Love Sonnet BK-3

          JH Sayyar

I get not knowledge from heavenly books,
I do not read them in my precious times,
But in leisure study your naughty looks,
And note carefully my love's youth crimes.
As a sage tells someone’s future years,
What God has put wealth, fame and name?
But I your humble servants can read fears
Of your love to put into the verse frame
A woman’s eyes, lips and rosy cheeks,
Complex books to study but I keenly read,
Find greed and my mind window creaks,
And concludes doubts and doubts breed.

My cruel Love's eyes compel me to write,
As Jesus did award all sightless the sight

Before a doctor every malady speaks,
Use me for fever, cough and small pox,
The experts do not the medicine seeks,
As truants for safety reach at the rocks
I do know remedies of every disease,
But I can’t give its doze for every one,
My herbs demand how days increase,
I am not a doctor I don’t know its fun.
I am the doctor of love my first patient,
Was my pretty love first I did cure her,
With my sweet tongue it was sufficient,
Now is my fame that called me the liar.

I am love disease expert and can you tell,
Why a fair gets disease what is ill and well.

When I leave home with your memory,
My naval force feels a wonderful feeling,
That in my pretty visions my eyelids see,
Your lovely lips for me more appealing
All day my heart burns with your love heat,
All night my eyes weep why I you choose,
To be my sweet chum but my wit at my feet,
I misread the eyes what the eyes expose.
It is my pretty wills my willful will in you,
What I do think is just what is just I think,
What the tongue says wrong the eyes true
On your promise bed I can’t sleep a wink.

When be tired of woes I do think to sleep,
So my heart vigils when my eyes do weep.

I am proud of your pretty cruelties,
You cleave my heart as linen in twain,
On high cast is measured in big cities,
The raiment of ducks the poor refrain
The heart you break hopes join again,
We sustain on it love is a self-conceit
If you accept love you deceive brain,
No life in life but rhythmic heartbeat
How did I get knowledge people inquire?
I do read the books are her pretty eyes
Expose a woman's secrets beauty power,
How a girl with sweet tongue beautifies.

The book to read my Rose’s cruel eyes,
Hungry of false love my poor heart cries

As I have seen all curses of poverty,
The rich of the country put on the man,
Rejecting God’s laws they talk on charity,
Standing proudly before the foolish fan
When witless gets money call it mind skill,
The poor are advised to say all prayers,
Saying this shows no needy helping will,
Poor's sigh cleaves both the hemispheres.
When the rich loose the wit is not snatched,
Now ask him where their wisdom art flies,
Having doubts on wisdom loss is hatched,
How it is done cannot see the human eyes.

Don’t hate poor their sighs dwelling place,
Hate awakes sleeping sighs bring disgrace.

When I in solitude O Fair do ruminate,
What is life the slave of moving years?
But I come to know this fact very late,
Now thinking on it my eyes full of tears
When after a long time I see in the glass,
Printed years lines on my wrinkled face,
And I do feel my pretty youth’s youth loss,
Cruel time affects my beauteous grace.
My pregnant thoughts time can’t decay,
Thoughts belong to soul it never dies,
Nor time nor place nor night nor day,
Kills a good soul to others beautifies.

So I put my sweet soul in my pretty rime,
It can’t be perished by the cunning time.

When you smile, smile my emotions,
When the Mooney eyes sleep at night,
When it creeps into soul with devotions,
It captures your sweet dreams to delight
My love stays in your sleeping eyes,
And my mortal body turns into dust,
My being scatters when I do analyze,
Body and soul linker sensibility is must.
Where your soul beauteous body leaves,
Entering into my body my poor soul flies,
And never does come back until it grieves,
My precious soul and I till the sunrise.

Thus your love is a thief steals my heart,
Your cunning eyes know this wonder art.

I bury sweet days in your cunning eyes,
Like dead in graves yea for time being,
Before this my poor soul to Almighty flies,
The wrinkled face tells my age is fleeing.
Slowly and slowly do pass all bitter days,
Happy days pass quickly like a cannon shot,
How short is life on earth when I do gaze,
Sweet less and bitter more in my poor lot
When the sorrows encircle I dig a grave,
To get back my happy days from your eyes,
To gladden my poor heart then I do crave,
To die in your arms my death me spies.

How can I think of building a lodge on earth?
The thief death spies me since my poor birth.

O blind love be off from my sweet eyes,
I have made tired of self-living with you,
To walk with a stick morning to sunrise,
To feed you like a babe such a life poo.
I sacrifice years to make you young,
Now I am old you have left me all alone
In love desert how sweet is your tongue,
Deceives my soul now my tears moan
What I see is stored in my brain box,
That makes me young in sullen days,
Life depends on will so the will mocks,
At old men like me to be young craze.

Don’t love but once to collect memories,
For the rusty days to lighten the worries

Sweet rose avoid using the “word” hate,
Its blazing heat burns your natural grace,
And you do loose your present state,
Does make out quickly your pretty case
First you use it for my willful emotions,
After this you how many times in a day,
This vile word for injuring all my notions,
But for those who for your beauties pay
Love and hate can’t walk side by side,
As the bull and bear can’t run a race,
Do love or hate choose one to guide,
My love to right way or send to base

I see love reflections in the raging eyes,
Touching the mind your naval force cries.

God's thinking shows your lovely lips,
That knits emotions for a pair less tongue,
As April weather gives tenderness to tulips,
That power keeps them forever to be young.
So in the lip cage hangs the sharpest knife,
That twain the mighty heart in the first strike,
And he does loose forever his precious life,
Always the lip dagger does kill others' like.
So let me kiss the tulips with a great care,
The hands on the beauty bough in a red hue,
Look at me poor pretty without word O Fair,
If with the pretty words they cannot be yew.

So lip treasure makes or mars your name,
When it is loosed so make tighten its frame

As a green hunter on a pebbled shore,
Sits all day putting rod in the blue water,
Watches the rod moment’s feeling bore,
At last his long waiting all wills slaughter.
I’m green in love sweetie I trust in you,
Waiting makes me half dead your wait,
Adds to my life one more bitter woe,
Devours all glees and lengthens hate.
I love myself and do see in your eyes,
My lovely face reflects the whole truth,
On my birth spirits do award me prize,
My heart full of love and free of ruth

So you think I am the lover of your eyes,
No, your eyes my likes I do immortalize.

Come and teach my love to love O muse,
Every time I see in your pretty eyes ruth,
When I do ask for love you always refuse,
Know not a witch sits behind your youth.
As the canker mars the beauty of rose,
That is born with it hidden in the petals,
Eat beauty by and by hard to diagnose,
As in the history the real cause of battles.
Anger is the canker that lives in the eyes,
And licks the thinking power like a termite,
Eats words and makes it hollow no cries,
Just like anger weakens your beauty sight.

Take my love Rose give me your anger,
I hang it on the earthly wisdom hanger. 

What a life the oldest churchyard dome,
All dying willful will echoes echo in it ever,
Like the poor ghosts that live in the tomb,
Life is sweeter but luck pleasures devour,
Life is a tussle between good and bad,
No life in woman’s love do love it more,
The more you love the more you glad,
As fish in the water of a pebbled shore
Life is a thought the thought never dies,
The stars that give us light rule our soul,
By an unseen thread the thread glorifies,
Our pretty life thread constitutes our goal.

