Love Sonnet BK-4

        JH Sayyar

What I call this jealous world, my friend or foe?
All around I see wails and woes, cries and sighs,
I see luck in dream wearing blur garb top to toe,
Standing in different colors in a long, long row,
When I see to the sky I see shining stars away,
Hanging over head in leafy vale red and white,
Roaming clouds spreading in the sky that day,
To find place falling rain in dark thunder night,
 I do feel my being useless as growing weed,
Yea! Or like smell less flowers, blooming there
Just for the orchard beauty the farmer does feed,
To display his labor the farmer does its care.

Your soft anger sits on your long pretty nose,
As canker does live to grieve in gentle red rose

When you leave for campus early morn to teach,
With dashing garb, colored scarf around her face,
Hanging bag on shoulders enhancing your grace,
As mermaid singing in sad mood on sandy beach,
Yea! Your glow on face and your ever talking eyes,
Your hoopoe dancing stalk at campus with trust,
Your long hair spreading on your protruding breast,
Your lips and black eyes in which love fall and rise
To know your heart ponder over your cute pink ring,
Frisking like sparrow left and right all day I you find,
Your thinking reveals your rosy cheeks none to kind,
Most cruel for lovers, killing love like gallows strong,

But I do see treason in your cunning eyes O Rose tonight,
That shows me clearly, destroying my youth love moght

What shows silence, what shows your motionless lips?
When I do watch sleeping ocean symbolizing a storm,
When I see in air flying birds in search of food, roam,
When I see naval hunger darts, the pretty belle slips,
Sometimes I think in lone, My Lady unkind to me,
Sometimes I think why her eyes releasing painful rays,
Sometimes I think who lives in her heart with craze,
I forget you bit by bit but time increasing my worry,
When I gaze in her eyes, I find new love resting there,
Head lying on soft breast pillow putting arms in arms,
Kissing lips to lips, nose to nose enhancing bed charm
Moving bed with colored sheet, hand crossing, O Fair,

I find the cutpurse of my love in her cunning bright eyes,
I see all in vision, getting the second love, and the first dies

When I think about you in dark and dreary night,
Tears float on my cheeks, shine in my red eyes,
Your love consoles me, your being is my plight,
When I recall you hearts weeps with silent sighs,
Sometimes I see your face smiling in my dream,
Turning from me face away, what can I say you,
But your burbling moping cry all day I do seem,
Doubt witch sitting in your heart forgetting vow,
Making new oath with my foe, Alas! O My Rose,
Your false vow canker dwells, in your poor heart,
Making love pleasures sad, your parrot eye shows,
Red cheeks, silky hair, but your love for me tart,

When I sleep tears at night fall on my soft pillow,
My cheeks swim in tear-ocean as swan in billow

When I fall on my bed after toiling to sleep,
You sleep with me your love is in my eyes,
Night, a balm of sorrow, I forget not in seep,
You, when I awake face mundane woe-cries
Let live in your eyes, and sit under the shade,
On your long hair resting on your coral breast,
Of the jealous world, my poor being is afraid,
But in love I find, that is tart and bitter no rest,
O Rose, you change love as grave changes dead,
I see countless lovers resting in your traitor ball,
Half dead with false promise floor wearing shred
Each night a new lover you prey to on pretty call,

Ah! Happy are those who find true love on earth,
My love, not my love, I am with her since my birth

One day I do find my love sleeping on the floor,
Moon light falling from the sky on her cute face,
Looking at her coral breasts opening poetic door,
Rosy cheeks, ruby eyes, on earth heaven grace,
Pretty more than Helen my Lady’s ruby cheeks,
Rose borrows its beauty from my cute, cute sweet,
Koel sings for her beauty thousands of the weeks,
Larks singing in the sky with my Lady’s lips’ beat.
Time wrinkles on your face, do look in the reflect,
Where flies your beauty and where fly gleeful days,
Time steals your beauty, silver in your hair, a fact,
But I see you in my vision young, I wonder & amaze,

O Lady, beauty, flown from your cheeks, juts bones,
Shining in the bask as in sunlight mountains stones

Woman: a force of nature on earth when I think,
An image appears in my mind of a cruel being,
That bites my heart with hate with visual link
That remains on earth while your age is fleeing,
Your beauty charm will never stay with you,
Your bad deeds stay on earth ever and forever,
Representing your killer thoughts with false woe,
O Rose your bad will my all pleasures devour.
Your smile like a blossomed bud, your lips rose,
Your cheeks shine like ruby in dark and dreary night,
Night moon beauty your soft coral breasts expose,
Your heavenly beauty adds charm in my pen might

I see your cunning smile O Lady, full of self deceit,
My third eye sees all but fails my poor heart beat
When I think what to write for my humble readers,
Different thoughts float on my soft mind screen,
Me think they are more than me wise all headers,
Like a sage cock crowing when solar spirit, seen,
Visual thought life but not a visual mind freak,
Deceptive is the reason world; slave of emotions,
The root of human actions, before it reason weak,
As weak as parents’ voice in sacrifice commotions
Silence; the root of man and of the whole universe,
The essence of wisdom and the power of human soul,
Always keep it in tongue wallet as money in purse,
It is life secret on earth O Lady and it is God’s carol.

Silence is to human being as what smell to rose,
Prudence comes with time as the child grows

When I see your face O Fair with my smiling face,
I do keep down my fears of separation before you,
That goads me like a tamed white cat full of grace,
When I call you my, my being full of pretty rue,
Time will conquer your age but you in my mind,
Fresh your childhood and pretty colored youth,
You all to your lovers, kind, but to me unkind,
You to me why ruthless and have on other ruth
Doubt canker eating your love petals of flower,
It grows with flower and does stay in it always,
Yea! Canker in the flower does rose-beauty mar,
More strong it’s being and kills not the sun rays.

Doubt is a love canker, eats love like earth worm,
Free of doubt love never loses its eternal charm.

My Lady’s beauty shines in all twinkling stars,
As carbuncle looks up in dark and dreary night,
Your cheeks glow in gloom as cannons in wars,
But for all the watchers, the sight full of delight,
When red, red lips and cheeks my eyes survey,
I see lilies, marigolds, iris and lovely tulips,
Fluttering in breeze, like my Fair’s eyes sway,
Like parrot eye but stronger is steel cage grip,
After toiling of day when I reach at my lodge,
I lay on my bed to rest but cannot take rest,
You live in my ruby eyes my being to dodge,
When I close my eyes your stay proves pest.

Love grows in heart and shines in women’s eyes,
Alas! But behind it dwells eternal sobs and sighs

Some call you angel and some call you pixy child,
But I do call you the shadow of Eden on this earth,
The moon becomes jealous when you do smiled,
Your cheeks glowing in gloom as ash in the hearth,
When your talking eyes to me in my sweet dream,
My sleep flies anon as the water drops on the pan,
Your beaming face breaks my heart with bitter beam,
Your sleeping invert mars breast beauty what I can,
You like chameleon, changes love sitting on the bough,
Of an unripe false promise tree to prey to the prey,
With the long, long tongue your beaming eyes trow,
The green lovers in love garden- kisses die in fray.

