Love Sonnet BK-5

          JH Sayyar

Christmas Day is coming with heart and soul pleasure,
A wave of glee spreading like sun rays among the mass,
Among the twittering birds and all birds happy in leisure,
I have seen shining in the seven azure skies a golden Cross,
I do see all perching birds singing happily Christ’s praise,
Flying over the Christmas tree and singing Jesus’ Psalm,
Angels smile in Heaven when I do gaze and more gaze,
I do see all around the world spreading a heavenly calm,
All glorious Days come with a peace of mind and soul,
Leaving no effect on earthly dwellers, Alas! After this,
Poverty rules the around earth from North to South Pile,
Yea! The poor recalls in solitude all day come Christmas,

Ah! Great Days’ importance people know not on earth well
When Christmas or Eid goes the poor falls in poverty hell

Today we have no time to repent on our deeds,
Perusing desires no time sing Holy God’s carol,
Doubt the foe of soul has weakened human creeds,
Dying our soul spark our inner self black like coal,
Satan makes our black sins charm full in our eyes,
It blows out our wisdom light and emotions activate,
Image fights with in gloom listening to poor cries,
When greed enters into heart love changes into hate
Fear of God and trust in God both leave human hearts,
Changing name doubt dwells in human heart indeed,
I see all around me selling doubts in different marts,
In shapes of colored images, yea love, hate and greed,

Christmas Day teaches all doubts shakes soul base,
Doubt in God’s Holy Kingdom brings utter disgrace

Alas! We roam on earth like a cut kite in the sky,
No one knows where to go but the swift upper air,
Tears its being into pieces no one listens to its cry,
Just like our beings are torn by means of unfair,
Earning, eating and sleeping we do day and night,
Ignoring Day of Judgment considering life long,
We aimlessly ling on earth aimlessly daily fight,
In greed gloom fighting sounded a death gong,
O Lady come, join me in tracing out birth aim,
Our age is short life is long no end of human life
Living on earth forever, forever no one can claim,
We spend our days and nights in making strife,

We have wasted our thousands of precious days,
Forgetting our beings and making others’ praise

There was a time! When clear pond, river and lake,
Ah! Full of crystal water, shining like a shining star,
In the azure sky under night eye power, real not fake,
Spreading heavenly light around the sky, a natural par,
Circles within the circles around the moon like a pearl,
A Lighthouse for night travelers of the darkest night,
With cooler breeze giving calm to soul and all hurl
Winter dresses to take rest and restoring its might,
But today men’s thought’s ponds full of dirty water,
Like human brain, dwelling place of stagnant pool,
Wit dirty like dirty water evil heart to heart barter,
The world is ruled blindly without any moral rule

The war of wit is running among the fools and clever
Where are human mentors, evil wits, wisdom, devour?

When I think, with your sweet memories life has gone,
Snatching my precious years leaving wrinkles on face,
Ah! Trenches in it running  fear sweat with bitter moan
Dying desire’ birds trembling hand with trembling pace,
Life spindle is running very fast like an untamed horse,
Removing upcoming obstacles controlling bridles unseen,
The rider also unseen, my third eye sees my eyes remorse
This life; a shadow of real life and we all are still green,
Men dig earth for all treasures and do not dig your self
In which lies an eternal key of heavenly eternal joys,
But the foolish does traces eternal life pleasure in pelf,
Keep in mind time breaks all stone and steal all toys.

I have seen foolish more on earth and a few discerning,
My friends and foes in enmities their life are burning

Think for a while, why all infants and children, dear,
Are called angels on earth? Why? What is the reason?
All remain among the beats and birds without any fear!
Hearts like mountain-snow and thinking free of treason,
When children grow in dishonest and corrupt atmosphere,
They learn dishonesty from the elders’ behavior at home,
What they do watch, do the same thing, what they hear!
Their crystal souls polluted fall like the Fall of Rome!
Ah! Free of sinful souls keep link with God on earths,
When souls fall in sins, guidance link breaks from God,
Forever until the souls are pious as were on their births,
And do shatter all sinful souls on earth like a field sod,

With God sinful souls may never, never make Eden link
Yea! Sinful souls: heavy like iron in hell fire anon sink

Your pretty face glow shines like glowworm in gloom,
More shines than diamond in coal with dazzling light,
Darkness disappears when your being enters in my room,
I do watch pretty nymphs sleeping in your beauty light,
Heaven-beauty prevails over the face but dark your heart,
Like a burning lamp smoke, floating tears in your eyes,
Cheating lovers’ heart glue for the love bird wing smart,
Belle’s ears are deaf to hear the lovers’ hearts’ cries,
O MY Rose, heart a pretty shed of self deceiving desire,
Love cannot stay in hearts, yea; pure love grows in soul,
Love entering into soul immortal, mortal all the liars,
Pure love shines on earth as on the face of beauty a mole