Life is a name of thought they are stored,
In the microcosmic world with it I am bored.

What I've done wrong to you, you turn,
Your pretty face from my innocent eyes,
I am thoughtful to you my Rose I learn,
To write from your cunning I do surprise.
Your beauty does teach me how to write,
Good and meaningful words for my rimes,
My musical words attract inhuman sight,
How forceful my thoughts prove pen crimes.
My potent captured spirits taught me to write,
One invents my word the other sharpens wit,
The third knits the sentences for me all night,
The fourth make me write when I do feel fit.

At every step wise man improves reason,
But I my life skill does put into word prison.

I have spent twenty most precious years,
To trace a true love to console a sad heart,
I fail in my mission but eyes full of tears,
That taught me to love self I to you impart.
Love is nothing the lover’s eye reflection,
You worship your shadow and you do call
It your love and deceives you its attraction,
And does lead you by and by to an utter fall
My love my being‘s crystal looking glass,
When I see her how charming is my being,
Therefore I love her in loving to surpass,
Do something my youth is rapidly fleeing.

Always love and tears do walk together,
As man with shadow in the sunny weather

Man is like a pretty puppet’s shadow,
The shadow's shadow the real is hidden,
As spring beauties before spring in meadow,
As sin-charms lie in life that were forbidden
The couple broke the first day vow made sin,
They were the first sin makers in paradise,
No mistake but was feed Eve’s heart to win,
So the sin circle of Eve the world beautifies.
Death is the messenger of our all actions,
Nothing but keeps our records up to date,
Without it the sinful cannot get perfections,
So the binder death we must not it hate

Woman, wealth and sex weaken man’s creed,
A weak faith the cause of death and life greed

As in a riper seed lays trunk and fruits,
So everything fixed nothing is on its will,
So natural laws constitute all our routes,
And forward to destination the faults to fill.
The foolish think joys wise active reason,
The wise thinking power shows right ways,
Think who put autumn into spring reason,
The wise wit not the unseen planet rays
A man's character lies in the parents’ gene,
A tiny gene carries all macrocosmic traits,
That appears in microcosm none has it seen,
And consider low the highest wit propagates.

The parents’ genes’ world is out of control,
In settling all worldly affairs no wisdom role

Learn, what? Time circle and nothing else,
Create faith the real route of time and space,
Educate reason the mother of faith He tells,
Upper world just shows reality in you trace.
Ignorant kill mother and keep live her child,
They use the child according to their will,
Mother the faith and killing ways more mild,
First the priests did it and can be seen still.
I've faith in reason and study space and time,
That makes my life records daily up date,
Writes on a disk separating vice and crime,
Love deceives the angels I do propagate.

I do find peace in love when I ruminate,
The study of microcosm lessens my hate.

Today I miss you today's weather is fine,
Cool breeze blowing touching my cheeks,
Your dim memory on my mind does shine,
That is why your face today my soul seeks.
You leave me forever like a dust storm,
I feel your presence in my heart and soul,
Your love does teach me in love to roam,
Now you live in my sad and sunken hole.
Every comely sight reminds of your face,
That makes my sad heart like a foster child,
Or like the racer who does loose the race,
Or like the little babe whose mother is wild.

Every morning my Rose I do hope to meet,
Your waiting is more bitter and less sweet.

I do confess that I love you not O dear,
Why I cannot face your face full of woe,
This grace in solitude my heart does tear,
So my soft anger proves to be my love foe.
But I think you leave fresh memory behind,
To mourn over my lost love but new in vain,
Now you do leave the world and I am kind,
To your false love O Rose my love is slain.
O Lady in the dead silence of spring night,
Breaks my heart into pieces your pretty voice,
And my past happy days memories me bite,
In such condition my poor soul can rejoice?

After you I will love to mourn over my fate,
I could not change into love your pretty hate.

You're wasting life love in idle pursuits,
Luck and money are written in heaven,
We make aimless efforts the angle hoots,
On egg stealing the sparrow by the raven
In written lucks no change in earthly law,
The prayers remove self-made treason,
We go to fall due to our character’s flaw,
We ignore it the angel knows its reason.
Love is not written O Lady in your writ
Don’t mourn over it is the gift of genes,
If your try to change it will fail your wit,
As are afraid of night all newly teens,

What you think leave follow luck scheme,
I see the written book of luck when I deem.

Your ruthful smile sharpens my duller wit,
Your coral breast adds charm to my line,
May God my glee write in your vacant writ?
And your face is my loneliness concubine.
No love in your luck but I do offer you,
My faithful intimacy to add charm in life,
You find more loves but none like me true,
I do love you as someone to other's wife.
You live more away from me but I think,
In my weak body rests your restless soul,
Therefore all night sleep I not at a wink,
Now to get your love in verse is my goal

O fair let us make on beach bill and coo,
Yea soul talks to soul if our love is true.

Your ruthful smile sharpens my duller wit,
Your coral breast adds charm to my line,
May God my glee write in your vacant writ?
And your face is my loneliness concubine.
No love in your luck but I do offer you,
My faithful intimacy to add charm in life
You find more loves but none like me true,
I do love you as someone to anther’s wife.
You live more away from me but I think,
In my weak body rests your restless soul,
Therefore all night sleep I not at a wink,
Now to get your love in verse is my goal

O fair let us make on beach bill and coo,
Yea soul talks to soul if our love is true.

My Swam has gone to sleep on her soft bed,
I all alone sitting in window heavy rain falling;
I see her face in vision and I myself to said,
She slept like dead why are you her calling
Then an echo comes out of my poor heart
Who listens to my voice in sleep thunder noise?
My Swan has slept turning turtle my love cart,
But happy, forever happy my heavenly choice,
If you were me you do see my sweet Swan,
How your lover spends night with weeping eyes;
Counts the night stars waiting for the dawn.
And all night the birds listen to my hear cries.

O my Cupid, awake, see what does silence expose?
Darkness: love soul, you leaving me O happy rose

Do come back; do come back, O my cute Swan,
From the vale of sleep lest slumber fast blowing airs,
Should you astray from your nest, tomorrow dawn;
Appeared on the other shore of sleep without cares,
I see in vision you flying beyond my cool shadows
Of cares and shares slumber fine weather astray you
Seas and sands area same but your upsides down pose,
Turns positive into negative, yea! I say more true,
I wonder when I woke up, my Swan come back soon
In my poor heart hangout, the next resting place,
For future pleasures where forever we will croon,
Love breeds love and good intention love grace.

My cute Swan fly over me to shadow my woeful being
Your sleep shadows finish like spindle good days fleeing

Seven heavens movements stop on your birth day time,
The fairies of the heavens smile their fellow being on earth,
To spread the beauty rays on earth and your being a chime,
Among belles, the Universe beauty queen has taken her birth.
Heavens beam when God stares at His final master art,
Cupid weeps on her being and begs for your pretty grace,
Birds and flowers beauty your shadow and care for every heart
Heavens and earths smile looking at your stalking pace,
Minutes, day week and moth all fall in Years Ocean,
Those you carrying on tour shoulders falling in chops,
Years heap years on head beauty marring potion,
Leave your copy earth, otherwise in vain all my hopes.