O Lady! Change not your love like grave does so,
Your unkind love adds in life more wail and woe

O Lady! I spend my whole day in sobs and sighs,
My tears shine like glowworms in dark, dark night
My weeping heart cleaves heaven with silent cries,
Alas! None cares for none when someone in plight,
When I think, Ah! My being useless on this globe,
No true love but pain in vain, written in my fate,
Cries and cries in dark and dreary night when I sob,
Dull pain spreads in veins and my heart full of hate,
I sleep with tearful eyes fears and fray in my soul,
Wet pillow with tears, dimming sunken eyes light,
My being, a paragon of sorrows with poor sight,

When sorrows descend in soul, heart pleasures die,
O Fair! Your tongue is sweeter but your love is lie 

When I feel a pile of woes on my poor head,
I fall down on the floor with a jerk like stone,
Wisdom laughs at my being looking at my shred,
My poor eyes do weeping with heavy groan,
What a life? Nothing but rests on the chance,
The slave of beauty and rich abhor the mean,
Chance the rich minion watches the poor dance,
All the wretched in the mire; O God, I have seen
All Beauty and bells; free of all earthly flaws,
The poor are the slave of fate since their crawl,
Why wail and woes follow the poor what cause?
None knows but God knows live is a thinking gall,

O God! Do justice among the rich and the poor,
Injustice rules the globe, brawl on it due to which

Once tired of woe I take rest in my beloved’s arms,
Resting on her coral breasts sleep descend in my soul,
I see my soul in heaven from of all earthly harms,
I see the angels of heaven busy doing God’s carol,
He cheeks on my cheeks, her red, red lips on my lips,
Her ruby breast touching my chest full of love heat,
I do recall all Adam’s love haven in my Eden kips,
Running more fast than average my poor heart beat,
Awaking from the dream I find my being in world,
Full of woes, sorrows and suffering on the ground
My soul flies to hell when the soul’s cry I heard,
In silky arm no charms O my God I have found,

Love; is a desert tree, neither its shade nor fruit,
Its heat burns the travelers and does stop the feet

When my poor love dies, you will weep no more,
Love passions change with the passage of time,
When the second love welcomes you on the shore,
If you get the second love, you commit a crime,
You are young; you may get the second love soon,
For the lusty pleasure and passing time in leisure
If you do so O Fair! The first love will surely ruin,
But your will reflecting eyes just for lusty pleasure,
You say me goodbye, but tell me goodbye reason,
What you think O Rose and what is your heart?
If you have no cause of denying love, a treason,
But I think, cheat is every woman’s nature part.

My heart weeps when I recall all my sweet days,
I waste half life in kissing and half in your praise
Yester night I make a visual trip on my poetic wing,
Of the four corners of this jealous and callous world,
Reaching at the US Land I take gladly wine and sing,
Standing among the belles at the beach silver sand,
I see! Love cries at the US Land, at the city street,
The nation full of love and manners I see, everywhere,
Reaching at the beach, men and women me do greet,
With open hearts and minds dancing among the Fairs
I do find the US Peoples, lover of all human rights,
I see equal love for men and women, bird and animal,
My visual visit sees not there many brawls and fights,
Over trivial things, it is a paradise of love, not hell.

I do find US men and women all full of heavenly love,
That is why, God’s blessings showering from the above 

Love eats my heart it is a canker of my head,
Breeds in flower and lives in hidden seed,
It stays in the flower with soft petal shred,
I wonder where it comes from when I read,
Doubt: a love canker it breaks lover’ vow,
It separates soul from soul very, very soon,
What is doubt? But greed, I do really trow,
But my love free of doubt like shining moon,
O Fair! Let us start loving on the earth again,
To restore peace at the earth four corners,
Love human goal and keeps cool the brain,
It purifies the soul of lover, and glee garners,

Women’ love I do find ever in her pretty eyes,
Greed in her poor heart and tongue full of lies

I do miss you not O Fair! All day and night,
Your love and youth live in my gloomy eyes,
Your smiling face talking to my love is right,
But in your heart I see my poor love surmise,
Your coming shows me your going mood,
Your smiling exposes your cunning in heart,
Your tongue polite but your eyes are rude,
Searching for a true love in love less mart,
Fake love in women’s eyes I see everyday
O Rose, love grows in soul, soul never dies,
We are in each other’s lap but love far away,
Lie in your heart I watch O Lady upon you fie

Women’s tongue tell a lie, true love eyes reveal,
But youth love in your arms now I do not feel,

I see faithfulness in dream wearing a black garb,
Sitting in the poor’s hut on the pillow sullen face,
Tattered dress, wrinkled cheeks, on the neck barb,
But my third eye watches, her being full of grace,
Loyalty, the trust of soul lives in the lover’s soul,
Woman; a goddess of love and its beauty is carol,
Shining like ruby looking through the window sill,
I do find all women fair but increasing naval lust,
Changes heaven into hell anon as my wisdom spies,
Spreading orgasm billows break the lover’s trust,
Die all grosser wishes and behind remain love cries.

When women fall in love cannot see the lovers’ fault,
And does lose maidenhood when the naval lust assaults

My mistress’ eyes shine like stars in the sky,
My mistress’ beauty infuses soul into dead,
Looking at my mistress’ beauty all lovers die,
Ruthful thoughts in her soul Nature has fed,
After dressing up when my mistress does walk,
Heaven smiles from above looking at her pace,
Enhancing earthly beauties awesome her stalk,
Yea! Like pixy her foot marks none can trace,
One day surely, my mistress’ beauty will fly,
Silver in her hair and wrinkles on her cheeks,
The glass will tell her wrinkles symbolizing lie,
None will kiss you O Rose even once in a week.

When face beauty dies tongue beauty protect you,
If your thoughts are pure lies, you do die in rue.

Time conquers beauty spell but not sweet thought,
The power of human soul beauty for a short time,
Lives with the beauty carriers written in the lot,
Stopping beauty with plastic art; a self deceit crime,
O Rose, men’s and women’s inner thoughts reveal,
The word, love, reflecting the lusty nature of beau,
Yea! It mars soul beauty and makes a sinful deed,
As the sunflower beauty dies when sun does go,
I love my being, and your pretty being is mine,
Your beauty shadow of my holy thoughts on earth,
Your immortal beauty shows my verse every line,
More beauty I see on earth but, honest beauty dearth.

O MY Rose, roam on the earth, you will never find,
I am your true friend and lover with a honest mind

When I fall in love of my past golden days,
I recall my youth free of all wails and woes,
I waste my life making my mistress’ praise,
I get nothing but find in my lap many a rues,
All faces do float in my deep memory lake,
Dim and shine as a pretty fish in wavy ocean
Their talking fall on my head like white flake
Sometime I recall my mistress’ commotion
O God, past memories burn my heart like hell,
As sinful are burnt in the hell fire of stone,
Never quenching fire more heat I cannot tell,
My whole bitter past my vision has me shown,

Ah! Past visions make men young in old age,
As the pretty faces make the duller more sage

O Rose, you avoid me, while I sing your praise,
You will die one day by after you, my poor verse,
Among people of the world your status will raise,
When you, your old lovers after you will curse,
Evergreen nothing on earth, one day all will decay,
By the claw of cruel time; none can conquer time,
My verses, full of your praise give glee in rhyme,
Holy love lives in holy soul and soul never dies,
My love goes with you when your poor soul flies,
Holy soul lives in soul, in heaven again will rise

O My Lady, sit by me, someday merrily in lone,
Alas! You will not see my shadow when I am gone

O My Lay, withering like a rose your pretty being,
Silver in your head shining like sand on the beach,
People call you callous, but I find you full of ruth,
Leave glass of your beaming being, I you beseech,
Your stubborn nature breaks the poor lover’s heart,
No print behind you leaving on this wide, wide glob,
To worship your beauty, you still young and smart,
Your invert sleeping mars the beauty of your breast,
Your deep sunken eyes, now flabby and sullen teat,
It is your being flaw O Rose, and your being pest,
But your cheeks glowing like diamond in the peat,

With your mortal beauty pride, one day you will die,
Your tearful eyes reflect your past repentance-cry.