Let us make our love holy like falling raindrops on earth,
Lie has blackened hearts, whiter were on our pretty birth

When the glorious sun peeps through the mist and its rays,
Fall over the earth, lakes, mountains, rocks and pretty hills,
It is all God’s blessings for human beings if you do gaze,
Look at the mystery of the seas through the window sills,
Listen to the birds’ twittering flying in calm and cool air,
Singing Glorious God’s glory in airs and skies every time
Their tiny tongues praising glory flying in air here and there
They live like human beings together do not commit crime,
But alas! Over the heads of men God’s blessings shine,
They fall in the judgment of error and forget God’s praise,
Singing all day Satan’s praise living in the pit if lie mine,
Alas! Spreading all around in hearts unholy darkness rays

O Rose! Let us sit together and do ponder over our deeds,
What we do and think in lone, more weak are our creeds

Every superior element is mixed in inferior element,
Dig the earth you find neither silver nor iron nor gold,
Wisdom separates superior matter that is heavenly sent,
A few wise men on earth this secret in codes have told,
All superior matters are hidden in earth’s darkest pit,
Mountains, hills and rocks protect heavenly essences
Looking at this wonder sight wonders human tiny wit,
The foolish call mud and stones but are nature fences,
Human wisdom and foolishness mix in human brain,
In guise of raw conceptions as elements in earth womb,
Without the Above guidance tracing wisdom in vain,
Wise men know this secret emotion is wisdom home,

Angels live in human brain in different concepts guise,
When men follow the angels’ voice soon become wise

Life: Like moving water of azure seven seas,
Rest is unknown to the motion day and night,
The huge creatures of water our life increase,
Motion within the motion changes world might,
Life nothing but motion of elements in frame,
Dead images come like dead things out of sea
Pure images stay in mind for immortal fame,
Dead images floating useless like a hollow tree
Yea! Today’s images turn into a stagnant pool,
Its foul smell polluting fresh images of the brain,
I hear in my vision, sex enthralled souls’ Yule,
Fresh images dead when men sex follow to gain

Soul motion is still spinning around sex and wealth,
Ah, bit by bit curtailing life and day and night health

O my God! My nation goes deaf, dumb and utterly blind
Corrupt politicians and army both have made compromise,
To crush all country fellows and none to us honestly kind,
Expel the expellers from the land where are country wise,
The young, the gem of nation, spinning around sex and duty,
The scholars selling verses sitting in the mosque and church,
I see women selling chastity to feed forget motherly duty,
The nation leaving for bread and butter yea all in the lurch,
Ah, where are my country youths and all honest fellows?
All slept in sex land their heavenly wit and wisdom dying,
Awake, awake my country people, starvation peril grow
Snatching bread from children crying hungry hawks flying,

In my land no gas to cook, no light to see and no bread to eat,
Murder, looting, stealing and corruption all my country wheat

Roman Reign: The brave son of Zeus on this earth,
The king of gods and also of the Wrestling Empire,
Who ruled over the Olympic wrestlers from his birth?
He turned turtle the Empire of Wrestling with his ire,
The son of Cronus and Hera his symbols, bull and oak
And Thunder, symbols of his power, you must know
Roman sends to Hades to those who his power mock
Roman comes on this earth his father’s might to show
First of all he toppled the Empire of Mac Mohan anon,
Second he defeated all dishonest wrestlers in the ring,
His spear is like a dagger and his punch is like cannon
Now whole peoples in songs, his mighty power, sing

Roman comes of Zeus family and Rhea’s brave son,
Defeating all the wrestlers he heavy weight title won

Hunger and poverty make men might and sharpen wit,
Wit: the gist of human soul loves in men’s fickle brain,
It shuns from the darkest wisdom, the foolish eye’s grit,
Emotions push wisdom, and poor wisdom slave to fame,
I see wisdom sitting at every corner of every city street,
Ah! Laughing at the foolish, wearing black tattered robs,
With sunken eyes see the sight of passing women’s feet,
Spreading hair around the face with bitter sighs and sobs,
I watch wet and wisdom peep through the whore’s eyes,
I do see cunning love sitting at her cute and pretty lips,
I listen to her conscious room, enthralled hue and cries
What they have done weeping bitter in their poor kips