Birth day gift more precious, but this my immortal gift,
Makes your being more pretty, your brainy thoughts swift

Sometimes I wonder how in your love I fell,
Sometimes you wonder how you do me trace,
Our unseen love is pious; we see all is well,
My immortal pen enhancing your mortal grace
Seen loves all make, unseen on earth are rare,
Do you think our love is old or for a few days,
I think finding you my Rose love is not new,
It is my lost love when in your eyes I gaze,
Unseen love is nothing but our mutual trust,
Not of tongue, but of soul and you afraid of sex,
But loving your own being, your revengeful lust,
Waste your precious life fears put on you hex

My Swan let us promise to live ever with each other,
Better you be my Ladylove, not my kids’ mother,

Ringing death, O Man do seek any mightier way
Make him a stone or steel but the death claws
Will catch you anon and soul will take away,
From earth to heaven to purify your flaws,
Finding there a new life and the life does decay,
Live there forever among the Huris with all ease,
Joys dwell there joys, no grief and no joy pay,
Eden: the lost abode your glee will increase,
No hate and love concept there and no pain no gain,
Wining and dining all day and with no day end,
All will real there and nothing will be feign,
God’s blessings in heaven will change your trends,

The mistress’s kiss: pretty sin leads men to dark hell,
As none can listen to the caught deer’s soul’s yell.

Yea! None can believe in love that is matter base,
Man: a mixture of soul and mass since his creation,
Without it men cannot add in it on earth more grace
Men in the world are for trial and for probation,
If I do write in my verse the beauty of universe,
So I make injustice on earth with my pretty being,
The coming generation late or soon will me curse
I do know my life spindle is speedily fleeing,
So I write for the youngest and their life mission,
As a guiding light that shows them a future goal,
While reading will affect my words’ transmission,
In all directions equally from North to South Pole,

You will live in my poor heart and in my rime,
Double grave you will enjoy O Lady in future time

If I compare you to a light frisking sparrow,
You are lighter and more and more agile,
Your flexible limbs bend like a hunter arrow,
But you me everyday O Lady does beguile,
Sometime your cruel eyes more to me kind,
But saucy cheeks do reflect your tender heart,
But who do you hide your cruel nature behind?
It is your gentle nature thoughtful eyes pin part,
But your internal beauty will never, never fade,
Yea! Nor you will lose your kind beauty gift,
Nor will touch any evil eye your beauty shade,
Nor you will get in life, O Lady and type of rift,

You will enjoy fame as well as the world does exist,
An will never change your beauty fumes in earthly mist

Hidden stops and clutches, your beauty paws,
Sucking back blood watering the dying eyes,
More naught and grave your deceiving kill claws,
The feeble cannot face kiss heat and never survives,
A Phoenix leaves his beauty print in old age,
And for the lover’s snare your wrinkled face,
Wonder looking at her beauty her age fellow sage,
With time circle her straggling lessens her grace,
Tears: not with jealous smile looking in the air,
Sometime peeps your mind through your silly lips,
Coloring them with red hue looks more fair,
That enhances your grace and your beauty tips,

Yea! Add face beauty to beauty but will one day die,
You betray me knowingly, upon your false promise, fie! 

With tender hands nature paints a woman’s face,
And put in her tender heart hot erotic passions,
That controls her supper wit that does deface,
But hides her all faults, pretty woman’s fashions,
Your eyes more cunning and less faithful to me,
And sucks my soul of words in rusty lone,
When I think on my past controls my destiny,
But your jealous will in rime I have shown,
Nate makes mistake cunning put in her will,
Jealousy controls her mind, talkative her tongue,
Even in the best time in olden days is still,
Never follows her will, even death bell, rung,

Women tears: men’s traps, smile lovers’ pleasure,
Changing lover daily loses her beauty treasure.

My wit, enthralled by her beauty, but not my Muse,
Her painted beauty deceives my nature gifted wit,
Her meaning full goading, two folds, words infuse,
Nothing does expose smile, cunning on her brows sit
How can I write her cunnings, and my Rose lies
Promise breaker since her birth, her birth defect,
Carrying thirty years on shoulders cannot make wise,
But from her sweet tongue all sweet promise reflect,
Your false promise o Rose let me fairly write,
But you believe in not me, you think me unfair,
And love proves faithless that wastes my might,
But I do shun from your cunnings, if I do care,

Let me permit to debunk your sweet lying tongue,
In rimes for the future lovers who are still young

O Lady! Look in your purse glass and do come around,
Now youth has gone and winkles on your tender cheeks,
Come out of reverie, my Rose old age is more sound,
Now your lovely love skin is numb if love tweaks,
Yea! Your Painted beauty covers your birth flaws,
But nothing hidden from and your flabby breasts,
Tear into pieces lovers’ heart like a tiger paws,
And doe stiffness leaves you in watchers’ pests
All delusive hopes keep someone alive in lone,
Your beauty deceives me that on cheeks do shine,
Looking at it in the evening my poor hearts moans
Cries for a peaceful death taking kissing wine,

Keep in mind dream walking…my love is slain,
I want death in your tender arms again and again

Nicely painted beauty more cunning than a nicer face,
Lie plant growing in heart, and will and wishes impart,
Cunning traps for the lovers’ eyes adds more grace,
In your beauty, more ugly see in your glass of heart,
When you your painted beauty O Lady others deceive,
Drenches on your face reveal past on your glassy skin,
Common eyes cannot see it but my eyes do perceive,
Micro and macro reflecting all doings in my poetry, sin,
I do see all through the window of my wary soul,
The motion of will and wishes revealing in greedy lake,
Law sanction not to harry the flying larks in dale,
Your pretty tricks and cunning for lovers’ hemisphere,

You cannot hide O Lady your see through cute face,
Expresses every printed trick yours in dark embrace

Chary eyes hide all but reveals the glassed face,
Your arrival to me hiding a shining skin game,
Your floating eyes express when me you embraced,
You hide crimes in beauty O Rose a pretty shame,
What star on your birth changes you in pros?
Great fortune you enjoy, night flower beauty,
Your beauty live with a snake in the grass,
To expose your greed in words my pen duty,
Be victorious eyes, but alas!  For which you
Perform pernicious act injures your soul hearth,
Lovers trace your beauty not your love true,
Converting life into life a precious heavenly wealth,

I am happy with my love, but your love is deceit,
Your painted beauty for my heart a pure cheat

The queen of my false love I get from you this,
When I and you in one couch lied under shade,
Soft breasts in moon light, Tea! More tasty to kiss,
Whole night in cozy bed, you lying like a maid,
People pampering you in dream, when you sleep,
On awaking going there to enjoy in a sweet vale,
Stopping your conscious but your thoughts cheap
And your coming plight and your wary wit does fail,
The stars on your head moving making bad aspects,
Showing danger for your virginity through its rays,
Human eyes see it not, but spiritual eyes do reflect,
The secret in coded shapes when holy eyes do gaze,

Yea! I cannot boast of your love, your love is deceit,
World experience shows it and results are concrete.