More sweet than Cupid my pretty mistress’ kiss,
Your soft red, red lips and cheeks glowing in dark,
Shining like ruby in dark your sunken breasts amiss,
Mars your being’s beauty and it is your being spark.
O Rose! Watch the pebbles striking against the shore,
Losing its being bit by bit, yea, all day and night,
Fitful your promises and make vows no more,
It mars the charm of life and increasing self plight,
O Lady, promise; men’s crown, and essence of soul,
It uplifts human grace in life that shines like star
It turns iron into gold but human lies like coal,
Breeds coal, not, but diamond among the coal, par,

O Lady, your eyes and silky cheeks but lips, liar,
And your all false promises leave lovers in mire

When my love leaves you, you will soon realize,
All alone your being, confined in a dreary cell,
With a withered face and in ears echoing cries,
Without my love O Rose your heart will a hell,
Yea! In your memory nest will be no love bird,
Just dried feathers and food in your love nest,
Sad your heart and gloomy your eyes absurd,
Cruel time will make flabby your coral breast,
I have locked your youth in my vision forever,
Your face will be never stale in my mature brain,
When your false love oath will your heart devour,
You recall my holy love in lone will be in vain

O Lady! Your blandishments after me none bears,
Thinking this O God my gleeful heart full of tears

When my survey your dark heart and sullen eyes,
I do see your fading cheeks and silver in your hair,
In my ears echo echoes false oaths and night cries,
You do kill first to get the second love O MY Fair,
When your talking eyes talk to me in my vision,
I see sitting by you a lover in your foolish mind,
Resembling to my face in my mind confusion,
Ah! Your love with love rope how can I bind
O Rose, I dig a grave in my heart graveyard,
To bury your pretty faults and false your oath,
Bearing your with fine faults it is most hard,
Bearing your hugging with new love growth

O Lady I bury your faults, in love grave forever,
But your nature of deceiving will change never.

When gentle rain falls with cool and sweet breeze,
Me seems my Lady’s tears fall from eyes on cheeks,
In your sad eyes I see some sorrows that increase,
My gloom of day and night for thousands of weeks,
When I do recall your youth still fresh like rose,
Love dews falling on cheeks love full words on lip,
I feel gloom when you turn her face and love goes,
Leaving me in wail and owe losing my love grip.
O Lady! You will leave me but my image will go,
With your being like your shadow goes side by side,
Sometime short, sometime long in an evening row,
You can hide your love, but shadow cannot hide.

True love; a shadow of lover’s being, do follow you,
It records all your deeds in lone if my love is true

My poor love is slain by your cruel crooked knife,
My being dances like slaughtered bird in prey sack,
I think, think and more think I do find no strife,
Between you and me, there is no love crack,
When mountain flowers at the top daily bloom,
Touching your silky cheeks smell bearing flowers,
Informing me anon you are still cute and green,
Finding he second love you twenty four hours,
O Lady you lost in the fake waves of face-book,
It is a fake love and the remoter charm of life,
The lover of Face-book is liar, disloyal and crook,
Snatching my mind peace adding spiritual rife

O Lady! I am waiting for your being on the shore,
Like forgotten mermaid, do come I love you more

Sex: The root of life, a few know it very well,
Sex: The vital force to produce the same print,
Your beauty is unused, O Lady! I call it a hell,
If you use your beauty, I call it a beauty mint,
O Lady! You jealous of your being, not leave,
Your glass behind, after you, your cute face,
Shines on this earth your soul will not heave,
A sight of sorrow, leave behind a beauty race
Your civilized tongue, unkind to you, why?
You, do think O Rose, your unused beauty,
Will inter in the grave with your sweet lie,
My fingers praise you it is my moral duty,

When your beauty inters with you in the grave,
When people forget you, my verses you, save.

When I sleep, in my eyes your image dim and full,
Twinkling like stars your face deceiving my eyes,
My efforts in vain, o God! Your love cry and wool,
Your heart through see-through dress my eye spies,
No heat in your passions I see your love is dying,
No loyalty in your eyes and fair lie on your tongue,
Your eyes reveal your secret will in your crying,
You cannot kiss with wrinkled cheeks like young,
O Lady, do not open your coral breasts in sunray,
The moon loses its charm; the darkest will be night,
If the night eclipses, the whole night birds will stray,
Sweetness of fruits and flowers rests on moonlight.

O Lady! Your unused beauty will used by earthworm,
If you leave glass on earth, will increase earthly charms

When I ponder over my being what I have done,
I waste my life in making my beloved’s praise,
From women’s greedy love and hate I do learn,
Her eye beauty traps love I wonder and amaze,
Women’s heart like baby mood changes with time,
As chameleon changes its color what tree it takes
To prey tiny insects with air what a pretty crime,
My Lady does so when her naval hunger awakes,
O my God, naval hunger on earth is a pretty hell,
It devours vital force bit by bit of human being,
Red lips and rosy cheeks lead to the darkest cell,
Soul dies like a slaughtered bird daily I am seeing

Jealousy lives in heart and love in women’s eyes,
Women’s tongue full of lies, cute eyes full of cries

When I do see rose blooming in my lovely lawn,
Attractive like Lady’s eyes fluttering in spring air,
Butterflies hanging over the roses in eve and dawn,
I do watch day and night beetle-rose love affair,
Like rose beauty my Lady’s love dims very soon,
Its petals like my mistress’ cheeks, morning grace,
Shining like the sunny morn, but the evening ruin,
Parts fall down like Ozymandias, love has no base,
Like rose my mistress’ love withers with cruel age,
Sooner more than flowers die within sullen days,
My heart falls in love while my wisdom presage
Taken away my love from me my Lady’s praise

O Rose! Your love dislike flower very, very soon,
Like mermaid standing on the lone shore I croon

When I compare your beauty with my verse
Your beauty is immortal like human frame,
Like peacock paws in love my being I curse,
I love your beauty but could not heart tame,
When I see time check on your pretty cheeks,
Time steals your beauty; now look in the glass,
Silver in your hair shining, on the front creaks
It is time-beauty game and time wins the toss,
Your praise in my verse will surpass the age,
When you and my breath flies but you remain,
Now your mortal beauty lies in my verse cage,
Deleting you from my verse time effort in vain

Stronger more than cruel time my immortal lines,
When in the tomb with vermin your being dines

When your pretty being leaves no issue behind,
Your unused beauty inter with you in the tomb,
Where the earthworms will be to you more kind,
Better you not come here you stay in the womb,
You, your cute being on earth, do not customize,
Going against the nature wish your rebellious will,
Injures her pretty soul that from the tomb cries
Leave behind your print unused your beauty still,
To tame you for the issues my efforts go in vain,
My love labor lost in thinking what to do now,
Your false love vow with my being proves feign,
I fall in your pretty love and I do not know, how?

O my Lady love your being, love your issues late,
Your thinking is more narrow, cruel if your fate

When I see in the glass I recall my happy days,
When I see silver in the hair wrinkles on your face,
I waste my whole life making my mistress’ praise,
Time steals your youth and your heavenly grace,
Youth goes, silver in hair but anger still the same.
When I see in your eyes growing love in vain,
Dying vital force in veins, your excuse is lame,
When I kiss your cheeks I feel a shooting pain,
Yea, Time steals not beauty but anger devours it,
Anger your beauty canker, as vermin in the rose,
No plastic art can your beauty useless beauty kit,
Women’s beauty falls when naval hunger grows,

When your face lost beauty but preserves my verse
The world praises the rhymes you always me curse

When I think in your eyes my love is dying,
My poor heart weeps for your changing trend,
Searching for new love my moor heart is crying,
All come back to its root o my traitor friend,
Change your mind but never change my love,
Change your nice dress and change beauty kit,
Change will with time not love o my kidglove,
For evening bill and coo some day by me sit,
O Lady, change hates into love; go door to door,
Change love changing women’s trend with will,
Change the world anger, not love, I do implore
Your changing love wants my poor love to kill.