Always pleasures lie in good deeds do look in the glass,
You full of glee in heaven, good deeds among the mass
When heart weeps, tears float on trenched face in eyes,
Man talks to self in lone and listens self to hue and cry,
Man looks like a stone in glass when true love soul flies,
Man watches like smoke going whore’s love to the sky,
When whore’s erotic eyes survey the lover’s heart in lone,
Her beauty rays cleave his heart now going to utter loss,
Her caressing hands touching body leaves behind moan,
When man roosts in heart remains Skelton look in glass,
Woe of love or hunger perform the same job on this earth,
Both sharpen wisdom as the stone whet the beak of crow
Love, nothing but self deceit, love your being since birth,
Love canker of soul and pest of heart my words you trow

O Rose! Your love injuring my poor love, you a pretty pert
Your eyes do deceive my heart and your coquettes me hurt

I request President Obama to ponder over my country state,
No gas, no electricity at this land and void of human rights,
Country treasures looting, corrupt rulers’ aim people’s fate,
Weeping and starving mom day and night with hunger fights,
Where: Human Rights Watch, Where: International Amnesty?
Ah! All slept in dormouse cells, or know not the real situation,
I write my right in words for tights for you I am not rational,
Yea! Increasing in my country people: A sense of deprivation
I appeal President Obama, you are deceived under democracy,
No democracy in my country, the rulers snatch the basic needs,
From the old, young and children with the help of theocracy,
Growing corruption in my country, my country full of weeds,

O Wind! Take my message, going to President Obama’s land,
Say!  Come and feed the starved schooling children with hand

Yester night met old women at noon with sunken eyes,
Walking with wands wearing tattered dress on poor frame,
Standing in a queue in noon, yea, trembling fall and rise,
I asked them the cause of weeping, she said with shame,
‘I curse the cruel rulers all day and pray to God all night,
Death is better than starvation, O God, take my soul anon,
No gas to cook, any light to see, hungry brain flies like kite,
O God! Fall from hell on the rulers’ heads hellish cannon,’
Yea! Listening to their woeful tale tears fall on my cheeks
Where are the gods of justice? Where United Nations?
Or they support corrupt rulers since thousands of weeks,
Laws written on pages with to deceive with compactions

I send hungry school going kids’ voice through my verse
Praying to God their hungry bellies expose a silent curse

Ah! My country is going swiftly, Alas! To utter loss!
Defenders, politicians and scholars traitor to nation,
No, gas to cook, no light to see growing in lawn grass
Hungry kids and old men dying of food on it the elation
Of rulers of my country no name of human rights here,
Child labor common, selling chastity at every city street,
Politicians: the chastity buyer: in this game all are fair
The needy are rejected but all cutes they warmly greet.
Where are youths?  My country full of natural resource
Looting all the natural treasures, they do leave the land
Murder and blasts at their wills they have no remorse,
Tail carriers following them ringing behind erotic band

Ah! Where are my country poets, writers and scholars?
All do sell their conscious or sleeping in beauty parlors!

Now the time has come to arrange curse congregation,
In mosques and churches in my country, no light, no gas,
Ovens turn turtle like Troy tower, where’re United Nations?
Cruel rulers’ human rights’ violation selling body boy and lass
Where is my country youth? The defenders close the eyes,
To human rights he deceives the mass with a hideous face,
The rulers and the defenders both have made compromise,
To loot the country treasures going to utter los country pace,
Yea! Where is United Nations’ Charter of Human Rights?
Alas! Callous and cruel rulers openly human rights violate
In my country all hungry are stumbling like injured kites
O Youth! Arrange Curse Congregation, it is not your fate!

The United Nations’ silence on it Alas!  What does it shows?
The Nations go blind, deaf and dumb, turning heaven into hell

My Rose! When I do think what love is my thoughts freeze
Delusive hopes deceive wit and wisdom in different shapes
Reality is a dark dream! Day’ struggle increasing agonies,
Yea, dreams: more attractive than black berries and grapes,
Our day’s and night’s struggle, yea, in perusing false hopes
We do spend our live making future plan of brighter dreams,
Our days spin like spindle, on it thousands of thinner ropes,
Human mission: sex and money, we forget God me seems
O Rose! Let us spread love among mass with positive wills,
Yea, Let us wash our black hearts with Jesus’ blood in lone
Yea, one day we are to leave body for graveyards or hills,
Where we will be eaten by earthworms our flesh and bone

Minutes, hours, day, month and years’ mixture our being!
Let us think O Rose, why our hearts void of love I am seeing

Ah! How time steels your youth and beauty? Let us think!
O My Lady! Think how time converts youth into old age
Our thoughts heavy with sins like iron into sin-ocean sink
Our soul’s surmise, yea, due to our unjust and unkind rage,
Time conquers all but soul conquers cruel time and space,
Sinful souls away from God’s face straying in grave yard!
Deserted helpless crying in gloom running an endless race
Salvation for such in heaven and on earth, very, very hard,
O Man! Success key lays in spend precious time in leisure,
Time is gold, time is truth and time is our precious wealth,
The Rays converting time into woe and woe full pleasure,
Earth time compromises with heavenly time perfect health.

