty cage,
Hanging on with the silky hair trapping art
Yea your separation eating heart as dead
Your smiling face a mirror of weeping eyes,
Weep for all nights before going to bed,
I think in your dream my poor heart flies,
Do have me in your eyes safe and sound,
Your eyes do reflect heaven let me rest,
Wasting all riper days I have you found,
As the climber touches the highest crest

You steal beauty eyes remain the same,
Time is a stormy ocean we cannot it tame.

Time unfolds beauty secret see in the glass,
You see a mom’s image in the wrinkled face,
Your grand image steals your beauty alas!
Do look at the year curtain beauty to trace.
A mother lives in mother in shape of years,
And years do expose all secrets of youth,
Ah! Leave you forever now shed all tears,
Don’t weep the young is your beauty ruth.
The wrinkles on face green beauty shows,
Sunken eyes expose your thinking changed,
Black hair turning to silver your will expose,
Don't worry a heavenly circle is prearranged.

Youth leaves behind beauty in cute wrinkles
Do make you respectable your pretty crinkles

When I look into the past all friends I see,
Standing in my mind eyes with me young,
Saying me let us make bill and coo I free,
How soon my friend’s death bell was rung.
I make sigh and weep when I do ruminate,
How years are chasing me ah I can’t run
Swifter than the years but can I dominate?
Time but the time catches you at your turn.
The past was golden now is gone forever,
The present is woeful as wound with germs,
All earthly foolish here and time is clever,
Cancels at the fixed time our life terms

Man follows man thoughts remain behind,
Written in golden words in books you find.

Your anger shows your love is more,
Talking eyes expose your pretty thought,
As the waves throw gems on the shore,
But nothing is written in the sailor’s lot.
Your changing moods my poetic themes,
The breaking vows sharpen my duller wit,
As the world changing by the sunny beams,
You with your lobby laughers my folly hit.
None can tell O! Fair where love stays?
Love is a finer thinking of our holy soul,
Various minds expose it in various ways,
Harmonious thoughts constitute the goal.

Missing soul union proves love existence,
Love is linker and the scandal is pretence.

On your sweet memory when I take rest,
Forget all day troubles and sleep with ease,
Night in your vision makes me free of pest,
All day in mind’s eyes my heart you sees.
In weariness I take your love memory pill,
Days pass quickly but nights bite my lips,
And kiss my dying wishes my willful will,
Your pretty ruth frightens me in balmy kip.
After you my love I have the toughest time,
I be-weep in loneliness and broods my heart,
Ah! How can I write my feelings in my rime?
It my wills die with me it is my fortune part.

Days pass in works nights in mental jobs,
My heart pleasure your false beauty robs

All cocks in spring season in jovial mood,
Make gleeful notes forgetting old worry,
Why in lovely weather with me you rude,
All my evil days in the love grave I burry.
Your thinking changes with the season,
My loving heart be-weeps lone on the bed,
I do believe in fate yea! There is a reason.
My live willful wills I see them all dead.
What is luck? Nothing but a written will,
Unchanged may be changed like a truant,
As the tramps taught by kind motherly bill,
If the heavenly muse in leisure you grant.

My muse does fly with the wings of Muse,
Flying powers into soul your thoughts infuse.

I do see half dead hanging scars crows,
Frightening the small birds around a field,
Drinking hemlock sitting on golden boughs,
None holds courage before a power shield.
Time unfolds the hanging crows' mystery,
When the scars crows fall down with a thud,
Time records their gallows date in the history,
The soul flies to heaven body goes to mud.
As the farmers do put into the field potion,
To kill the birds and save the time crops,
How most horrible man’s powerful notion,
Watching the condition my poor heart mops.

O man use wisdom in very country matter,
You give the dullest money and wise tatter.

Resting all night when I leave my home,
The day’s toil scatters the force of thought,
The day starts in a beauty jungle I roam,
Taking rest, your all sour memories me bite.
As smell does live in the red pretty rose,
Your reflection follows me in my slumber,
As to steal the eggs run all hungry crows,
Night comes with worry without a number.
Days pass in works nights in your dreams,
That infuses a fresh life into my tired soul,
As awake all the worlds the sunny beams,
Thus my thoughts are released on petrol.