O Rose! Day by day changing love, women’s fall,
Your love is  my being but the canker to your pall

Ah1 Time decays all things but words out of reach,
Your beauty and beauty sin I encage in word cage,
When cruel time prints on face winkles and breech,
Beauty falls like autumn leaf but in my line your age,
Between heaven and earth all things word- creations
Words; the power of God, silence the soul of universe,
Words do perform on the earth different occupations,
Thousands of time on earth we all do word rehearse
Your unused beauty will be used by the earthworms,
But your name blend of words remain on the globes,
When soul flies from body, love lose beauty charms,
Then your fans on the earth weep with sighs and sobs,

O Lady! When you leave the earth at the fixed time,
Your beauty after years, people find in my rhyme

When wheat hunger cries women start finding mate,
As Eve persuades Adam to quench her thigh thirst,
Adam’s wit fails looking at the pink apple great,
But binds happily a love thread around her wrist
People forget you soon when you will be dead,
But you present in my glorious and golden rhyme,
When, your unused with the earthworms will wed,
It is done O Rose on earth with the passage of time,
Whenever anger sits on the pretty women’s nose,
True love flees far away from her being surely anon,
My mistress dies virgin, in her green heart hate grows,

More cunning than fox my callous mistress’ eyes
For the green lovers trap women’s sobs and sighs

Once I do fall in a fit and went into real trance,
I see the Eve’s paradise soaring high in the sky,
My love sleeping with the beau I see in a glance,
Thus I trace in my trance all pretty women’s lie,
Once I see in my vision my love sleeping all alone,
Spreading golden hair on her fancy coral breast,
She wakes up when I sing a song in erotic tone,
I lay down by her side, her sparrow love to test,
Women control lovers’ heart with stubborn will,
The power of attraction lies in women’s eyes rays.,
Women’s smile on cheeks proves sleeping pill,
Her will targets the love when on her bed she lays.

Do not gaze in women’s eyes my heart in lone,
He lustful eyes will melt your flesh and bone

I expose my conscious for my respected readers,
How I find the world when I take the first breath,
On the globe garden all around me cruel leaders,
Hate reforms on earth and award conscious death,
When I grow I do find some genius rulers benign,
That tamed the whole savage and all them civilize,
Thus on this pretty earth I do their nice circle join,
And they all turn earthly hell into real paradise,
From my mistress’ cute eyes I learn deceiving art,
The cunning spread on earth the evil of false vow,
I buy the virgin’s coquettes from the beauty mart,
My mind mater of lie when I in their circle grow

Beauty teaches nothing but God’s love full will,
If intention is stronger it can move a mighty hill

My Lady learns fearlessness from the winch-glass,
Deceiving the lovers she learns from the jungle fox,
Beaus’ hearts flutter when her beaming eyes cross,
All wise men’s wits are kept in Beauty’s beauty box,
When on the lover’s eyes women’s lusty eyes fall,
Wit eclipse falls anon and all senses at once fail,
Then the mating desire give her day and night gall,
Thus cruel and callous women the green lovers hail,
When love grows in hearts first coquettes change,
Beauty mirror makes her day by day more cute,
First in dream with beaus she does love exchange,
Talk eyes in virgins’ love, and pretty lips are mute.

Whenever I recall my Lady’s kiss I do fall in a fit,
Ah! Days-gone-by when my Rose does by me sit 

A man marries just to protect his weak frame,
A foolish idea of making mortal to immortal,
But in this matter more hard inner self to tame,
But more easy than this to break brass portal,
Men’s bones, buildings made of stone and steel,
Can never make men immortal history shows,
All are decayed on earth by time cruel wheel,
Men’s flesh is rotten when sex hunger grows,
All finish but on the earth remains the name,
Blend of pretty words never dies on the globe,
Words the soul of God, a crucial time game,
Time steals all but cannot pretty words rob.

Leave words on earth, neither wealth nor issues,
These for you after death create wail and woes

What is life? Nothing, but a fatal game of fate,
What is fate? Nothing, but on earth human essays,
Bit by bit struggle on earth make all men great,
As flowers get perfume and crossing earthly phase,
The dawn of everyday appears with a new hope,
A Luckless joys bed but the fortune early awake,
Thus luck favors that dance with fortune rope,
But ill wives at home always make sighs and sobs,
I see luck working with fools and foolish men,
In files and fields in building made of pure steel,
Luck always makes the rich conscious a vile fen,
And guides the simple heart with a humble deal;

Those who follow fate and leave the efforts of hand,
Always remain in motion and motion makes grand

When wisdom opens eyes all things may be seen,
Of the four Elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire,
All hidden treasures and what is on earth green?
Human wisdom never leaves men in worldly mire,
When wisdom closes its eyes anon leaves the door,
Of human heart and mind then all senses do fail,
Black veil prevails on mind as locusts on the shore
When good angels leave the body, Satan doe sit hail,
Wisdom; gift of Adam on earth, emotion; gift of Eve,
Courage; Adam’s heart, Greed Eve’s nature part,
Women preserve earth and Adam does not perceive,
Looking at the Eve’s beauty turns turtle wisdom cart

When woman talks with red, red lips in love with lover,
Her beauty faults in fine way, her beauty box does cover

When love grows in maiden’s eyes buys beauty box,
Looking glass makes her youth more and more cute,
Then cute eyes roam on earth simple heart to hoax,
When she wears love gallows her red, red lips mute,
Woman’s will mixing with beauty bind lover’s heart,
Yea, Woman’s pretty eyes releasing willful wily rays,
Woman’s eyes full of love but her love bitter and tart
The simple hearts flutter when woman’s eyes gaze.
All foolish lovers’ hearts woman keeps in smile kit,
But all clever hearts are kept in her tiny tweezers case
The lovers’ wit is stored in the naval dark thigh pit,
Maiden’s bill and coo enhances soft coquettes grace,

Culprit of the lovers’ wit: cunning woman’s love,
Her external face of fox; her internal face of dove

Those who oppose bribery, murdering, looting and sex;
But those who do so right just to save the belly hunger,
With his black doings the rulers the whole people vex,
Clever rulers know this secret sex makes ever younger,
Why sex and wine unholy for the people in city-street
But in country palace all unholy are called holy, why?
Ah! All night country belles give the rulers sex treat,
Unholy hands write holy laws for earthly men, foe, fie,
Poverty: the root of evils, the cunning ruler its creator,
Yea! To save life from cruel hunger do what you want,
They leave the goodness of foreign lands, evil imitator,
Doing sex evil in palace, do the country people grant?

All the people of the world at one platform anon, unite!
Do snatch their rights from the mouth of vulture and kite!

When I fall on woeful thorny flowers, none me consoles,
Ah! Every part of my body injures when on it I do crawl,
People partners of pleasures and do leave all in life doles,
My beloved, my friend and my blood all do prove traitor,
When woes encircle human beings first pleasures leave,
Then turn faces friends, lonesome bite my poor heart,
Tearful eyes, weeping heart and dying wishes all grieve,
All leave in the lurch when sorrows are pretty life part,
All flee from the scene, when woes face to face a sooth
Wisdom fails, eyes blind, then trust in God does work,
Opening my third eye I do curse more beloved’s youth,
Al last all sorrows and suffering infuse in my soul perk.

My beloved’s love takes me far away from the real life,
Thus I forget my friends and God now life full of strife

Today’s love I call O Lady! Tomorrow’s pretty woe,
When trenches and furrows will be on your pretty face,
Then I recall in my mind your pretty youth bill and coo,
Poor heart traces new love looking at your dying grace,
O Rose! Beetles hover over buds not on dying flower,
As lover worships pretty face, eyes and coral breast,
All pretty parts of body bit by bit time does all mar,
When all finish desires young live in broken heart nest,
Better for you love not; love your own pretty being
That leaves you not in wail and woe o my poor friend
Ponder over your youth in lone, your age is fast fleeing,
If you accept not my will cruel time change your trend,

My Fellow! I fall in traitor love and lose all pleasures,
Now I do face all alone on earth time drastic measures

Last night someone asked me how are you old?
I tell my humble friend I am still quite young!
Crooked knife of time batters; makes me bold,
My heart, eyes and mind fresh like you tongue,
She asked what you do all day… tell me more,
I have read your sonnets my pretty life portrait
I read the sonnets when woes me bite and bore,
That is why for your new sonnet I patiently wait,
My friend sorrows open wise men the third eye,
Then it sees in pit what is still and what in motion,
You will see the real face of woman’s love is lie,
For cunning heart a trap for simple heart potion.