Time changes hell into heaven and heaven into bitter hell!
Our age composes of different time units wise know it well.

Ah! I saw a lass standing on the white marble grave
Sullen eyes down to earth loaded falling with tears
Freezing on her rosy cheeks sitting near tiny cave!
Coming out of it countless ants with no human fears
A full chilly day, fingers numb, trembling with cold,
Standing on her father’s tomb with sad heart all alone,
Saying to her, ‘Go home, dark night is chilly and cold,
None says me go with babe home’ weeping with moan!
Yes! Non will say you night is chilly and cold, go home
Ah! I saw this ruth full sight standing from fifteen feet,
A cute girl with a cute babe bent to her child to comb
At the end she said, ‘We shall both yes in heaven meet,

Death is nothing but transfer of soul from earth to heaven,
All holy heart are happy but all unholy in sexes and seven

Sometime I think to write for all greater men‘s praise,
Who performed wonders on earth just for God’s sake?
People read histories but at them do not surely gaze,
Their hearts are full of rancor and their reading is fake
Alas! They forget their forefathers falling sin full deeds
Yea! No wonder to perform on earth for upcoming race
Our faith in God: very weak, no stability in our creeds!
To greed, lust and evil thoughts our going forward pace,
I sing for those who educated the sons of mother Eve,
I sing for those who helped the deny in difficult times,
I sing for those who sacrificed yea lives none to receive
But alas! We are making for our nations hideous crimes,

Ah! Heaven records all good deeds in golden book of life
Be Greater or smaller deeds of men on earth or be of rife

My mistress’ rosy cheeks and red, red silky coral breast,
Shine like comets in dark and full dreary full moon night,
Full moon beauty shines in gloom as on mountain crest,
Flickering eyes of wolves while fighting with full might
Your sweet and sweet tongue but not conscious fair,
Your thoughts full of rancor and your heart free of pity,
Your chest full of jealous thought on it painted word layer,
Your arrow eye brows show your eyes and face enmity.
O Rose! Evil thoughts lock in mind or in heart keep,
Dangerous for life organs and damage brain chemistry,
Cause of different diseases of soul and its blow is deep,
A very few know this secret and evil thoughts’ mystery

When evil thoughts control mind human soul anon dies,
Men look like scarecrows, no fear of death hue and cries

I met an old man travelling on foot to a fairy land,
Hundred years old sitting all alone under a shady tree,
He signaled  me to sit on the floor with trembling hand,
He talked of olden days free of all spiritual worry,
Alas! Like a sparrow my sons have gone far away
Leaving me alone here with children and spouses,
He heaved a cold sigh his mind and soul full of fray,
No motion here no rest, my complaint solid causes,
He said, ‘In youth all men pay to God for long life,
In old age they pray to God to shorten their days,
Death is better than old age, yea, death is here strife,
Men are unthankful to God, never sings God’s praise

Human being unthankful to God in year’s every season
The old wish for death, the young for life, unjust reason

O my heart! Let us to where we be unknown to all
None to asking from where you here you have come
This cruel and callous world free of ruth, full of gall,
Man: More than any other thing on earth winsome,
We read and read but do not read what is in our man,
Complex more than universe but easy for holy heart,
In churches and mosques man is God’s gift we profane,
And sell Eve’s daughters and but her chastity from mart
First learn its language more simple and more complex
Let us Friend come and read our holy hearts’ inner lines,
Of its force and meaning hard and mild as iron and wax
Written in rhythmic codes making perfect meaning tines,

O My Heart! Read your inner heart: the inner core of life,
Inner heart: the force of life as on earth man and cute wife
Greed gloom prevails over the greedy minds of rulers,
Wisdom light blind and see nothing but sex and money,
Collection in the cozy room, O God! Punish the poolers,
Ah! Mortal rulers, mortal fame more sweet than honey,
PTCL, PIA, Railway all going from the beginning in loss,
Does not mean to privatize, these are all people’ treasure,
The Govt. of Pakistan in loss, rent it anon to foreign boss,
The mass hungry, no gas, no light what a life pleasure!
Jealousy and injustice: the root of every evil on glob,
None ready to finish it, why? The ruler traitor to nation
And country, demanding right treason now weeps with sob,
The rulers, minions of sex and money like legititmation.