Tired of day’s work, falling on my warm cozy bed,
My limbs want rest but my strong soul not tired,
Sleeping on my bed starts a journey in my head,
Mind flight moves when my tied body expired,
Then my eyes search for you, what are you doing?
In darkness on the beech leaving dark night on you
Shrinking your face figures and cheeks are wooing,
Now ask your heart O Lady you to me false or true,
My soul eyes shine in darkness, or in a dark view,
Watching everything clearly with my soul flight,
That converts my old grief into all grief, new,
Teases me more in darkness breast opening sight,

By day I think you, O Lady by night for you I weep
In your grief I lay on bed and my poor eyes sleep

How do I take from you’re my love, my youth,
Both flew to part but now present presents, a new,
Day for new works, but always your pretty ruth,
Sitting on your black brow, and a silky casket sew,
But promises done with you torture my simple soul,
Your day beauty deceives, but night beauties expose,
What has been all day your pretty bode role,
You win love, and I lose it what it O Lady shows
Your beauty salt converts my love into my love in salt,
A few know it mystery, how love changes into hate,
Women’s passions just see beauty but not glassy fault,
Their passions make glass brighter how small and great,

Your face beauty sight in moonlit makes grief longer,
Your full view with painted beauty makes kiss stronger

When I am disgraced openly by women’s saucy eyes,
Peeping behind thoughts exist pretty women’s hate,
Bemoaning my own curse heaven touching cries,
Terrible my dull soul and more hard my fate,
Hopes remain hope and reality is a dark dream,
Wish shadow far away from me when I brood,
All wishes burn and turn into mouth steam,
Nor my breath nor my sight smoke turns rude,
I among the willow trees do beweep all lone,
None around me but your image in my mind eye,
Kissing your red, red lips satisfying my groan,
And your sullen face reveals your inner sky,

Do not weep my traitor love, your saucy eyes I mope,
Your rude painted beauty style burns my pretty hope

When I am summoned up in dream by my cold past,
Wearing black dresses standing all in long, long rows,
Falling eye drops and rising breath smoking, Aghast,
Blood coming from the eyes in bowing head pose,
All black with different faces, mirror of my thought
Running circle within the circle but the centre is one,
All reflect my future dark town my soul caught,
Looking at the sight of hope do into coals turn,
Emotions burn and turn to as, then one piteous sigh,
And anon terror prevails my in body and soul,
Looking all dead turning into new shapes all night,
Frozen my will and soul: under black power control,
Sigh within the sigh reveals, a new shape shifting trend,
But by deceiving, take not my curse, o my cute friend,

Your bosom shining more than evening moon light,
The eve stars borrows their light from your coral breasts,
Control human destiny, crimes and physical soft plight,
Merry light mountains spring from your soft pink crest,
You many a sins are done in the name of love,
A false pursuit of false mind in the darkest land,
Finding nothing beating air in quest of kid-glove,
Building ideal cot with words bricks on the sandy,
You are wary but our actions are controlled,
By the modern ethics, not by God but set by men,
But my Sweety our all actions on earth are sold,
But our thoughts are conjured her by money pen,

Your mind is fixed but my thoughts time change,
But your actions O Lady on earth out of range.

To my poor soul, do come now, to console,
You will come when death will take away,
My body lying in grave, a horrible dark hole,
And you will then make my last body survey,
Compare not my lines with the mortal pen,
Future wealth my verse for you free of time,
Claw, higher men know it well but lower men,
I have written in verses yours and mine crimes,
Wisdom in my words as wrinkles on the face,
My will word in word, puzzle common wit,
Shallow wisdom reading it adds wit grace,
Foolish searches surface wisdom lies in pit.

Who surpasses me in verse, time decides it soon,
All will die an earth but my verse are our of ruin

Ah! Many a cute faces in my life I have seen,
Killingly silently wits with lazar beauty rays,
Falling from bough ripened, not fully green,
Hard iron is melt by the naked beauty gaze,
Sighs clouds cover wit soon with smoke,
Falling beauty vapors burn wisdom anon,
Flying crow over head your beauties mock,
I know love is free from worldly canon,
Your painted beauty deceives chary brain,
Your labor sweats on your cheeks swim,
I see from your eyes warm falling rain,
Thus with woes and wail I my heart trim

Beauty appeals to passions, it controls reason,
AS summer beauty cheats birds in spring season

Why did you tell a lie to come yester night?
Thus you change my cozy sleep into hell,
But in dream I do see your dim pale sight,
Waling side by side I know your nature well,
Lying in love, not fair, you knowingly ignore it,
It does not injure body, but it injures soul,
And brings dishonor to the lovers’ wary wit,
But beauty witch women’s pretty wit control,
Your immoral actions in public give grief,
But you repent no of it I get a heavy loss,
More teases me in lone your shame relief,
All wise know it well what is in the cross?

Love tears: pearls flowing from pretty eyes,
Putting around the neck arms all dead arise

Saucy youth does not know what she has done,
Shame and conscious voice bring good action fruit,
Unfair thoughts put to action, do always shun,
But in old age our all actions in lone we hoot,
What is weakness? Our fault, and all evils, seed,
All make faults but women make like a child,
People do not accept it but it is my solid creed,
Women’s lust her pride, nature is more mild,
Lust controls women’s wit and frees reason,
Greed live in heart and jealousy sit on her nose,
Both greed and lust, both to women’s treason,
Good days bring joys, bad day brings sorrows,

Your beauty thief, robs my wary wit and thought,
Making friendship with you, death gallows brought

Let us divide our love among unloved on the way,
Yea! None throws love full rays to that ugly face
Charity: the poor’s right we must happily pay,
And with our holy eyes at them we all must gaze,
Love like a fine glass exposes her glorious rays,
But reflects the painted beauty with double face,
Hidden from the eyes, the secrets, I do amaze,
Then love spreads on earth new love to trace,
I do accept you with stains in hope to mend,
Your all evils, but I do fail in my holy aim,
Women’s nature more mighty, change your trend
But I fail to correct them, alas! I openly do claim

I trust woman’s love but not her natural fault,
That changes earthly things as mountain salt 

As a pros takes pride of her cute daughter, boon,
As an old man does boat of his pragmatic wit,
As the aunts enjoy winter with summer croon,
As darkness for evils for young and old most fit,
I like not my Lady’s cheeks with coral breast,
I like her chary lips and ever deceiving tongue,
Receives her holy heart daily a new young guest,
Forgetting age but keeping lust mind old or young,
Day and night guards O Lady my holy ghost,
Records your deed s of hours and your dark game,
When I sleep my ghost visits me your secret post,
Your thought music reflect in your weak frame,

Around our neck is present a solid natural seal,
Earth atoms record our deeds but  we cannot feel

My Muse soars up like eagle when I think of you,
My Muse surveys beauties roaming here and there,
It does tell me anon who is false and who is true,
My Lady’s beauty false throwing layer on layer,
Let me visit O Muse, desert unholy love land,
Standing trees leafless and flowers without smell,
All around heat, no shade o Muse where to stand,
I see parching heat burns everything like ugly hell,
Coming out of love land when I see my being,
Burns all my whishes with more heat of lust,
I see hollow loves here and there swiftly fleeing,
Alas! This sight of beauty shakes my love trust,

Your coquettes; day joy, and tour beauty; night sin,
Your coral breast sight enough lover’s heart to win