I end my call saying her goodbye in the dark eve,
I think pretty woman’s love pretty giant’s sieve

When my trenched face your ruthful eyes survey,
It is not my fault O Rose but the fault of cruel time,
Crooked knife of time makes my black hair grey,
You youth and mine youth I do write in my rhyme,
When love does awake, desires flutter on the cheek
When hate shines in eyes coquettes make her bold,
Both; love and hate her heart, day and night tweak,
Your love in my heart and you do live in my eyes,
But I see not in your eyes my poor wrinkled face,
You look my face in mirror your sullen heart cries,
Grey hair with furrows on face, time ruthful grace.
You will weep O Rose when soul flies to the skies

Ah! Death cannot steal your youth from my rhyme,
I love you more but condemn hate your pretty crime

When luck leaves men like shadow in the sunless day,
All friends and foes, kiths and kin leave anon alone,
Men on the lonesome track rise and fall on the way,
Then men’s heart burn in the heart sigh and moan,
Suffering and sorrows teach men in different style,
The mentor gives the lesson first then takes the test
Life first takes the test then gives the lesson for a while,
I do find life teaching style on the earth is the best,
When all leave men on earth remain two things behind,
Loneliness and woes follow luckless men day and night,
Too much pondering exposes angels live in human mind,
In guise of holy notion release men’s from soul fright,

I do see my holy angels when holy notions do appear,
On my mind screen then word-dress they all do wear

Your weeping eyes expose the tender heart is sad,
Tears rolling on the face in dark and dreary night,
Looking at the weeping heart twinkling stars glad,
Bit by bit falling tears encourage the weepers’ might,
O Lady! The lover’s weeping shakes empty paradise,
But my sobs and sigh touch you not, your heart stone
Woes trample men when wise falls in love of unwise,
I weep today, you will weep tomorrow in dark lone,
Good times and bad times like sea wave come and go,
Both the times do batter the hearts with leather lash,
To purge dross from soul woes standing in the row,
Thus bad-days do leave you forever in a pretty flash,

Good angels live in holy mind driving the holy notions,
All differentiate not between notions and commotions

When heart does weep, tears float in both eyes,
Rolling on the cheeks falling down on the ground,
I do see daily desires wailing with sobs and sighs,
In dark and dreary night I hear no bird pretty sound,
The lover’s being is useless here better not to be here,
Finding around me callous people I curse my fate,
The third eye sees woes do follow the lover in pair,
Woe over woe like sea waves following with bait,
O Rose what I find in your love nothing but sorrows,
All day my poor heart waits for you with ruthful eyes,
I talk to the empty space remembering your false vows
Your love deaf cannot hear the lover’s heart cries

When silver in your silky hair O Lady! You will feel,
Then cruel time will not listen to your rueful appeal

When love peeps through the eyes cheeks flutter,
Prevailing smile comes and goes on the pink face,
Then bill and coo hunger does increase like glutter
Love encourages the virgin, mirror enhances grace,
When holy love opens first stays in woman’s heart,
But canker of love doubt therewith fall from the sky,
It chooses to live in even heart bit by bit does dart,
When love canker injures love flower no loud cry,
Falling love exposes getting being’s being duplicate,
When love changes into wedlock all love wishes die,
Then opens silver door closes the lower golden gate,
When the lock of wedlock unlocks to listen to will-cry

When love unlocks the locked gate, five senses fail,
Manna descends from the heaven in the barren lake

Hope like a nightingale sitting on the dole leafy branch,
Sings a song for the crest fallen and disappointed nuts,
Who are ready in love land a new adventure to launch,
Some love living palaces and some love living in huts,
When all men leave men on earth hope never leaves,
Like shadow walks side by side with the lover’s soul,
But time has made tiny holes in lock pot like sieves,
Hope candle burns and unburns like the beauty mole,
Eyes loaded with tears heart swells with causeless pain,
Teases every limb of body woes bow down my lumber,
Courage fails, sharp wit dull, my being turns into grain,
But I see the new moon of hole from the land of cumber,

Hope, the might anchor of human soul men links to God,
Hope lives in our barren heart never dies like a tiny toad 

Once I find Cupid lying on the red, red rose,
I turn myself into soul and enter into her soul
I do see under button-hole lust growing grows,
Under the belly button burning mineral coal
When I search her heart I see countless lies
I see blind greed sitting alone in a dark niche
Lying there coiling like snakes crosswise,
Looking at me considering me a blunt bitch
Entering into the mind I find a new scheme,
How to prey the new lover with pretty face,
I see ruby eyes releasing lustful beaming beam,
I see a stubborn will roaming new love to trace,

When I come out of the Cupid’s soul I was not gay,
I wonder looking at my black hair turning into grey

God makes pretty man with soft glorious hand,
God construct with love women’s pretty being,
But I find woman’s sweet, but her lies grand,
Coated with false promise layer I am seeing,
Soul has no gender neither it is male nor female,
No difference between the soul even and odd,
To trace soul gender all worldly wisdoms fail,
None know how sad eyes with salty tears load,
Eyes to see, ears to listen, and heart to think,
What eyes see, ears listen, transferred to heart,
Heart takes action anon before our eyes wink,
Wisdom God’s gift but thought are sold in mart

As hands slave to mouth, men slave to emotions,
Reason provides reasons what to do in commotions 

I was Shad, rich and proud,
All is vanity, and vanity I say,
But in the end I own a shroud,
All given but soon taken away,
Those who unjustly country rule,
I say surely they are sons of Ad,
Invite on earth pretty gallows tool,
Nothing here but the name of God
You with your works earth decorate,
Listen to me, none one earth forever,
Your glorious works give you bait,
Soon terrible death will you devour

I do say our salvation, the sons of Ad,
Does Lie in fear Lord and trust in God

All wise men know the nature of four things,
Air, water, earth and fire, what all they had,
In their toots how water fruits forth brings,
How flowers and fruits wear colored clad
Think how fire makes white clouds black,
Who knows why comets appear on the sky,
Who knows how thunders make wide crack,
Buildings of stone and steels with lightings cry,
Do think what power hot air turns into cold,
Why in the seas hot and cold water alloys,
Think what power in spring makes cuckoo bold,
But in hand of wise men four elements are toys

Earth the mother of four elements water his son,
To breed seasons each talks to earth one by one

When time steals your beauty wrinkles left behind,
Then on the wrinkled face just small sunken eyes,
But in my immortal verse your youth you can find,
Making pretty time, mirror and cosmetic make trine,
I compare your tender love with spring fresh flower,
Decaying bit by bit as the earthworms eat the dead,
I do encage beauty in word-cage in immortal hour,
Your beauty with my lines has made a lock of wed,
You live and die unknown none knows your nature,
My Muse decks in lines all doings and beauty sin,
People know your love tart while you in entablature,
But I compose all your beauty sins for kiths and kin

O Lady, my immortal fingers save beauty in rhyme,
You live among the people when all decay cruel time

When grows in soul like the flower spring season,
First poor heart sings pretty songs all day in lone,
Why the spring birds sing song none can tell reason,
How record of human deeds in kept in the Luz bone,
When in pretty women’s heart a true love opens eye,
Thus love closes reason balls hiding lover’s defects,
Love makes ears deaf forever, to worldly hue and cry,
And makes holy day and night pretty love sinful acts
Emotions drive wisdom Love Goddess is not blind
When love light prevails in soul all acts look fine,
Day and night all deeds, watched by human mind,,
None can but the heat of time waves do love refine

Love canker is doubt but love eye is strong intention,
I do call past happy days of love the old age pension

Emotions make blind my Lady’s watchful eye,
Close like a man in come for a long, long time,
My heart weeps for your being with sob and sigh,
Luz records your mind freaks and night cute crime,
Yea! When none around me you sitting by my side,
I see your pretty youth fresh like rose in mind yes
When be among the mass I you in my eyes do hide,
Wise men keep love in heart and foolish for love die,
I do weep when I think your pretty being will die,
Time devours your pink flesh words remain behind,
But I record not your deeds but your truth and lie,
Your hate and love are printed in my dullest mind

When I leave the world your hate and love will inter,
With me in tomb soul freezes like sparrow in winter