Pakistan is under debt like PIA, give it as well anon to resent
Cruel and callous rulers, love your country, it is heavenly sent

Once I traveled on Muse Wing in church and mosque,
And sat in heart within the heart to guiders’ thoughts,
Full of worldly pleasures, heart full of fine wine cask,
Worship and justice on earth their greedy eyes’ motes,
Our face glow nice our inner thoughts are very bad,
We: traitors to our beings and all day make evil deeds,
When I think of the Day of Judgment my poor hear sad,
I come here to plant flowers but I grow all evil weeds,
If we collect four corners’ treasures God does not receive
Yea, our wealth and wife do not go with us in the grave
Good deeds go with us with when our relatives leave,
We mar our beings on earth marble mortal home to pave,

If we have all gold treasures and no good and honest feats,
Neither on this mortal earth nor in heaven our God greets

Let us leave this world O Rose, Let us go where,
No pain, no wail and owe, no cheat and no deceit,
Let us our soul pleasure with birds and beast share,
That with their happy hearts all human being greet,
Let us sleep for a long time in arm of heavenly calms,
Like seven sleepers in den slept for a long, long times
We shall awake when the world will be full of palms
Peace and silence prolog life but curtail human chimes,
There will come a time when on earth love will rule,
At the four corners of earth heart and soul full of rest,
The conscious of man be crystal like a crystal pool,
A time of opening third eye seeing all in East and West

Life is short, time is long, evil thinking curtailing days,
We have hearts to think but men never, never do gaze

I do ponder and ponder on the mystery of god and bad,
I see no evil deed on earth, nor any man carrying breast,
All evils in holy hearts without God’s blessing, do heed,
Our ears listen to wrong, our eyes in all things just pest,
Our eyes see the shadow of real being, not a real being,
Our ears listen to wrong and do ignore right anon all,
Our hearts decide right and wrong we are daily seeing
Wisdom sits idle in brain and watching all human gall,
Alas! Our soul within the soul corrupt with evil mind
That controls human actions evil past cause evil present,
That is why; on earth human beings are none to one kind,
Good future rests on man’ link to God heavenly sent!

O My Lady! Come let us promise to refine evil being,
The seeing see nothing, our poor life swiftly fleeing

Ah! Two fast friends I find on earth: Love and Hate
The angels sitting in brain controlling all image train,
Its key lays in wisdom, wisdom sits idle, not is fate,
Our eyes, ears and hearts control in thinking brain,
Love speaks in silence hate reflects from cunning eyes,
Of Fair’s tongue speaks no truth, talking tongue fair,
The trap of human soul just cute lady’s piteous cries
Affecting human thoughts, my friend, through the air,
Love and hate live in woman’s soft and coral breast
If you fall in woman’s love: you do find two mates
Bitter hate sitting behind love taking peacefully rest
When love falls like a fallen tree them appears hates

If we fall in love with Fair find three perpetual friends
In a cute woman’s love, hate and ever changing trends

When your false love peeps through your cunning eyes
Your words do not go with charming face side by side,
Hare wrapping in eyes’ rays touching heart love dies,
Hate and love speak through faces you cannot hide.
Love does reach in love soul through heart eye beam,
Tracing the same in beloveds heart but finding it futile,
Comes out of heart through eyes searching heart, deem,
Why no love stays in your heart turns face from a mile
Your heart has no point of love spreading in free air,
True love roams on the earth in search of the same
To be united in one soul of lover for holy love affair,
Love rules hearts and earth but between fools a game

O Rose! Neither you can buy love nor you can it sell,
Those who buy love on earth fall in pretty naval hell

O Lady! Your simple beauty incites my pen and Muse,
To write about your pretty eyes and heart full of ruth
Images float in my brain and anon make me confuse,
Your vows compel for hate, your love inspires for truth,
But my Muse surveys your heart through pretty eyes,
Jealousy sits in your heart and cunning hate in your ball
My third listens to hundreds of lovers’ hue and cries,
In your four pretty cell of heart can walk but crawl
O Rose your beauty mortal dying slowly look in glass,
Silver in your head shining, trenches in your cheek,
Furrows on your forehead and trembling hands, alas!
Your rose beauty deceiving still, hearts via mind freak

All mortal but goods of tongue and hands remain forever,
Health, wealth and beauty, cruel time anon does devour

O My Lady! The tongue sings your praise is mute,
The eyes that enjoy your beauty go utterly blind,
My hands cannot write your praise, do not impute,
My will and wit both are weak, and not to me kind,
Now I sing your praise in lone, heart and concept,
Have hands to write but lacks power to sing praise,
Of your Helen beauty now my mute mind, accept,
Now you have gone far away leaving woeful days,
Drinking the poison of separation, my wit goes nuts,
Without light, eyes full of tears, motionless my lips,
As in dark and dreary nights sleeping kids in huts,
Chilly night and winter waves innocent beauty rips