O Rose! The emotions about me you have I respect,
Owing to having same nature in all flesh frames,
But always passions control human reason a fact,
That plays in talking field with reason many games,
Sometimes reason deceives; it is a slave of passions,
Forgetting good or band fruit provides points strong,
Therefore nothing comes out of nothing in our sessions,
Blind reason curtails life, watching reason does prolong,
Life, as for the blind useless, the sun diurnal role,
Reason a slave of passions, passions queen of wit,
I call women passions and men reason to control,
Passions women’s maid always with then does it,

Passions clouds eclipse, the reason sun and moon,
Reason day turns to night and evening into noon,

Do take back your o Lady your love is false,
Your love raindrops beautifully fall on all,
A blessing for all being my poor heart it calls,
You: a passion slave, it is my poor love fall,
You receive my love but receiving it you burn,
In the fire of falsity, and throws my love ash,
In your room dust bin, keep O Lady in hate urn,
For the coming lovers, you my poor love smash,
You steal my soul and make me half dead,
Buried in wish grave could not reach to the sky,
Seeing by the soul eyes, rising dead cowered fled,
Reality hidden in veil of atoms does fail if you try,

Love had no being but its being is holy soul,
Nor tears nor sighs but passions love control

Your erotic soul commits crimes always in leisure,
When my being you forget and change lover at night,
You do fall prey to lovely lust in pursuing pleasure,
Smile on wrinkled face, for all new lovers’ termite,
Your beauty deceives; eyes capture all mighty hearts,
Your coral breasts give pleasure even to the old,
Sunken eyes your kiss makes fresh all wrinkled parts,
And your hugging makes the cowards anon bold,
When greed woos with money invites flying vulture,
In silky curtained room flying all night with dismay,
Searching dead for food their at night modern culture,
And their crying invites others flying far and far away.

Your beauties tempt hearts via eyes unseen lazar rays,
Burn all wishes of life anon your strong kissing craze

You turn away your lovely face, it is my grief,
My eyes lose sight and hearing functions fails
Let me know the cause of turning face in brief,
Again in my dreams my poor heart you, hails.
I see in your cunning eyes my own reflection,
Sitting sad in your arms head on your breast,
But something in heart reveals kissing action,
Leave me not I do love your canker guest,
If I lose you O Lady, I lose all what I gain,
In love labor and with it my love wish dies,
Your reason fails passions control your brain,
In new love echoes you listen not to my cry.

The second love kills the first in joys no more,
Leave the second come to first I do you implore,

When I sleep in my couch with opened eyes,
They view hidden seven heavens and hells,
I hear beating with fire lash, the sinners’ cries,
No soul to rest there but more fires on all dells,
When I sleep my soul does leave my frame,
And watch you all night tour heavenly face,
Sitting in lovers’ shadow your love to tame,
Hate sits in your eyes and adding more grace,
How turn you my sweet love into bitter hate,
Human heart full of love, but hate devils’ vale,
Proving hate with argues and people call it fate,
No fate but laws of nature make men great,

If I see your face at night morn turns into day,
Your hate turns love day into night I surely say.

When my poor love is summoned in love palace,
I see Beauty queen sitting proudly on envy throne.
Treachery in her moony eyes, shining face jealous,
To kill my love silky hair gallows was me shown,
Wisdom my lawyer puts forward just one request,
Before jealous beauty queen to argue the case,
Pondering over the case beauty judge order to arrest,
Love, wearing black dress, put it in dark place,
Always passions put of the lamp of wisdom at last,
Love is passion, beauty wisdom. Gets sure defeat,
In wisdom and passion battle with heavy sigh blast,
Tears, sighs and sobs all add in fighting more heat,

Wisdom and passion both do play hide and seek,
Wisdom listens anon to the blind passions shriek

O Lady! Your mood is air and your passions are fire,
Alas! Burn my wisdom cottage and turns into ash,
My sweet, Sweet dreams remain unfulfilled desire,
But your bitter hate and hate does my love crash,
When men leave earth, leave behind two things,
Hate and love but hate dies with the soul death,
Love remains behind and flies on golden wings,
New love is born from the dying Phoenix breath
At last breathe flies just bone body remains behind,
Wearing white dress on moving bed going there,
Where we are eaten by earth worms flesh and mind,
But good deeds will be on earth after death snare,

Thinking on my deeds on earth I am not more glad,
But my mistress is coming to me, I am not more sad,

My passion and reason both are at fatal war,
Emotions instigate to kiss her coral breast,
Reason forbids to so sleeping kiss will mar,
My trust and I think let her take sound rest,
I think, you dream my face with killing ruth,
I am sitting there O Lady! In your pretty eyes,
And see your all deeds of childhood and youth,
And your vile will when from sleep you rise,
Remove all mortal thoughts from your bosom
All recorded in life book, we know it or not,
Even our thinking or our entire open twosome,
Every deed is written here be of palace of cot,

I hate you not O Lady, but your jealous thought,
No mart on earth, from where you it brought

There is a war between my passions and reason,
Passions try to break the circle of reason but vain,
Wisdom rejects it forcefully and calls it treason,
Against natural laws, it makes life full of pain,
Reason lives in y brain, passions in my heart,
Passions change, but reason not, to argue futile,
Reason cannot be bought but passions from mart,
Nothing hidden from reason watching from a mile,
Reason gives us pleasure and passions grief,
As thorns around buds protection of flower,
My Muse tells you all secrets in words brief,
Why turns pale, think, a red rose tiny leaf,

Always cut passions’ carrion from reason knife,
Then on earth will be your short life free of strife

I know, no falsity I do see when I am born,
Since cradle up till now I learn the whole truth,
But on growing up my moor soul was worn
A black garb of lie, from top to toe in youth,
On growing up, I do separate truth from lie,
One by one in lone but heavenly books reveal,
Darkness all around, when golden light rays fly,
From earth or when the Angels all lights steal,
Light: blend of light, darkness and more heat,
Heat, passion, lie, darkness, but light in fire,
What connects light and darkness? It is heat,
If dissolves light remain behind dark liar,

Lies symbolize darkness, but lights the whole truth,
Light: smile essence, falsehood, concubine of ruth

Time does not come again like ocean wave,
But I know your infancy, childhood and youth,
In my memory lock is captured your tart behave,
Breaking my poor heart feeling you more sooth,
Surely I will open my memory lock in old age,
To see time circle changes in my love again,
Fading lips and hair, and youth in wrinkled cage,
But yours playing with me in my memory lane
Love growing with age, youth captive in time frame,
But increasing naval lust, but decreasing body force
Life is nothing, but in between youth and old age game,
None of the two finds on earth the right course,

Why to love my Love, my Love has moral flaws,
Hate breeds not love, tea! It is my fighting cause

Alas! I not know my life journey how is too long,
I travel on time train sometime slow, some time fast,
Singing on time boat freely how to life prolong,
Time is more; life is short, thinking it downcast,
Getting tired on the way I sit in heavenly vale,
Swollen, choked throat and a parching tongue,
Alas! All fruits everywhere but no water in dale,
A nice garden that makes all old woes young,
Time bridle controls life horse with a bloody spurs,
The rider’s feet cannot walk with the horse might
Time horse long journey kills on the way all curs,
Some die of hunger and some die of lone fright

When my Lady’s face swims on my mighty mind,
Looking at her pretty eyes seem she is to me kind

My heart: My life clock counts my sullen days,
Heart beat clicking lessens days, months and years
No one to count beats I do to the Maker praise,
How our heart changes anon pleasure into tears,
No mistake like men clock it makes in count,
No hour strike, no stop and no handle to control,,
It records in second men’s whole life account.
No stop in men’ life it is plying its might role,
Of every second life clock keeps our record,
Of deeds of day and night thoughts in crowd,
Common eye see not but watching more hard,
Taking its record it goes with pure while shroud,

Life secret lies in life clock and its musical beat,
As the diamond luster lies in coal mine peat.