When Adam was made put bravery in his poor heart,
Love reaches on earth sitting on woman’s heart boat,
Cruelty on the base of bravery, Adam’s nature part;
Love shines in cute woman’s eyes as in eyes a mote,
Love in Eve’s holy heart was holy free of all dross,
Love falling in the Eve’s daughter’s heart turns unholy,
Hate ruling over the earth Eve’s daughters’ love cross,
The face s shine with finger0art but hearts are colly,
O Lady when I think my love is holy and sincere,
My heart cries, no, it is your just day dream fantasy,
Yea! I have seen no woman on earth true and faire
Those who call woman’s love true fall prey to lunacy,

Woman’s love changes time to time like infant’s diet,
When I fall in love proves true my poor heart fright

Once In the valley of love I was sitting all alone,
Bowing down my head closing my tearful eyes,
I hear a lady bill and coo with lover in lower tone,
Putting head on him weeping with sobs and sighs,
Listening to her moan I uplift my head out of knees,
I see wonder sight crows and cocks crowing there,
In dark and dreary eve I with pains my lips squeeze,
My soul freezes like a stone free of all worldly care,
A voice comes in ears no love on earth fair and true,
Those who trace love in woman’s heart all unwise,
Love your b being full of glee, liar love full of woe,
Love, a just fancy, love, self deceit, I do summarize

When I ponder over it in lone was my poor heart cry,
Woman’s kisses are sweet but her tongue if full of lie

I meet a traveler on the way in the sunny eve,
Who tell me his mistress is more true and fair,
Five years pass but she does not me deceive,
Today she does come not here I am full of woe,
Listening to his talk I unlock my locked throat,
I awaiting my love sitting here for five years,
Alas! I cannot sleep her love for my eyes a mote,
Your eyes tarrying for her my eyes full of tears,
He lost in my eyes and sits by me on the ground,
Looking into my tearful eyes he shouts with joys,
Watching her face in my eyes her joys no bound,
I do sadly say for women the lovers’ heart toys,

Now agreeing with me he says love a self deceit
Arm to arm love travels might hearts sighs beat

I saw a wonder sight last night on the sandy shore,
I simple man and a simple woman in jovial mood,
Anon the couple enters into the narrow boat door,
The comes back putting the man over sleep brood,
She spreads a silky sheet bravely without remorse,
And taking a tiny cute box out of her pony pouch,
Opening the tiny box makes a man on magic force,
She uses the man for lust as princes do in the couch,
I see sight and wonder at the woman’s wonder wit,
False vows for hubby and beaus keeps in lust box,
Most true none apprehends on earth women’s flirt,
She knows how to tame hubby, how to lover coax,

None can take on earth women’s love ever, forever,
She is, on the earth, more than flunkey fox, clever

O Lady! I think your love will dissolve my woes,
Like some water drops falling on the heated pan,
But love proves my being canker adds more rues,
Melts my flesh and bone as melt iron Hebrew Dan,
Neither love in mistress’ heart nor in mistress’ eyes,
Neither love is sold in mart nor it can be bought,
True love lives in dog-heart is known to the wise,
Sweet talks in cage builds trust love parrot taught,
Searching for true love my black hair turns grey,
I frisk the four corners to search for a true love,
Every lady gives air of love in a different way,
Ah! A true love written in fate from the above

Neither love being present nor love being on earth,
It is self deceit of lover! It is awarded from above

A time will come when on earth all wail decay,
Mountains, stones and steels will fly like flake,
Ah! Every eye will wonder on that glorious day,
Earthly eyes will sleep and spirit eyes will awake,
Words, words and words will be seen everywhere,
Will be opened the lock of Luz, heaven and earth,
All of us standing in rows carrying Luz with care,
What we have with wisdom the fine gift of God,
When all will decay remains word, word and word,
My mistress’ name will shine like the glorious sun
Will make the round of all earth the Phoenix birth,
All will be called for good or bad deeds one by one.

Men! Do mend your words, before the day of call,
Believe in me! Men, mountain and money will fall

O Lady your sweet love cannot make amend for,
My deep rooted wail and woe issuing from the soul
A pain in heart, eyes full of tear both busy at war,
O my God! I cannot one of the two forcibly cajole,
Weight if woe heavy than the weight of pleasure,
Glee flies like dead leaves falling here and there,
Like infant of sparrow, pain none can it measure,
Life: the reflection of thought, free of human care,
When woe-be-gone falls on woe thorn anon bleeds,
Thousands of injured holes but body without pain,
Senseless the flesh and bones, leaving daily deeds
Ah! Bloods from the wounds falls like heavy rain

I know pain and pleasure walk like shadow in life,
When glee leaves, injures soul time crooked knife

Once sitting among the flowers, says me the rose
Our colors are fling and tenderness losing charm,
She does take our beauty when your mistress goes,
Plucking the flowers she binds us around her arm,
Listening to the flowers’ grief I do politely reply,
You are true yes, everything’s beauty she steals,
Looking at my Rose’s beauty and can make a cry,
Everyone in water, in air, in fire and on earth feels,
Thus I sit by the flowers and watch the falling tears,
On ground, withering face like flying to death man,
Knowing she drinks synthetic blood dissolve fears,
Then I do pray seriously for the woman beauty fan,

A vampire does suck blood, a woman blood’s soul,
That refines her beauty and burns with white coal

When roses blood in the garden and green valleys,
When cuckoos and nightingales sing in the tress,
Full moon shines in the sky to love heat to increase,
In men and women, birds and beats and in all seas,
The season of love starts with the wake of spring,
Sleeping wishes awake in men and women at last,
Beauties roam on the earth flying with beetle wing,
Yea! In search of new loves forgetting the bitter past,
My mistress’ busy sleeping spring comes and goes,
Like dormouse in the darkest den all day and night,
My poor love curse her looking at her sleeping pose,
Lessening my love desires and my mighty pen might.

My mistress, awake from the sleep death a long sleep,
Those who sleep all day, on their poor lucks do weep 

When love dies, thoughts, feelings and emotion fly,
The lover’s wisdom sleeps in the dark pit of tiny cells,
The Brain in the dusky air without aims does soar high,
To burn human souls open seven golden gates of hells,
Ears refuse to listen eyes refuse to watch the vast glob,
Heat stops thinking anon and shuts the message train,
And into the dark holes, the poor heart tries to probe,
Eyes blind, ears deaf, all hearts efforts prove in vain,
What is love? Soul emotion, as cucumber bitter foam
Hines in its being as the canker in the red pretty rose,
Slowly and slowly bitter fume in its cute being roam,
Thus all the negative trends in the lover’s soul grows

All voices ears slave, all images store in our tiny eyes,
Heart, eyes and ears do receive signals from the skies

I do see my deeds record in my tiny shoulder bone,
The same I see on the earth, the same in starry rays,
The record locked in Luz; the same rays have shown,
The rays pick our thoughts not our actions not praise,
Our thought nothing but the rays coming from the sky
Sending our thoughts back to be stored in book of life,
Our actions are not written but thoughts when we die,
Brain full of images inters in tomb with love and rife,
True love leaves print on earth unseen for human eyes,
As we can’t see devil-feet roaming on earth all night,
As eyes can’t see but hear in darkness the devil’s cries,
Intention shakes the heaven’s throne, if it is more light

O mortal man, learn the art of how to intention purify,
Your eyes do see on the earth all hells and heaven s lie

Look at the beauty of red, red rose in flowery mead,
Welcomes the new comers with open tender heart,
Makes heart full of pleasures in lone if you do heed,
Yea! Beauty and lover for beauty human nature part
Flute tender music charms in lone all human ears,
Birds chirping allure five senses of human being,
Both add charms in life and remove human fears,
The dying beauty of rose reveals our age is fleeing,
Beauty in women’s beauty spreading not love, hate,
Among men on earth thus burns all beauty seeds,
The beauty that hails not lovers may not be great,
Perfect beauty on earth activates the lovers’ deeds

False beauty on the globe the lover heart gallows,
As for blocking mercury in spine kidneys’ tallows

O Rose1 Your youth will never, never grow old,
Your print in my sunken eyes will be ever young,
My immortal pen has turned your iron age to gold,
Ah! Your fame flag in the milky skies I have hung
When I close my sunken eyes I see your pretty face,
Waiting for my poor love on the bed of red, red rose,
Your cute smile adds charm to your winsome grace,
You wake when love come and sleep when love goes,
O Lady, you my dream princess, free of earthly fall
Free of cruel time claws and free of human wrath,
When time decays all our love shines in the Eden hall
I see in my vision my love walking on the rosy path