When I compare your beauty with silvery old age,
Time decays youth but your beauty in my mind age

Your cunning eyes and your rosy cheeks me teach,
How to praise eternal beauty in impressive rimes,
Brings immortal conceptions for my pen to preach,
Among the whole unskilled writers of modern times
My Muse never forgets brave ladies and brave knights,
Who reformed all moral evils on earth just for paradise?
Defeated the monsters of evils in thousands of fights
I listen still to my Muse, all innocent hue and cries
Beauty God’s perfect skill, why on earth evil spreading,
In past and modern times, beauty was misunderstood,
Men misuse God’s craftsmanship, in history heading,
Murder and destruction of stone, steel, iron and wood

When I think of your beauty I recall God’s perfect skill,
Among all the creatures on earth, men is imperfect still

My Lady cannot stop deceiving holy lover on earth
As glow and stars, moon and light, the sun and its heat,
Walk side by side she got deceit from beauty on birth,
Evil beauty burns in beauty heat as in sun rays or feet
When I gaze on the creatures of earth, fire water and air
All are cute from all respects but all creatures’ beauty
I see in my Lady’s being but more painful her affair
That is why, to sing her praise in my lines is my duty
Beauty destroyed towers of Troy and lovers’ charity
It is devilish beauty; yea real beauty puts pity in chest
But I read in histories of love beauty created disparity
Among the nations, war broke out killing minds’ rest

Beauty that inspires mischief in earthly lovers’ head
I do call it hellish beauty crying for butter and bread

Ah! When I see in cruel time glass my trenched face,
Furrows in my cheeks and trenched on my forehead,
My conscious tells me my Lady has stolen my grace,
My youth shines on her face when her youth is dead,
When I see in mind mirror I find my love is young
Sitting on the bow of love in the shadows of looks,
Looking at earthly fairness my love opens its tongue
Shining earthly love in the pretty shadows of brooks;
When time steals our youth, love remains the same
Wrapping self in tattered dress, sitting in the center
Watching all our actions, laughing at our weak frame
When silver shines in head, then time comes to banter

Ah! Women’s love fickle like earthly beauty and grace
The fools in delicate frames, why do immortality trace

Honesty saves life and earth: God’s immortal law
Dishonesty destroys conscious and breaks its link,
To God, for a time being through faith rays a flaw,
When in sin ocean men’s and women’s hearts sink,
Honesty is welcomed in heaven and also on earth,
Honesty is hailed forever dishonesty forgotten soon
When my Muse visits hearts finds honesty dearth
Honest: safe and secure, do not understand the loon
Honesty: a soul wealth, yea, always protects the rich
Poverty is God’s curse and destroys body and soul
It sucks human conscious blood turning into a witch,
A bad will throws men and women into a dark hole

The man who hides hate, in God’s eye a pretty lair
But the man who shows love, the Angels him admire

Once sitting I fell in a fit and went into trance
I roamed in the streets and bazaars where I played
With the help of Muse wing I saw all in a glance,
Sitting in a lonely lawn I met an old cute maid
All alone in loneliness living with sole solitude,
I saw here and there nothing but some fallen trees
Birds and beats, men and women all were mute
The sun rises anon looking at it my soul does freeze
All have changed time and space remains the same
The images stored in our memories never, never fade
Time:  an untamed horse, more and harder to tame
Time through water, air, fire and earth easily wade

Time just leaves the images behind on our mind screen
Time steals beauty, youth and age but in mind still green

Your smile bursts my wounds; your kiss cuts my heart
Your love full eyes beat m; your rosy cheeks me heat
Slowly and slowly my pain increases, you know the art
Of crushing the lovers’ hearts under your soft cruel feet
My Lady, youth will not stand with your forever, forever
Time will come when silver shines in your pretty head
Looking glass will tell you now youth touch you never
But in old age you listen to the echo of my love affair
You cannot fight with time that steals your beauty grace
Your youth, rosy cheeks, soft lips and pink coral breast
Time has snatched all from you your trembling pace
Crawling to grave, yea where you will find eternal rest

O Lady my love-memories from you time cannot steel!
My love in old age will make you young and you do feel

When happy days will come next year in spring season,
Wish red roses, daffodils will bloom on my heart lawn
The moon light will remind me of your pretty treason
Leaving me lone in the hands of cruel time in early dawn
Life burns in different colors like a white pretty candle,
My woeful tears fall down like wax drops on the ground
Eyes full of tears, heart full of woes making me dandle
My soul freezes like a stone but my sad heart more sound
Yea! Woes days come to teach but love comes to befool
The wit of lover, beauty, nothing, but our wit self deceit
Just a ray of hope makes my heated head and soul cool
Hope and hope changes into stalk our poor trembling feet