AH! I have a master key to open pleasure lock,
Others do not know the lock inner complex design,
All try to open it and get a body jerking shock,
At last the wicked wits have to hopefully resign,
To guard pleasure lock jealousy sit at the door,
With many a changes shapes, key wearing in ears,
Listening praise smiles and happy more and more,
But when eyes face the eyes both full of fears,
Unlock the pleasure lock with the key child smile,
Free of cheat its language known to everyone,
Child, old and young all know it lazy or agile,
But knowing its phonemes is not an easy fun,

Child smile: the master key to unlock pleasure gate,
But hate and jealousy locks the master lock of fate

O Lady! All know you very well you are so cute,
All shining flowers shade reflect on your face,
Your golden hair male all men anon mute,
Your dimple on the cheeks adds more grace,
Your beauty natural, free of painted beauty art,
Helen’s beauty art hides hide all skin defects,
But in your beauty reflects your simple heart,
Enhancing your simple smile your face effects,
Her cheeks color spread in all pretty flowers,
Her breath lessens pain, woes and sorrows,
Of all men and women in lone in few hours,
Her coral breasts sight changes rising eye brows,

God give you Helen beauty to calm tearful eyes,
Your sweet kiss makes anon all the dullest wise

Helen’s beauty your image but no print you behind,
It is against natural laws you think on it you to night,
Playing kids in park you cute children do remind,
What is darkness nothing but the absence of light?
Canker lives in cute flowers and its petals eats,
And destroys the beauty of rose and die at the end,
Your deny your canker mars your love grace,
It grows within the flowers but does not send,
But the flowers and its virtue but not its shades,
That within days die but not with the sun rays,
Birds fly over the flower without canker raids,
None can see it but seen by moral eyes gaze,

Your truth id words remain O Lady you will die,
To trace your truth in air after you my heart cry.

Precious gifts, Yea! Waste of time will decay,
But your beauty remains immortal in my rime,
Free of time and space like sinking moon in bay,
Generation to generation but beauty keeps time,
No war but all men’s mortal works over turn,
Steel and stone structures will be rooted out,
And waters of the seven seas fire shall burn,
But your name will live rime surely no doubt,
Your being good, and good remains forever,
Even after death it spreading force of heaven,
Truth is the name of God will fade never, never,
Wise men know it well as the mountains a raven

You will remain in my eyes and in my holy rime
I convert a mortal thing into an immortal crime,

Sweet love, rethink, your love is not fair,
Like mountain snow or like a lake in the pit,
Sits mud and sands in bottom layer by layer,
The whole lake muddy if doubt snails do hit,
Love that travels from moral mind to soul,
And must travel to pit silently in the lake,
One light other heavy, balance out of control
Ah! Light searches for light for her being sake
Sweet love, stay with me in my love full eyes,
To show me right path in a dark street of life,
Life jerks cannot be seen in dusk and my cries,
Cry for your holy love that is free of strife.

Holy love: a flower, I welcome you in spring,
Without your love my Lady, my love is nothing

The slave of passions and the slave of reason,
Yea! Two kinds of people on earth I do find,
Everything changes but no change with season,
In both, but reason and passions both soul grind,
Reason follows passions: the slave of desire,
Reason does nothing but strong arguments,
Ignoring good or bad results like by birth liar,
Reason is activated when a passion intends.
Passions wrapping in garb of reason or thought,
Look to the watchers a pure reasonable act,
Knowing not the decision of desire of caught
Thus our wisdom on earth to death brought

In between passions and reasons we all are fool,
Always passions get victory over reason a rule

God makes me first and puts in my tiny soft skull,
Wisdom and reason to control uncontrolled actions,
But before love I prove my being useless and dull,
Taming not my emotions turn into commotions,
In lust and lust full actions I fall in unholy pleasure,
Reason sits calmly watching my doings in lone,
Guiding me not reason in sinful time in leisure,
Thus evil penetrates in my soft flesh and bone,
Reason cannot control emotions commits crimes,
In lone against conscious, no repentance but miss,
Reason supports evil actions in a day many times,
But a man’s being: a slave of passions and kiss.

Sitting in my couch I am waiting for holy spark,
Waiting, waiting but my being is not up to mark

Nothing new on earth, time decays present all,
Hand and mental labors all lost in gentle time,
Old wine in new vial, invention the foolish call,
And in finding the lost inventions commit crime,
Inventive brains: guided by spirits in dreams,
How to find the lost for the coming generation,
The blessings of heaven on earth are via beams
It is bread and butter cycle but spirits recreation,
Always blessings on earth from sun and moon,
Wise men watch it sitting in the window sill,
The blessings of God in rays fall in the moon,
None can change its direction; it is God’s will,

Physical eyes cannot heavenly thins in rays,
The foolish call it bask but wise men praise,

Twelve hours of a day and twelve hours of a night
What show? Nothing, but mystery of death and life,
Glee and gloom, bread and butter and cause flight,
Of day wits and night wits but both full of strife,
All our deeds are recorded in our record book,
From infancy to maturity and all good or bad,
What we do on earth we shall one day look,
Then before God yea! We all will be very sad
Silver gate of golden, shut, but a new golden gate,
Of time opens to count deeds little or great,
To reward, reward or punishment we all wait,
On the ground of will but it is settled late,

When all will finish but my golden verse stands,
Praising your coral breasts and soft silky hands

I watch your cupid face all night in slumber,
I close my eyes to sleep but no sleep in eyes,
My red heavy eyelids count all night number,
When heart full love releases tear full sighs.
Your spirit leaving you enters into my brain,
When you sleep tells me all your deeds of day,
All golden verses come from heaven like rain,
Each drop does catch my pen, silver and grey,
It is my shadow walks with you side by side,
At noon backward, but in the eve onward,
On a golden horse of image behind you I ride
And you beside me riding like a royal lord

Your hate keeps me active, love sharpens wit,
When on my golden image bed you by me sit

Alas! Ignorance: the darkest night of mind,
Love cannot stay in it, but hate dwelling place,
Sitting in the room, Satan teaches none to kind,
Envy and enmity on earth has no heavenly grace,
No heavenly face on earth like me so cute,
No soul that guides men on earth in rime,
No hand that writes truth in daily solitude,
No pen that writes deeds on the back of time,
These random thoughts give me more delight,
In the world of liar writing truth an heavenly art,
Then my pen and passions do make a flight,
Will and wishes are slain in trance of heart,

I do praise for myself not your praise in rime,
Verse remains forever, beauty decays with time

All countries’ politicians, lend me your eras,
Lock in your memory what I say to you,
Corruption makes your soul full of fears,
You know it well it is all fair and true,
All countries’ lawyers, lend me your ears,
Do not support guilty, do save your soul,
From God’s heavy wrath and do fall tears
Of repentance before reaching final goal,
All countries’ nymphs lend me your ears,
Do not deceive lovers, beauty dies with time,
You will die virgin, none will shed tears,
In wrinkles lies day and night dark crime,