O Lady! I have saved in my balls your pretty youth
But time proves your holy heart free of worldly ruth

The nature of things activate human min’s passion,
Of three kinds: sensual, intellectual and pure rational,
All these issue anon from our soul’s soft aggression,
When soul burns, burns all will and wishes irrational
When soul past evil causes badness, anxiety and grief
When soul past good causes love, lust, delight and joy
The most secret of life and death I do tell you in brief
Neither life is mirth nor in human being’s hands a toy
Confidence in God makes all men hopeful and bold,
But deficiency causes in soul hopelessness and fears,
But happy past of soul turns will-iron into pure gold
When heart weeps in lone eyes shed tears and tears

All types of passions dwell not in soul but in mind,
But life and death secret in a strong will I do find

Tired of day’s work when I do lay on my night bed
Your image floats all night in my poor sunken eyes,
Owing to sleeplessness poor soul bit by bit turns red,
Yea! When I think my love is dying I do fall and rise
To watch your face I wait all day for the darker night
As hungry cuckoo’s kids crying in the nest for food
Painful wait hurts bit by bit my power words’ flight
Your thoughts purify my verse, my words are crude,
When I open eyes the sun breaks my sweet vision
Then in my poor eyes all day I do search for you
Your twinkling image in my balls makes confusion
Ah! Either your love is false or my life full of woe

When slumber into my poor eyes leisurely creeps

In the flame of your youth O Rose my life burns,
My life pleasures melt bit by bit like a wax drop,
My woe taking new life in candle bottom discerns
Woes take different shapes as the in the earth crop
Love comes on the earth sitting in woman’s heart,
Women know the art of deceit in love since her craw
Both on the earth draw women’s deceitful love cart
Love peeps through eyes but tongue exposes brawl,
My Lady does learn deceit from the mountain crow
Deceiving maiden’s being a manufacturing defect,
Live in eyes, hate in heart, anger sits on the brow,
A few know on earth who know women’s eyes tact

Women’s love on earth cannot make men sure great,
Those who claim knowing women well exaggerate

Ah! When I do see the moon in the blue, blue sky,
Twinkling star playing hide and seek with the moon,
To see my mistress’s face in the bright moon I do try,
Kiss her but a murmuring voice in my ears, O Loon,
It is not the moon, but another’s hidden lover’s heart,
In which your lady lives leaving you alone in lone,
All pleasures for the lovers but gloom in my life part,
Listening to the soft voice my poor heart does moan,
I think and think more and reach at this solid point,
Like moonlit women’s love enlightens the lovers’ face,
And the first lover with her false promise does anoint,
Her coral breast and red, red cheeks, her trapping base,

Don’t believe in women’s love and the whore’s smile,
Like death women put her first lovers in the dusty file

When pretty face smile on earth break the lover’s ruth,
Like falling leaves from the trees in the autumn season,
Tears fall down from the balls bit by bit none to soothe,
In lone like Satan emotions activate the lover’s reason,
I see pretty woman’s love in my tamed parrot’s eyes
Changing like the cloudy weather of a dark, dark night,
All day cleaves my poor heart my mistress’ ruthless lies,
My broken heart pieces fly in the air like a crying kite,
No pretty mistress on this earth loyal to her loyal friend,
I have seen in my all life near me and far and far away,
At every mile I see woman’s love and changing trend,
AS in the full moonlight trembling water on the bay

I knit with immortal words your evergreen fame dress,
When you die you do leave in my verse the blonde tress

When night falls on earth my sleeping eye awakes,
And finds sleeping the whole earth in the sound sleep,
I see God’s blessings falling on the earth like fakes,
Over the kneeling heads on carpet and all night weep,
With my opened eyes when I survey the beauty land,
Bells standing before the glass under the full moon,
Their plastic beauty making their face beauties grand,
More trembling hearts in lone I listen to its micro tone,
The foolish sees the things with eyes slave to the light,
Wise men survey the earth with their spiritual eyes,
Falling night closes the eyes with day’s falling might,
What human eyes see not but reality see all the wise

When I see my poor being in my Muse looking glass,
Time reflects on my face and creaks growing like grass

My Rose your memories burn my the mighty brain,
Hunger shines in my stomach pain starts in my head,
Awaking wisdom soaring upward with my poetic train,
Watching all the world, awaking all the powers dread,
Your love proves termite making hollow my being,
Like a scarecrow hanging on the corn crop in the field,
To frighten the birds, watching the scarecrow fleeing
Love termite eats my heart and cuts bones like a shield,
I do turn down your love making me meager and stale
Beauty cannot feed belly and upsets my cordial mind,
O My Love, go to them that you do welcome and hail
I say goodbye to your love I am not to you more kind

Ah! Self love: the soul grace and wisdom golden crown,
It is given to those who wear in the cradle truth gow

When love soul grows in heart gentle wisdom sleeps,
Love-eye opens heart swells with love heat within days,
Anon darkness prevails in souls, days and nights weep,
Eyes can see all things but see nothing when I do gaze,
What is life nothing but darkness of wisdom and soul?
Lustful Love dances before the eyes in crowd or in lone,
Wisdom loses its center and men on earth out of goal,
Day and night poor heart in perusing making moan,
When heart burns with hunger heat tears float in eyes,
Warm tears floating on the cheeks teaching the last,
Lesson of life, never to trust in men making no cries,
Before the cruel and callous world, trust in God mast,

Marrow makes more white cells to make blood white,
I see parental genes flying in the air like a preyed kite

Tears do play hide and seek with my poor heart,
Come and go like twinkling stars in the blue sky,
Wisdom laughs at the game of my fall and rise,
Desires and dreams, will and wishes doe no cry,
Dreams like bats hovering over my poor head,
Desires crushing down under the selfishness feet,
My poor being among the crowd wearing shred
Unseen by the human eyes full of lust and cheat,
Wishes are more with us like germ in fresh milk,
Eating our being bit by bit ignoring all contacts,
Selfishness termite swallows hearts like fire silk,
Wisdom fails, when soul flies universally facts

When mighty images wear the dress of might line
Earth shakes when might images and words dine

Ah! I have seen cute, cute eyes that do attract,
The mighty heart of mighty men within days,
Turns turtle the Kingdom of Troy a solid fact,
What a beauty power on earth when I do gaze,
What does beauty nothing but make men’s heart,
Dishonest, and from it issues a mighty son doubt,
Shatters human faith of loyalty human nature part,
Its point hides in brain comes sitting in beauty cart,
When I see the eyes that attract might human heart,
Ah! Lying in the dust with shattered hands and feet,
Death has broken into pieces anon life might cart,
Now the mighty body parts lying in the desert heat,

Those who follow beauty forgetting merciless death,
That takes back anon beauty sustainer human breath

Mending woman’s tender nature more tough for man,
All efforts in vain to mend woman’s women’s heart,
It rejects all even God but accepts the under naval fan,
Massages her nature with sweet, sweet vows to kill,
Adam’s by birth tool of watching woman’s activities,
In heaven and on earth with loin heart and wisdom,
But Adam fails in mission, thus increases worries,
Falling in her love and love for red apples winsome,
Woman: a gift on earth from Nature for earthly Wight
Es, for pious man, but punishment for bad on earth,
Read the Holy Scriptures woman on earth a light,
Woman not woman but a nature force from her birth

In woman’s heart I see all positive forces of nature,
Never out before her creation on all other creature

When I close my eyes I do see three shadows,
Walking before me their heads bowing down,
Like swans flying in the sky swiftly in rows,
Shining light from eyes wearing colored gown,
Lie was in black dress peeping like spring flower,
Doubt was in pale garb, hiding its black face,
Truth was in white dress with heavenly power,
On a white horse wearing a crown with grace,
Lie and truth shine like moon on the azure sky,
Doubt like the misty moon unseen for the eyes,
Riding hiding the face sitting on the back of lie,
Watching truth flying weeping with bitter cries