Ah! Happy days have passed away leaving woe behind
Your pretty face roaming in my eyes still to me unkind

You leave me alone making my being a statue of woe
Tears in my eyes rolling down on my wrinkled cheeks
Your pretty face in my mind you love nothing but rue
Over the past sins of bill and coo full of anguish weeks
Yea Love true or false cools down with pretty time flow
When youth leaves body love sneaks sway turning face
Never looks behind taking with self pretty youth glow
Just leaves behind the tattered being you cannot trace
Now I weep over your beauty and my untamed youth
Where both have gone leaving scarecrows on tall tree
Time is our thief steals our youths without any ruth
But never mind all store in mind now I am not worry

Time steals all but cannot steal your sketch in brain!
It shines like a crystal brook with sweet memory rain

In my tattered being you may four seasons behold
Autumn, spring, winter and summer in my being
Memories of all seasons smiling on face like gold
My sunken eyes and cheeks, capture time fleeing
I see winter on face and spring in my sullen eyes
I see autumn in cheeks and summer in my bosom
Seasons change every tear with no hue and cries
All seasons sweet but sweeter autumn blossom
Youth traitor like love compromise with cruel age
Hide self in face furrows and in cheeks’ trench
When love leaves old man leaves just behind rage
That eats his cute being sitting on memory bench

When youth shines in cute eyes and on maiden cheek
Love peeps through eyes making bold old and weak

When cloud of grief overcast my gentle and genial soul
Eyes laden with woes, tears rolling on my cheeks down
My saddened heart weeping, pleasures dying, eyes dole
Emotions cool down with time wearing wisdom gown
My Muse aids me when with words it does compromise
Angles standing taking words in golden tray before eyes
I choose words for rimes shining like gems making wise
Your love supports when I on woe thorns I fall and rise
O Lady false hopes making life full of grief and woes
We live in dream land away from reality a dark dream
My Muses behind beauty, gloom and we happily choose
Beauty sucking pleasure with false love hopes’ beam

When beauty marries to Muse, O Lady corrupts it forever
And When false hopes grow in soul, all pleasures devour

Come out of home y dear country brave youth
My country’s mother earth calling for all of you
All the coming souls weeping non how to soothe
They all are afraid of gloom spreading here true
Judges concubine of politicians in my country dear
Beau racy greedy of promotion, fond of sex and wine
My country mass; men and women full of hidden fear
My army and politicians both are money concubine
No justice in my country my poor eyes have seen
Since my birth but my eyes see injustice everywhere
All forget death, all greedy are in thinking green
All night my country intelligence sex and wine share

Those who loot country treasures, cannot take in grave
Dishonesty, carved on epitaph after death bas for brave

When love-heat love emotions my Lady falls in fir
AS Cupid lays on the bed of roses closing cute eyes,
Spreading hair around the neck lips for kissing fit
Then my love creeps in her breast listens to the cries
Of palpitating heart crying in the chest like a child,
Like a suckling babe looking into the mother’s eyes
When untamed emotions rule woman’s heart, mild
He love and spirits in her pretty balls fall and rise
Love: a canker of soul live in women’s pretty eyes
Hate: foe of wisdom eats wit and wisdom anon
When a woman fails in love her blank eyes trace
Lost love in tattered heart forgetting love canon

Love, a wild passion that a lover’s heart does beat
Love falls in a ditch pretty women’s doubts greet

A perfect love lives in heart and peeps through eyes
When true love grows in soul and never becomes old
When love sits on the brow woman forgets hue and cry
Woman’s sweet, sweet words turns love iron into gold
Love has no thought of self, forgets pain and pleasure
A true love heals wounded hearts without any herb
Its secret lies in good volition, yea do think in leisure
But a woman’s love full of doubts does always perturb
But When I think thousand of griefs lie in a love rind
Tormenting body and soul all night with a bed vow
When heart full of love woes how can lovers sing?
Wail and woe standing on the way in a pretty row

If you have love grief in heart, divide it among friends
Love experience tells you how to tame untamed trends

Ah! When I look at the beauty of whole earthly things
I wonder how all beauties cruel tine and space devour
How time burns all on earth by its unseen magic stings
And space folds all matters but men think never, never
The yes that discover beauty reflects its own grace
The rays of beauty stir the sleeping eyes’ powers
But a few eyes are on earth that eternal beauty trace
Face beauty, devoured by time, look at the cute flowers
I have seen no eternal beauty in women’s weak frame
Eyes full of deceit, tongue full of lies, heart never true
Women’s beauty like wild beasts how can livers tame
When tome steals beauty leaving behind wail and woe