All virtues inter with the dead in grave,
Evils remain behind, dead coward or brave,

When you look cuter, do ask your glass
What will you do O Lady when will steal,
Your youth and old days come across,
Standing before you sitting with no deal,
Sow goodness seed in youth with pleasure,
And reap its golden fruit in age of pain,
Your will, will fail, if you think in leisure,
Pleasure not but grief some again and again.
When your beauties decay, but you in rime,
Will live like a bright comet when I am gone,
Which is mighty, pen or beauty proves time?
Yea! I compare you with laughter not moan
Nothing can stay on earth except goodness for all,
Increasing knowledge day by day ignorance fall

Black clouds, black thunder and black earthquake,
Matter swallowing sea waves, fire vomiting mound,
A warning to earthly people just for protection sake,
Yea! Written in the book of life surely I have found.
Beauty like bubbles dies but beauty not in soft mind,
It does make its demonstration on the mind screen.
If it is your love sketch, it is to you more kind.
When our fear full fancy fails in worldly plight,
Beauty’s mighty hand holds out cruel time powers,
Watching time wonderful wonder sitting on height,
Sometimes coming on earth sitting in sea flowers

Do think in lone, which is mighty beauty or time?
Time stops one day but your beauty lives in rime

Alas! Cowards are afraid of death but do no know
What is death? Nothing but a long and long sleep,
In the darkest narrow cells sleeping all row by row,
All alone lying helpless earthworms on them creep,
The brave accept death bravely and ready to face,
Hat they have dome in life with all its reactions,
But good deeds before God enhancing their grace 
What is life? Nothing, but reactions of the actions
We must know on earth, what is mortal in us?
Soul and body dies but in one thing no change,
Our Zat after death it does remain surely cuss
With done or undone deeds limitless power range,

All are written in golden book our willed deeds,
Angels write with eternal fingers all your creed?

Foolish are making new system for human being
Knowing not fully the nature of human nature,
Therefore all system fail on earth I am seeing,
All systems make on earth human disgrace,
Ask any architecture to make a pretty home,
You will be asked for what purpose man is made,
House, villa, village and wall or on earth tomb,
According to dwellers’ its base will be laid,
Battle of wit is carrying on in every street,
It kills ego, but for human eyes unseen,
Wit’s failing victory over passions but retreat
Badly in the battle of wit but I passions greet,

Men are deceived by wit, passions control actions,
In all deeds of human beings, their will reflections

Kids lay with play thing at home on floor,
Mothers educating kids with manmade toys,
But kids break toys striking against the door,
Ah! Breaking kids’ play thing the end of joys
Death breaks our toys: our parents and brothers,
One by one all are broken before our sunken eyes
We cannot but I like toys sisters and fathers,
No glee on earth I see all around sobs and cries.
We in the hands of nature useless toys we all,
Remote control toys whose key not in our hand,
We all do what is said by our remoter call,
Its message written in codes we not understand.

Death destroys our all play things new and old,
But pretty soul is taken out of it that is pure gold 

Honor shifts like sparrow on tree man to man
Honor: a golden crow on earth is willingly sent,
From heaven for human beings for self victory fan,
In worldly kingdom you cannot get it on rent
Do not expose self on earth: a man of success,
It is a whore trade to display beauty in mart,
To sell her beauty being makes self valueless,
Sometime rides in golden cart sometimes in cart,
Who wears the honor crown, respected everywhere
It is woven by labor but not sold in any street,
Honor the gift of God on earth I briefly declare,
Those who wear it sit always on a golden seat.

Success shifts like luck from cradle to grave,
Success teaches pride as well, how to behave

Alas! When I recall all my past happy days,
My heart bitterly weeps, my eyes full of tears,
Looking at the present, full of sorrows, ways
Of my thinking, all my being’s hidden fears,
Fear of spiritual death, my soul is surrounded by,
Matter, all around me affecting my poor brain,
Greed virus spreads in between earth and sky,
All day we die spiritually physically in strain,
 Men forget character and fall in women beauty,
It is locked in memory lock, but in old age,
We unlock it in lonesome considering it duty,

Collect in youth pleasure like honey bees, honey,
You can do window shopping with old age money

The world’s woeful talk about me and you,
But after our death our on earth does remain,
But you ignore me knowingly, your rue
Kills my poor love and give me pain,
Canker live in rose, hidden in flowers,
Your canker, pride more dangerous to being
But man canker live in man’s wisdom power,
Ignoring time spindle that is swiftly fleeing,
Nice traits live in brain but lust in eyes,
Honesty prolongs life, lie curtailing days,
Goodness lives on earth when our soul flies
But after death the foolish on it keenly gaze.

I am ashamed of doing nothing for your will,
But alas! O Lady your will is more jealous still,

As in December winter leaves hanging on the trees,
All boughs covered with snow facing too much load,
Same my heart full of woe when you go my eye sees,
My dying wishes fall like leaves, come and behold.
Like yellow leaves your memory stale in my brain,
No green leaves of wish appears on my love bough
Me seems your being is useless on earth and in vain,
No fresh seed of new love in my poor heart I grow,
Look into my eyes you will find a dim reflection
Of your love dying slowly no power to sustain,
In future thus ceases my most mortal reaction,
Of my immortal pen but now power to maintain

Your youth memories make my poor love strong,
Your old age love I do forget O Lady ere long.

My poor heart weeps thinking over your sad state,
Glee less heart, tearful eyes and smile less cheeks,
Do not worry, woes and grief make men great?
With the passage of years, months, days and weeks,
Give your woes and take my all youth pleasure,
Be happy for my sake, I am with your pretty being,
What I say, O MY Rose does think in leisure,
Do not your life our life spindle is fleeing,
When I think about being, my being more sad,
But for me your love, in lone my writing power,
You love sharpens my wit looking at you glad

I in your eyes and you in my eyes peacefully sleep,
Thus my Lady in our hearts love canker creep

I have seen on earth with golden sunken eyes,
A deep lore of things converts heaven into hell,
I hear at all corners of earth human being’s cries,
Wise men have rung horror bell hidden in shell
In soft voice I hear by my soul conscious ears,
Wise men follow it but unwise turns it down,
For life pleasures on earth free of all fears,
Necessity rests on money and money on need,
It enlightens the power of all human soul,
It damages earthly heaven and grows weeds
Yea! Full of thorns from North to South Pole

Change self or change the world for lie survival,
If not, it will crush your heavenly soul revival

Ah! Since my birth O MY Love you and I,
Live together, my sweet love, come to me,
To console my poor heart otherwise I die,
As in lonesome injured man’s sigh full cry
Daily look you I in my sweet, sweet dream,
Dreams come to me like gentle evening rain,
I see your pretty face in when I in lone deem,
Me seems this pretty world to me all in vain,
O Lady! Love enters into soul through eyes,
When I saw your being in my holy vision,
I cannot you touch, through my soul spies,
But your absence in my poor soul confusion

O MY Lady, come let us enjoy this holy night,
With wining and dining in vale yea! All is right.