No brawl on earth but doubts in human brain,
Making blind our truth eyes like a preyed crane

Yea! Man is produced by His solid tender power
But woman is made by God with His own hand,
Loin courage, infused in Adam’s heart, bower,
But in woman’s heart put by God later grand,
Woman: a constructive force of nature on globe,
Man is destruction for earthly being and nature,
Woman’s labor is lost by man with sighs and sob
Man’s evils more than woman’s love in literature,
Woman’s tender heart can change, ah, earthly hell,
Into paradise with her heavenly and tender heart,
When man falls in lust on earth hiding love in shell,
Burning his heavenly essence in fire of lusty cart,

If love leaves woman’s heart earth turns into hell,
Then what will Nature do, yea! I cannot surely tell

When man forgets divine laws for self falls in error,
When woman ignoring her duties and natural cause
Of protecting issues wandering aimlessly full of terror,
When I open my eyes the earth was full of manly laws
Man thinks less and wishes more a sign of downfall,
Behind stubborn sits lustful will wearing a black veil,
Binding a strip around wisdom eyes ears deaf for call,
And poor man is waiting for Satan in the wonder dale,
Successful are those who follow heavenly commands,
In every walk of life yea written in every divine book,
But man ignoring laws and following lusty demands,
Hearts are devoid of pleasures and lust in lusty look

Ah! Heart calm always life in good and heavenly deeds,
But mind full of lust useless on the finger golden beads

My sweet, sweet love, love grows in human soul,
Those who do search love in lips, eyes and cheek,
Fall in error of judgment, for getting divine goal,
I feel in their blood, flesh and bone a strong reek,
My Rose! Love is not lust someday think in lone,
Ah! Love is in human soul power of four powers,
It lives nor in eyes nor in lips nor in human bone,
Love: a property of soul lives in our soul powers,
Ah! Love in woman heart is put not in man’s heart,
Thus who fall in love prey to woman’s strong will
The will drives the love cart, not sold in the mart,
Love ruling woman’s heart without all errors still,

Ah! Woman preys to man’s heart with her intention,
Thus in the lover’s soul grows day and night tension

Ah! Wisdom and knowledge far from human reach,
Yea, Neither both live in soul nor in human mind
To the pious men O Rose the Angles on earth teach,
For justice among the earth and to them more kind,
Fools are those who search wisdom in written books,
Alas! Wisdom may not be found on earth at any cost,
But the clovers do find wisdom in wise men’s looks,
Do you know the scarecrow cannot sit on the mast?
Yea! Wisdom: a gift of is given to all the pious men,
As a gift, a golden crown and is human body soul,
That shines like a diamond in dark and gloomy den
Those who forget destiny in its light do find goal,

Those who call wisdom lie in written books are fools,
Wisdom grows in soul, not in word- stagnant pools

Do think in lone over the melting candle light,
Burning slowly producing light, gloom and heat,
Falling down drops slowly, its decreasing might,
Losing its being bit by bit from the head to feet,
What says the candle and its fast melting being?
Nothing but our life burning like a burning lamp,
Losing soul might slowly and our life is fleeing
All men and women captured in the Satan’s camp,
H! Men leave good deeds and words after death,
Body goes to dust for the feast of earthworms,
None follows the dead when the flies last breath,
Eyes close and heart stops and finish all charms,

Yea! If we all thin in lone what we do all the day
Ah! Our souls will be sad and we shall not be gay

Once I recall in mind all my past happy days,
Pondering over the deeds tears float in my eyes,
In the twinkling of eye and image appears says
More than deeds thinking refine when I do gaze,
I think more and more finding eyes full of tears,
Tears falling not on the ground frozen in the balls,
I could not speak, not stir due to bad deeds fears,
I lay down on the ground listening to behind calls,
I slept where I sat and saw a happy, happy dream,
A Good man sitting on the throne wearing crown,
Among the Eden tress with his pious friends I seem,
He all day does nothing but eats all day bow down

When I awake with trembling body in dead night,
Ah! My soul was very happy I saw a heavenly sight

We all human living on earth and silvery land,
Earth’s womb consists of silver, metal and gold,
The Eve’s sons spreading on it like shining sand,
But human abilities none can into wisdom mould,
Some on earth are gold but some silver and metal,
Iron may be made here but not silver or argentine,
Metals into gold is turned with earth’s breath rattle,
When time and weather may together on earth dine,
Diamond shines like pearl among coals in dark pit,
Just like wisdom shines as the stars in the blue sky,
Human eyes cannot see planets’ moving bit by bit,
Those who have wisdom listen to the wisdom cry,

Foolish are those who trace wisdom in good books,
Wisdom: a gift of God does find in the Angels’ looks

O My Rose! Listen to me and give me your ears,
The world a shadow of heaven man, puppet here
Wiseman, guide by heaven unwise man by fears,
If there is no light of wisdom, darkness will there,
Think, O Lady! Think be kind to your all friends,
Be kind to your kiths and kin, be kind to illiterate,
Your polite behavior turns negative thought trends,
Yea! Great deeds are done by great men, be great,
Let us start change the world with behavior kind,
Let us all lit a candle of love in darkness of hate,
Heavenly pleasure in good deeds we all will find,
Love and hate in our hand, nothing written in fate

When hate takes the place of love in human heart,
All Men become cruel, now let us trove love start

All moral evils on earth are due to darkness no light
Of knowledge people are living in the lightless cave,
Killing knowing not friends or foes never ending fight,
Hate does conquer wisdom and wit of coward or brave,
Hate does eat wisdom and jealousy eats human heart,
Thus darkness prevails in human soul and nothing sees,
When anger sits on woman brow looks like a stern wart,
Eyes blind anon wisdom fails, human soul does freeze,
Yea! Poverty blows out the candle of human and wit,
It is evil root on earth, a hell on earth for human being,
Barrens human soul and at the poor’s door she does sit,
Knowing not this secret, life spindle is swiftly fleeing,

All things on this globe we may buy from earthly mart,
Knowledge the light of heaven wisdom God’s sole part

I have searched for light on earth on my poetic wing,
I see with my visionary power all people in obscure,
Great and small wearing black dresses and all sing,
Bring light to see kiths and kin in gloom, I am sure,
They want light to recognize what right and wrong?
But finding dusk all around they start fighting again,
With one another all sing there sobs and sighs song,
Some dying with bleeding and some crying in pain,
Let us start O Lady spreading true knowledge light,
We ignore our duty, the world going to destruction,
It is our moral fault yea, all the people start do fight,
Darkness breeds darkness we all stop construction

Eyes demand light to see no power in human eyes,
Knowledge enkindles wisdom light in seven skies

O Y Lady I have locked you in my memory lock,
Your pretty youth will never fail in my mind eye,
Looking glass tells you hair shining like salt rock,
When poor death snatches you in mind you not die,
Your pretty youth goes with me my burial one day,
People will leave you with me in my grave all alone,
To make bill and coo forever with without any fray,
Earthworms will never touch our soul and no moan,
O Rose love grows in soul and reflects from tiny eyes,
Face: the mirror of thoughts, feelings and emotions,
When soul disturbs heart anon releases moan full cries,
Turing love to hate repenting on the past commotions,

All moral evils spring, not from heart but from poor past,
Jealousy and greed, hate and love and fear make soul blast 

Ah! One day I see in my vision three pretty shadows
Of childhood, youth and old age wearing black robs
Childhood wears white, youth red, old age black goes,
Before me one by one weeping with sighs and sobs,
I try to recognize the shadows all but dim eyes fail
In knowing them who they are running before sight,
When I gaze and more gaze and I do all of them hail,
In the name of time before it fly mountains like kite,
The first shadow of my lady’s youth now has gone,
Yea! Like ghost and wears a new dress of silly youth
Takes a new crown of silver on head with bitter moan,
Hate and love leave the heart now wisdom and ruth,

H! Merciless Time changes youth in old age bit by bit
And proves useless in old age O Lady costly beauty kit