Honesty is eternal beauty, never fading even after gloom

It kindles trust in God that shines in the darkest gloom

Yea! When I have lost many friends in past
When I find my friends whose name is love
On finding it, hate and jealousy both downcast
Finding it I listen to glee echo in ears from above
Hate blows out anon the lamp of men’s brain
All around the mind utter darkness prevails
Wit eye sees nothing men become surely insane
And thus anger sitting on the nose anger hails
Always love your being will never you deceive,
Your being your true friend, always with you
It goes with you when callous world you leave
Ever protects you and in lone makes bill and coo

When time steals from you all but your faithful being
Stay with you in pain and pleasure never, never fleeing

Today Afridi says, ‘I get love in India more than my nation’
What is wrong in it? Tell me! Whole and all TVs anchors,
Who scandalizes it knowingly just for channels’ approbation
And boosting ads for money, it is my country youth canker
There is Nothing god or bad on earth, thinking makes it so
My rulers and anchors put in youth’s mind India is our foe
While Sura Baqra tells, we are brother and sisters in a row
Linking to Abraham you in all men negative thought sow
It is an honest statement may be defined by different tricks
It is a true statement springing from a true and honest heart
When Pakistani people marry Indian girls all silent, all ricks
Yea! Telling truth bluntly on earth every human nature part

When mighty men make business and marry with Indian dame
All anchors are silent on I, It is politics and money old game

A secret intention raw material shapes human fate!
Printed on the intention screen in man’s tiny brain
When love leaves holy hearts remains darker hate
When coarse words take breath listeners’ ego slain
Angels live in human minds in shape of conception
All our conceptions made of intention; good or bad
Our images are coded but a few know it perception
Wise men know the secret of fate and all are glad
If men change hidden intention date does change
Our deeds are recorded by will not know this all
God know thoughts solid or raw in mind grange
But the foolish know it well when to grave crawl

Those who follow fate but judge not the secret will

When breath releases words its reflection behind still

Donna you away from me but your image in my eyes,
Floats day and night dim and full as the stars in the sky
When tears roll down on cheeks so my poor heart cries
I listen to your sleeping breath when senses to you fly
Sometimes I think you will be mine forever, forever,
When soul enters into heart crossing pink breast to mind
I see my love floating in Love Sea my all woes devour
My love kisses your red lips and rosy cheeks to me kind
You live in my wide, wide eyes and stay in my heart
Your holy love keeps me active my all day in utter lone
My poor soul feels pleasure as kids with moms in mart
My poor eyes weep all night when my Donna is gone

When holy love enters into heart through the cute balls
Senses listen to the bill and coo when holy love calls

Tears float in all eyes when great men fly to the sky
Angels hail them in Heaven with cordial open hearts
God’s blessings on their heads when great men die!
Neither holy men are eaten by worms not shrink parts
Muhammad Ali’s death leaves behind thousands of cries
Of family, friends and fans coming from sundry lands
Walking behind the burial weeping with sobs and sighs
He was great but could not defeat death by mighty hands
Do not mourn over Ali’s death but we all forget death!
Great souls fly to Heaven leaving behind the dust frame
To be eaten by earthworms, yea! Mortal is human breath
Life: nothing but between fate and chance a pretty game

Do not make body cute worms’ food but make great soul
Bodies go to dust but greatest souls go in Heaven to carol

O Rose! When you love inflames my spinal tender heat
Then my soul elevates to kiss your pink and coral breast
Your love sighs standing on the snow rick burn my feet
I see your love full sobs encircle me from East to West
Your love passions more superior to my sensual love
Releases from my poor heart and soul to embrace you
My love passions are generated, your love from above
Woman’s love controls man’s love from bill and coo
Virgin’s love superior control man’s love on earth
Woman by her passions’ power enslaves men’s wit
Woman’s soul more thinly reflected by her tender sob
Controlling man’s evil power, woman’s love is more fit

When by woman’s eyes are released superior love rays
Burns anon man’s inferior soul of wisdom in a few days

When I see beauty sitting on the cute’ nose
Anger peeps through the eyes on lovely brow
As out of the mist in winter comes primrose
Weather beaten petals on lower branch grow
My mistress, see self beauty in looking glass
Will tell you beauty truth furrows on the face
You will die unwept you did not the print pass
My mistress, think time steals your grace
Keep in mind those who the lover virgin die
Nothing remains beauty hides in lover’ eyes
Your plastic beauty stolen by time will fly
Beauty here heavenly shadow of lover-sighs

Let your beauty bags be melted in dreary night
Let your print shadows be shown with full might