O my Love, when my sweet love and red lily,
When be weather fine sitting near the beach,
Yea! I try to catch her but beyond my reach,
I daily do try whether dreary night be chilly,
It comes to me but jealous frisking waves,
Tale it away from me, why? I know it not,
But troubles daily sitting there idle I did got,
Because kissing red, red lily my heart craves,
Just like it I love you O Love more and more,
But the callous world, take you from me away,
From my holy sunken eyes, O Lady, truly I say,
If you come, I shall not knock at any door,

My dim shadow in your eyes and yours in mine,
Come o Lady come, let us make dull night fine

As the moon light falls over black head,
In the dark night, when sleeping we are,
And the farmers in chill grow tiny seeds,
As the evening gun fire in all fatal war,
Both the light produces pity and fear,
In the listeners’ and watchers’ heart,
The first happy and second brings tears,
In eyes, both are my sweet Lady life-part,
Just in dream your sweet and lovely face,
Diverts my attention to my sweet past,
Compels me to write and adds more grace,
In my words and I do write more fast,

Your sweet name keeps me alive all day,
And guides me when I go to wrong way,

Who are you, O Stranger? Why do you not?
Calls me “My sweet love,” and the light cool air
And the gleeful waves and happy and full hot,
Who calls me? I know no one is standing there,
But I think Jessica’s sweet voice was calling me,
But when I see turning face there was none
Near me, peace full waves all free of worry,
I do not know O Lady why you from me shun,
Come to console and my upset mournful mind,
Crying like babe all alone at the river bank,
Come sweet love, your merciful and more kind,
If you come I shall give you a sweet, sweet thank.

The waves, the flowers both are happy there,
But I am more sad, though the weather fair. 

Sweet Lady, You can see me, but cannot touch,
Yea!  I am a solitary roaming spirit of earth,
Always I come to you when you in danger much,
As life pain reaches from heaven in baby birth
Good souls do go in heaven and bad go in hell,
When they are burnt in hell with dreary fire,
After this they thrown forever in hell to dwell,
But in heaven all pleasures and free of God’s ire,
With which the fairies deck heads sitting on beds,
Dancing all night wearing white heavenly attire
As enjoy all on earth glorious blessed newlyweds,
Carrying in their hearts no hate and jealousy fire

Come here, come here, and leave this jealous world,
Earth for you prison, here we are living like a bird

The same, color, the same dress and the same gait,
I see my Jessica in the eyes a light swimming fish,
I call her loudly but O my God she does not wait,
For me on river band and you murder of my wish,
Have something you in your innocent sad heart,
And say nothing while I am waiting her for you,
ON the bay in sorrow full mood, here dear I start,
Calling for you all alone, listen, I am full of woe,
Are you from heaven or from you dreary hell?
I see you at different dark and dreary place,
Tell me, what secret hidden, otherwise, I shall,
Follow your feeble voice in air you to trace,

Always she comes to see me when I in mourn,
How can I touch you? I, you, in vision adorn.

Through my physical gestures, always me, follow,
You cannot touch me, My Dear I am living soul,
But do not doubt me, and consider me not hollow,
As you know not the world, knows not my goal,      
Listen! Body remains here, soul flies to heaven,
For the culprit soul, why do you bitterly weep?
Nothing beats me but why you always raven,
And left-over saves and do make a big heap,
Hunger kills me not but, men kill gentle hunger,
Saves all thing till death knows not what death,
Does Catch every person be old or be younger,
Men follow death but wealth does catch breath

Those who forget death on earth are not cleaver,
But foolish and in grave earthworms do devour

Ah! Who will tell me what death and life?
Yea! It is a hidden mystery for all of us
Between life and death there is hard strife,
Death gives peace but life makes life fuss,
We die and go to heaven of in dark hell,
But those who die on earth cannot be seen,
Where they and live? Yea! Who can tell?
Soul flies to heaven but where has it been?
Body inters in grave and is eaten by soil,
What does she do in heaven? Or as spive,
Do Gnaws her fellow souls with more toil,
O Lady, we are eaten always where live

Ah! Our life into death and death into life
Mingles but what is love? Nothing but strife

Yea! She has died but who is o my God this?
Who is following me where day and night I go?
But my heart does not appreciates her relics,
If I have, I have keep them all at home in row,
But I wonder! A human shape how she did got,
Souls, not allowed to leave their birth place,
But why she hides from my eyes her lovely face,
How she does reach and how she did me sought?
Or it is my fancy while I am not in day sleeping,
My senses are all active but rusty with thoughts,
In search of you O Lady or it is my sullen lot,

Yea! Love and luck on earth always favors fools,
But is young men’ weapons and old amen’s tools

When blonde bells twitter on tweet,
Cuckoo sand koel forget their song
And false vows are made to meet,
Wills die hearing false oath bond,
 It is a forum to exchange views,
On country and personal issues,
But the pipers sitting on the pews,
Awaiting love but getting all woes
When I bore, do join twitter page,
Finding many friends full of smile,
My heart feels our of boring cage
But woes longer, glee for a while,

Twitter: A forum of false love oath,
It stirs emotions, stop mind growth

Who are you O Fair? Now what do you want?
Come to see me in the dead hour of midnight,
In my orchard, over my head why do you haunt?
Yea! Not in the full moon, but in pure dim light,
Yea! Tell me what is your purpose to come in?
In beautiful white, red, greed and golden dress,
To make me frighten or my poor heart to win;
With lovely grace on shoulder hanging tress,
Why do you not talk to me in darkness, speak?
Yea! Her silence has in heart something new,
To me to say but her night behavior too meek
As on the red sore in moon light evening dew,

O Fair! Soul goes up and body remains here
But to make soul happy intention must be fair 

I am sitting among the morning flower petals,
All, all alone but with my sad gloomy heart,
Both are feeling fatigue as soldiers in battle,
That is of their battle lives most essential part,
Then my poor heart feels a painful pleasure,
Spring comes always when your golden hair,
That through my tender words cannot measure,
It does flourish when you are present there,
Waters to my barren heart green grassy plot,
O my happy, happy Lady you and I do feel
The flower of my thought from which I got
That does change always my future wheel

Your love lies in me as smell in the flower
Your memories for my poor love dower

Come Jessica, come, and do tell me, what is love?
Is it my fantasy or in vain my poor heart cry?
None can tell me, why? Every person’s kid-glove,
Hungry for pelf, with love-sigh their heart to fry
Love follows not but always lusty follows skies
In guise of love it roams alone here and there
And the foolish fall in the more of cute eyes
And looking at the face fairer more than fair,
Love is blind and hides love, love hidden faults,
The only thing of beloved, coral breasts bright
They are used by love against love assaults
And sometimes does breaks out a horrible fight,

But those who follow always their foolish hearts
Fall in troubles soon and troubles always do dart

Fresh love is weak, but the stronger love is old,
Its beauty increases with the passage of time,
Neither it is bought on earth and nor it is sold
Nor it is mingled with new worldly chime,
Yea! Today’s love deceit, the past love pure,
Today’s love is the hungry of pelf and fame,
And both do not make love disease cure,
And in its return gets the love always shame,
Always love plant grows in a humble soul,
Its seed, holiness free from all kinds of greed,
It makes happy the lover and not full of dole,
It grows more and more if pure is our seed,

Ah! O Rose! Love tells me, what are you?
Your eyes reveal your love is full of woe.