I leave home to earn and come to feed,
My hungry soul with your beauty indeed

Day and night miss you my poor thought,
As the travelers miss shadows in a desert,
Each day for me you new worry brought,
My delicate will and wishes on earth to hurt
My drooping lids heavy with the night toil,
When my body sleeps my mind awakes,
Looks into the stars my written fate awhile,
Weeping on luck weep all unlucky shakes
I do it just to boost up your unlucky luck,
I do see your luck star going retrograde,
I with my pen want your all woes to suck,
I do love you more than your pretty hate.

Woes come to teach pleasure comes to ruin,
A woman makes life pretty now I do croon.

You do turn your cute face from me now,
Kind to waiting for me on the thorny way,
Keenly with roses to renew the broken vow,
Your soul with me my with you I do say.
You’re fault free yea time controls trends,
Our timely quarrel unites our soul again,
Sidereal time changes route with cruel friends,
Now finishes forever my heart breaking pain.
What is separation, distance in it beauty sits,
God separates Adam from Eve sends on earth,
Both had to face here more separation fits,
Don’t worry separation lies in the childbirth.

To joint stronger thoughts distance is must,
Pious soul separation makes love free of rust.

Tears floats in eyes when I remind of you,
Sleep and rest away from the doleful eyes,
As all little birds flee from a farmer’s shoo,
Your beauteous ruth my dull wit beautifies,
Separation woes more acute than death,
As the poor sad whose younger is slain,
How can she entertain the worldly mirth?
None can realize the parents’ tearful pain.
You leave me alone in this jealous world,
To tackle separation woe my poor fate,
Would that I were not born or to be a bird,
That flies over the sea with a gleeful mate.

Most dangerous the tears staying in eyes,
If fall with the falling curse avoid their cries

How nicely I do trim my hair in the glass,
And see an old face with the sunken eyes,
But always I mourn over my memory loss,
Dim with the riper thoughts death signifies.
Where is my youth but staying with me?
With changed dress playing hide and seek,
Hiding her being appears in different ways,
To deceive the poor wit what a time freak
When I was young my thoughts were green,
Now I am old and my thoughts are riper,
Many a shades of life my eyes have seen,
For coming generation my verses woe riper

Years ripen blue thoughts as the sun fruit,
Thus my pretty words world wisdom shoot.

Looking at a girl wearing a sorrow-veil,
Singing her pretty song her tender lay,
Drooping eyes full of tears tell her tale,
Why has she been from her love away?
I gaze on her cute face for a long time,
With the day’s tired eyes sit by her side,
Like a mom-less child she was in prime,
Weeping eyes tell me all wills have died.
It was my last dying and doleful desire,
Be off saying me your dream come true,
To dance wisdom puppets pull the wire,
Till the final days never touch you woe.

My love I leave you in fame farm alone,
So enjoy forever respect now I am gone

None can choose parent and character,
As are powerless to change a face beauty,
Given us by kind God is a perpetual factor,
The angel who awards well knows his duty.
Character is destiny lies in eternal jeans,
None can remove it by any earthly law,
How can you change that can’t be seen?
Human failures lie in it not in human flaw.
For a purpose on earth is human being,
To know this secret the last stage of man,
What we do all day my God is seeing,
Nothing with our will on earth we can.

Character lies in destiny and destiny in luck
Cunning says wisdom rules I call it a buck.

Gladden my heart with your pretty kiss,
Give over the habit of turning face away,
When I do compose rime I do you miss,
Nay your pretty eyes yea your love sway.
My heart burns as a candle in a church,
In your sweet vision your inborn willful will,
Gives me lullabies and leave in the lurch,
As the virgins pat a kid at the widow sill
My love change wills with the modern age,
As you change fashion and chameleon hue,
Your pretty ruth is hidden under pretty rage,
As a foodless child be hungry on the pew

In my vision when I gloat over your face,
Crude words for poetic use I always trace.